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When promoting a brand, companies must make sure that they get the customer’s attention within the first look. Different strategies can be used to do this, and one of them is making an excellent copy that delivers a powerful and impactful brand message with just a few words. That’s where slogans come in.

What Is a Slogan?

According to Oxford Languages, a slogan is a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising. If you’ve heard of phrases like Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling” and L'Oréal’s “Because You’re Worth It”, then you are no stranger to slogans and taglines and the big impact they have when associating them to a product that you want to buy.

It is not only important to have a good slogan, but also that clients can easily read it when they first visit your website. When someone opens your website, the first thing they see is just as important, if not more important, as the contents contained within it. It’s a good thing that the necessary tools are easy to find nowadays. With Strikingly’s sections, you won’t have to worry about how to set it up. It can be as easy as clicking “Add New Section,” inputting your slogan, and you’re good to go.

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When trying to market a brand as effectively as possible, a lot of companies invest in making sure their slogans are up to point, and with good reason. The market is competitive and cut-throat, so you want to be as attention-grabbing as much as possible. In this article, we will learn more about how slogans differ from a tagline, examples of company slogans, and tips on how to create famous slogans of your own.

Slogan vs. Tagline: What’s the Difference?

Although slogans and taglines are both tools used in marketing that are proven to be very effective, they actually serve two distinct purposes. In fact, they are often used interchangeably. The key differences lie in where they are both actually positioned to use. While slogans help drive customers to hop in on the company’s individual campaigns, taglines are more often seen next to a brand’s logo that helps evoke the brand’s image in your customer’s mind.

Why Are Company Slogans Important?

  • Communicate what you do - They are the very first thing a customer sees when they visit your website. They decide who stays and who goes, who clicks, and who exits your webpage. At the first glance, they will ultimately tell the visitors what your business is all about.
  • More sales - Did you know that a good business slogan can increase your revenue by up to 25 percent? That was in a study conducted in 1970, so imagine just how much it affects business growth in the 21st century.
  • Maintain customer loyalty - Imagine yourself in this situation for a moment: you’re in a hurry and you drop your cell phone. You pick it up and notice that the screen is broken and instead of thinking of replacing the LCD, you decide to buy a new phone instead since it’s going to cost about the same price. If you’ve been using a particular phone brand, your first choice would no-brainer be purchasing a new phone from the same brand. That is how powerful branding is.
  • Build trust and credibility - If you craft a slogan strategically, it will be one way to convey what you can do for your customers and make them think about your product more often. When you always deliver what you say you will do, this, in turn, earns their trust and boosts your credibility. They will also help customers relate to your company and ultimately slogans will add value to your company.

7 Company Tagline and Slogan Examples:

  1. Strikingly - Make a website in minutes

Strikingly Homepage Slogan

Image taken from Strikingly’s website

When you first open Strikingly’s website, you will notice the words “make a website in minutes” on the top of the page. This is exactly what you would want your slogan to do: to convey the gist of how your company helps customers and address their pain points. Strikingly is a website builder that allows users with no technical formal education to create a gorgeous, mobile-friendly website easily. Quick, simple, and stylish, they allow you to launch your website in a matter of minutes! The good news is, you can even try one now for free.

  1. Nike - Just Do It

Nike Slogan

Perhaps the most famous of all, Nike’s Just Do It slogan has definitely stuck in people’s minds. Selling sportswear, the slogan helps athletes banish second thoughts about buying their products. To this day, this call to action keeps resonating with not only professional athletes, but as well as people from other walks of life who needs that extra push.

  1. Sourdough Against The System - Fighting the system, one loaf at a time

Sourdough Website Slogan

Image taken from Sourdough Against The System’s website

The couple behind Sourdough Against The System, Chris and Roberta, aren’t ordinary entrepreneurs. As their slogan suggests, they aim to “fight the system, one loaf at a time.” They wanted to help others and donate money to the needy, and this is exactly what happens when you buy bread from them. To date, they have been going against the injustices that the current political climate ensues and have raised already over $2700 for various charities.

  1. Our Waves - Building A Sustainable Surf Tourism In Costa Rica

Our Waves Website Slogan

Image taken from Our Wave’s website

Our Wave’s aim to build sustainable surf tourism in Costa Rica is blatantly seen when you first visit their website. Since tourism in Costa Rica is a big business, the overall impact is much bigger. That’s why they always set a good example to others by creating sustainable business practices through economic development, community development, and nature conservation.

  1. Inside Hockey - Believe you can

Inside Hockey Website Slogan

Image taken from Inside Hockey’s website

Inside Hockey aims to deliver the message that you can be the best at hockey or any sport by believing that you actually can. All they want to do is to help hockey players and enthusiasts learn more about the sport in the form of videos. Their values center on commitment, improvement, and success and by showing the innovative drills and skills necessary, you surely will learn the sport in no time.

  1. Project Punchline - Life’s too short, have a laugh!

Project Punchline Website Slogan

Image taken from Project Punchline’s website

Project Punchline’s business is all about giving back to the community by organizing events that ensure that goers have a good time whenever they do so. They have a variety of shows centering on humor. For every ticket bought, they will donate to their chosen charities.

  1. Mantra Eyewear - Look Good, Do Good

Mantra Eyewear Website Slogan

Image taken from Mantra Eyewear’s website

Mantra Eyewear was founded with the purpose of solving the urgent issue of poor vision for students in the rural community. They pride themselves on selling sunglasses that will allow you to look good and do good at the same time. Because for every pair of sunglasses that they sell, one pair of prescription glasses will go to a student in Yunnan.

How to Create Business Slogans

When making a slogan, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make it easy to remember - remember that one super long slogan you saw on the train? Yeah, we neither. While you want to convey what your business, campaign, or product is about, don’t bombard it with lots of words. You would want to make it as easy to remember by using quippy statements that deliver the message by using as few words as possible.
  • Make it simple - Don’t put your company’s whole history from when it was first established to how it evolved and what the company’s current offering is. Leave it for your About Us page. Similarly, you might want to consider laying out your company values on a separate Manifesto page. But when crafting popular slogans, simple is better because it goes back to the first point: making it easy to remember and stick to your customer’s minds as much as possible.
  • Make it unique - While you want to make it simple, don’t overgeneralize to the point where it is just another saying or clients can’t differentiate your product from a competitor’s. And most important of all, don’t copy another company’s slogan.
  • Evoke emotion - One way to capture your audience’s interest is by making them feel something positive when they read your slogan. One example is, again, L'Oréal’s “Because You’re Worth It” slogan. By capturing a positive emotion whenever customers read it, they will feel great and would want to buy their products more. Likewise, if you want clients to feel luxurious, inspired, or relieved, then write your slogan as such.

Now that you’ve read different slogan ideas and how to craft one on your own, start implementing it to your own website and reap the rewards that come with an effective slogan. Don’t be shy and send a message to us. The Strikingly team is just here to help you do so.