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Storytelling captures everyone’s emotions. Stories do not only entertain people, but it also helps us learn new lessons that we can adopt in our daily lives.

In the field of business, it is important that you know how to tell your story. You should have the ability to influence people just by sharing something with them. Having them wrapped around your fingers through your storytelling in marketing is one best asset you and your business could ever have.

What is a Brand Story?

Brand story is simply your business’s own narration. It can be defined as the narrative composition you create and share on your website. These brand story examples can either be about collected facts, ideas and even personal experiences which your product/business resulted. Unlike what usual advertising has, wherein the topic revolved mostly on business’s history, a brand story in story marketing aims to gather more audience through capturing their emotions and reactions.

Brand stories are essential in the field of e-commerce, specifically in the process of story marketing. How? Well, let's first know what the real deal with story marketing is.

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What is Story Marketing?

Story marketing can be defined as a strategically structured marketing plan that many businesses in e-commerce use nowadays. It had been one of the trendiest ways formulated on how to market a business/service effectively online.

In story marketing, you are simply sharing a story. These stories can either be yours or your previous customers who want to share the changes in their lives after transacting with you. Most of the time, stories used in story marketing revolve around inspirational narratives or experiences that tell how a business/service has impacted their lives.

Story marketing is the ultimate among all types of marketing strategies. It is one weapon any business could use in securing a robust foundation as a firm.

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Reasons Why Story Marketing Matters

Story marketing can ensure you a lot of benefits. Since story campaigns are becoming a hit now, why not try developing your own right?

Still, having doubts? Well, these reasons why story marketing matters listed by Strikingly for you might change your mind in an instant.

  • Develops Interest

Admit it. We all love hearing stories. May it be about the latest on the internet or even the freshest gossip in town, we will always be interested in hearing it. This is one asset a business could gain from story marketing--it makes people curious.

Story marketing can help you drive more audiences to come to you. Once they see your set of storytelling example, they tend to develop an interest in your main business itself. A sense of instantly becoming driven to your content will envelop them once they read your story campaign.

What could be the topic of their other brand story examples? How can I be like their story's main character? Who should I consult to be like the character in the story? Questions like these will start flooding their minds resulting in you gaining more attention.

And for some attention-gaining tips, Strikingly surely got a lot for you.

  • Drives Promotion

Story marketing provides you with more attention from your target audience, and more of this means higher revenue and more opportunities for your business. Due to this style of marketing, and with the kind of new normal we face now, people rely more on articles and stories they see online. It’s nature for people to seek others' opinions and reactions before doing what they're supposed to, making it more possible for messages/information to spread out quickly.

Mastering the art of story marketing can ensure you a more equipped strategy towards the success you've been waiting for. Once you know how to handle it properly, gaining promotion will just be a no brainer for you.

To ensure that promotion? Work with Strikingly! And you are only one click away from bagging all that gold.

  • Defines the Business’ Mission/Vision

Stories you post on your website and use for story marketing reflect your personality, as well as your business. When you share your marketing story examples, you share a part of yourself to your audience. You use story marketing to show them that you as a business/service provider can give them what they need and help them grow as an individual. Choosing the appropriate story marketing strategy to use for your story campaign is one aspect you should take careful notes of to massively affect your business if mishandled. Use story marketing not just to sell, but most importantly, influence.

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How to Write a Story Campaign?

Now that you are already aware of its benefits, the basic elements a storytelling example should have is your next step. Below are helpful guidelines Strikingly listed down for you.

  1. Choose your story’s hero/heroine. A story would not be complete without the set of characters. Characters add more life to your story marketing sample. Create a character that your audience could relate to. Or better yet, use your audience as the main character themselves! In this way, they could have a direct connection to your story campaign.
  2. Include a story conflict. Conflicts are like spices. They add flavor and make anything more exciting. It’s no fun that all throughout your story, the setting and plot does not change, right? That’s just plain boring. Include a conflict in your story marketing to make things more fun and realistic to your audience’s eye.
  3. Introduce a “mentor”. Each story has its own fairy godmother. Someone who will help them overcome their fears and face the conflicts arising in their story. Your story marketing needs it too. You can use this as an opportunity to do what you’re supposed to do—market yourself. Create a storyline where how you, together with your business, can help in making a worth-reading story for your viewers. Show them how “happy ending” is just right within their reach once they work with you. Show off and make yourself shine!
  4. Create a goal. Goals keep us going with our daily lives. The same goes for story marketing too. Make a goal that will inspire you to master the art of story marketing. You can even use this goal to convey a message you want your audience to learn from you and include it in your brand story template.
  5. Share a lesson. Stories exist for a reason—and that is to teach us a lesson. Influencing your audience’s emotions through sharing one striking lesson will make all your hard work worth it. Share a lesson that will make them attached to you and your business. A lesson that will make them understand your goals spread the word and help you achieve it together, hand in hand.

Want to achieve your goals and top ecommerce story marketing? Strikingly surely is the best answer for you.

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Tips to Remember When Using Storytelling in Marketing

  • Show your creativity. Be unique in your own way. There are tons of businesses that are already in the field of using story marketing to gather their audience. Ensure you stand-out by having your own distinct style, which will drive more audience to come and follow you.
  • Be authentic. Authenticity comes with responsibility. Almost anything can be replicated these days. Be original and never plagiarized the marketing story examples that you post on your website. If you share a story that came from one of your previous clients, just only post what they actually said and don’t add ideas that they never said. You wouldn’t want to be accused of stealing right?

Keep it simple. The beauty of simplicity never fails, always remember that. Keep your stories easy to understand for all your readers. Avoid using flowery words, nor too formal ones. It would be better if you share stories using a friendly tone. Through this, it is like you are actually telling them your story face to face.

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Story Marketing Structures You Should Try

There are various story marketing formats, and brand story templates you can use in starting your story marketing. Strikingly listed down some of them which are true and worth the try.

  • Mini Ads
  • Information/Data Based
  • Personalized
  • Audio/Podcasts

If you seek more design elements like templates and themes, Strikingly has a wide collection waiting for you, all for free!

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Marketing Story Examples to Drive You Create One

Story marketing is hard when you don’t know how it should look like in actual. Don’t worry, because Strikingly will never want you to have a hard time dealing with anything under the sun.

Take a look at these marketing story examples Strikingly listed for you, and get your story marketing design rolling!

  1. Nike

Nike gave a new meaning to what is storytelling. They made their story telling example go viral by launching their own mini web series. This series has a total of eight episodes and is uploaded to their main YouTube channel.

  1. Dove

This product uses stories from real people as their main topic outline for their story marketing. Using this style of story marketing is considered one of the most powerful for it directly attacks the emotions of their target audience.

  1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker has a story marketing style wherein they show their customers what is actually happening behind their business. It is like their audience is seeing “behind-the-scenes” footage of a movie. This is among the marketing story examples, which are highly recommended to establish a strong foundation between the business and its customers.

Story marketing sounds very interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Start creating yours now with Strikingly!

To know more, Chat with us, and we’ll figure things out together!