Artwork is an artist’s most treasured possession. It is like a representation of how much they’ve changed as an artist from the time they were only doing scratch up to where they are now. Every time they lay their eyes upon their works, it is like they are gaining more energy to continue doing what they love. For someone who is passionate about expressing their thoughts through painting and drawing, making artworks is like an escape from the reality of life. But did you know that aside from getting that “healing” effect from making art, you can also now earn from selling your art online?

Why Sell Art Online?

Selling art online has a lot to give you. Many artists nowadays have started to embrace the practice of selling art online. Aside from the fact that knowing how to sell artwork online gives them extra income for their daily needs, it also gives them more opportunities. Ever since the pandemic started, finding jobs even became harder and more complicated than they were before. By knowing how to sell artwork online, you can smoothly do your own designed crafts, and start to sell art online. You can create your own DIYs, do commissions, offer graphic design services, and even partner up with other artists and start your own business.


Image taken from Julianne Feir

Knowing how to sell artwork online doesn’t just give you earnings for a living. It also serves as a way for you to enhance your own skills and share your art with anyone who is interested to learn how you do what you do.

Best Platforms to Sell Your Art Online

There are tons of platforms meant for selling art online. All you have to do is to pick the right one on your journey of mastering how to sell artwork online. And to make things easier for you, we’ve listed down below 9 of the most trusted by artists and professionals. Take a look at these platforms, and who knows, one of them could be your perfect partner in mastering how to sell artwork online.


Image taken from Mr.Nobody

1. ArtFire

ArtFire is a selling art online website meant for an artist who has a passion for making crafts. If you seek to understand how to sell artwork online and focus on making handmade items like jewelry, personalized clothes, and other crafts, this website platform is one great option for you. This how-to-sell artwork online platform sees around 300,000 unique website visitors every month and allows you to access selling tools and give their help.

This sell-your-art website platform is also designed to enable an easier mode of connecting with other artists. You wouldn’t be surprised to get a variety of art collaborations in a short time.

2. Etsy

Etsy has been one of the best go-to online selling marketplaces for handcrafted and vintage products. Etsy charges transaction fees but makes it easier to open your own how-to-sell artwork online shop. They provide a huge number of selling your artwork resources from different handbooks on product branding and marketing, up to awesome practical information on taking the stress out of bookkeeping your sell art online items. This sell your art online has already collected over 1 million active sellers and tons of website visitors.

3. Society6

Society6 is a print-on-demand website service that gives off the same feels as that in a Pinterest board turned into an actual physical storefront. This sells your art online platform gives you a variety of options to get onto different sell art items starting from the traditional prints and coffee mugs to items like comforters. With this how-to-sell artwork online website, you get to set the additional fees and pricing on different items like canvases and art prints. Society6 sets the baseline product price and you can add some on top. For some items, they already have a fixed price per unit and fixed profit amount for you as the seller.

4. Amazon

Familiar? Yes, you can also sell your art with this online shopping platform. Last 2013, this online retail giant entered the world of art, opening a special Amazon Art section for artists who wish to sell art online. They even made a selection of Guest Curators to establish a “more gallery feel” towards their website viewers. For you to start selling art online with Amazon, there is a need for a pre-approval process. This is because they only allow certain types of art to be sold on their website. This includes the artist’s original paintings, own drawings, two-dimensional mixed media artworks, limited edition prints, and photographs. Unfortunately, three-dimensional artworks are prohibited on these websites.

5. Kite.Ly is another how-to sell artwork online website that offers a print-on-demand service that you can add to your own artwork selling website. This includes your own merchandise shop, which you can also incorporate through an API. With this sell your art online, you get print/post services, mobile support, and many more. They also offer a variety of personalized apparel, awesome cards, photo books, and more for you to use on selling art online.

To start working with this how-to sell artwork online, you can simply create your art, upload an image, and then integrate They will then print your item after a sale. This is commonly used for small artists and growing art businesses. also does integrate other e-commerce services and plugins, which can help you in growing your sell your art online business.

6. ArtPal

ArtPal is another unique sell your art online gallery representing almost two hundred thousand artists and is 100% free. Artists who chose to work with ArtPal have the power to choose to either sell art online made by them or use ArtPal’s own print-on-demand features. This how-to-sell online hack gives sellers the choice on how they will allow customers to buy from their artworks. This means the artist can also sell their own artworks online.

7. Storenvy

Storenvy is among how to sell artwork online similar to Etsy. This website platform allows emerging brands to launch their own custom product store within just minutes. With Storenvy, you can set up a free artwork online selling store and have two options on how to sell artwork online. One, you can either list your artwork products in a similar marketplace and get access to millions of online shoppers related to your target market. Second, you can build an artist professional store that looks similar to your own field. In addition, they have a set of paid monthly plans which give you access to various helpful e-commerce tools including automated discounts.

8. PixApp

Pix app is a sell your art online platform that is best for smartphone enthusiasts. This offers you a set of tools to sell art online through apps. PixApp works by updating the app with various artwork products including personal designs, photos, and other elements that can be used to customize items like phone cases, clothes, tote bags, coasters, etc.

Pixapp will be the one to handle the customer how to sell artwork online service, product shipping, and if there are any product returns. With PixApp, you are not actually managing the business, but just providing Pixapp content to sell.

9. Minted

Minted is a sell your art online platform which is highly recommended for professionals who want to sell art online. Photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators can use this platform which is among the best resources of designs for wedding invitations, customized Christmas cards, and many more.

Why Do You Need an Online Store for Your Artworks?

Mastering how to sell artwork online includes understanding the importance of having your own online artwork store. Why? Here are the best reasons:

• Easier Transactions

Selling art online means receiving payments from different people. One idea you should know about knowing how to sell online is that transactions from any type of business are different. Different customers mean different ways and availability for payment options. With this, an online store can help you a lot. Having an online store to sell art online saves you from the troubles of customers having different modes of payment. By simply creating a simple store, you can choose how you want to receive payments from customers and start selling art online. With us in Strikingly, you can easily set up your own chosen mode of offline payments for your online artwork store. Just one perfect trick in mastering how to sell artwork online.

• Wider Audience

Online stores also help in reaching a wider audience. When you are studying how to sell artwork online, one of your usual goals is to have a number of followers. You seek to achieve a stable foundation of the target audience to make your sell your art marketing strategy more effective. Having an online artwork store makes it easier for you to collect your followers. You can design your own artwork website and start sharing your content. You can do video tutorials, post art blogs, make a gallery of your art pieces, and even offer online art courses. You can also start sharing more by simply linking your other social media accounts and another website. Working with us in Strikingly allows you to design an artwork website equipped with amazing features like custom form, free website templates, blog section, activate multiple pages, and even allow you to select payment options for your store.

• Builds Online Presence

Perfecting the art knowing how to sell artwork online requires you to build your own online presence. If you want to succeed in grabbing your target audience’s attention, having an amazingly designed online store is a holy grail. By designing your own online store, you are not just doing the best tricks to ace the game of understanding how to sell artwork online. At the same time, you are giving yourself the chance to get noticed by companies and get yourself a promising job. Many companies nowadays, seek to visit various online stores and sell their art online portfolios in finding future employees for their company. They use this as a method to find only the best artist that will perfectly fit what they are looking for. If you have a fully-equipped only store, getting this opportunity would just be a piece of cake. With an online artwork store, you are not just studying how to sell art online, but also create a world where good things meant for you are not impossible.


Image taken from Anne Sigismund

Tips on How to Increase Your Selling Art Online Sales

There are tons of ways on how you can master how to sell artwork online and entice audiences to your online artwork website. To give you a better view, here’s a guide we’ve listed down for you.


Image taken from Inksome Tiny

  1. Consider running paid advertising campaigns on other website platforms like Google or Facebook. People tend to use these online platforms more often, making it more possible for you to reach them.
  2. As much as you can, try to engage with fans and art communities more frequently. This is one great idea on how to sell artwork online and a good investment in building a secured market.
  3. Have online contests or consider offering exclusive discounts to your loyal selling art online social followers. This hack will help you attract more customers to join you and your how-to-sell art online journey.
  4. Use a strategize content marketing to drive organic traffic on your how-to sell artwork online. Use your expertise as a weapon in creating awesome content that will entice customers and website viewers like art masterpiece HOW-TOs, behind-the-scenes footages, art podcasts, vlogs, etc.
  5. Make your sell your art website SEO-friendly. Search Engine Optimization is a great tool in reaching your target audience and drive traffic to your how-to-sell artwork website.


Image taken from Elly Amelia

Create Your Own Art World with Us!

Mastering how to sell artwork online perfectly needs a lot of your time and effort. Not only it will require your skills, but also the love and passion in doing what you do. To help you do it smoothly, choose a partner who knows how to do website building right. Someone who does not only listens but is also ready to provide—just like how we do it in Strikingly.

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