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Do you dream of becoming an artist but you have no time to attend any drawing course? To be honest, you can embrace your dream forever or do something now to hone your skills. If there’s a wheel, there’s a way. In the case of an aspiring artist like you, all you need is a paper or canvas, a pencil, and an online drawing class to discover fresh ideas from a professional artist mentor. You can’t be one of the successful artists if you keep on telling that old excuse to yourself that you don’t have enough time. For your dream's sake, get up and go online. You can definitely find the best online art classes. If you’re lucky enough, you may come across one of the best drawing classes online that will keep you inspired until you decide to create your own artist portfolio.

The Best Online Drawing Classes

According to an article from The spruceCrafts, online drawing classes teach you the art of drawing on paper using tools like pencils, pens, or ink. You’ll notice its plain and simple definition but this medium is so exquisite to understand deeper. Nowadays, It’s easy to hone your skills in drawing. Whether you want to learn about the basics of portraits and landscapes there will be an online drawing class that’s suitable for you.

When we talk about the best online drawing classes or online art classes, the following websites offer a variety of online courses that will help you explore your creativity. Most artists and talented individuals who are aiming to share their skills and teach other people are using web platforms where they can sell online courses. You can check out the best online drawing classes from various artists that we’ve carefully selected. With Strikingly, we love to provide you with the best options. You can find the best online drawing classes here.

• Udemy

online drawing classes

Image taken from Udemy website

With more than 130,000 video courses online, Udemy is the best variety based on independent research, test, and recommendation from the editors of The spruceCrafts website. You can only imagine how many online courses are being added on a daily basis. The given figure of video courses includes online drawing classes and art courses for professionals and beginners. If you’re looking for a drawing course that focuses on the fundamentals of the objects, shadow, light, and figure, Udemy has everything you need when it comes to the best online art classes - Ultimate Drawing Course: Beginners to Advanced. They also have specialized courses like the Character Art School course which is an online drawing course for games, animations, and more. For professionals who want to learn how to draw via various computer programs and applications, you can check the following courses like Drawing and Painting on the iPad with Procreate, Drawing and Painting with Adobe Fresco, and also The Complete Guide to Google Drawings. Truly, you don’t need to go somewhere else with the best online drawing classes that you can find at Udemy.

• Skillshare

online drawing class

Image taken from Skillshare website

One of the best online drawing classes that you can find at Skillshare is Pen and Ink Illustration: The Basic for Creating Magical Drawings with Yasmina Creates. If you are fascinated with pen and ink drawing, you can’t go wrong with this course from Skillshare. Yasmina breaks down the different tools and supplies you can use in drawing and how they act to communicate a magical creation. On the course page, you can see some class projects that are displayed to show different styles like illustrative, cartoon, and realism. You can just imagine that you can be one of these students who took the course and be great at drawing as a medium to express your thoughts or use it as an outlet of inspiration. Most artists find art and drawing as a perfect self-expression while gaining therapeutic benefits at the same time. With Skillshare, you can find the online drawing classes that are best for you. Explore your creativity and discover your passion in the world of art. The most exciting part is that you can even start an account for free.

• Creative Live

best online drawing classes

Image taken from Creative Live website

Learn to Draw: Landscape with Amy Wynne is just one of the online courses from Creative Live. Amy Wynne is an art teacher and the landscape course she’s teaching is about enjoying nature. Just like so many artists who find inspiration in nature, you too can learn and enjoy this online drawing course. Wynne teaches new skills on how to assemble a field sketch journal. On this course, Wynne teaches about seascapes, industrial scapes, and countryside scapes, too. You will also learn sky-to-land-ratio and assemble your own art kit. You realize now that each course offers different angles on which you will focus on. It is important to learn the basics of drawing. Moreover, you need to discover what makes other artists special and what makes their artwork stand out. In doing such, you can search from the best artists and mentors who have their online drawing classes at Creative Live.

• Vitruvian Studio

best online drawing classes

Image taken from Vitruvian Studio website

Looking for the best online portrait drawing course? Then this online drawing course from Vitruvian Studio will teach you on how to draw lifelike portraits. Teacher David Jamieson will give you a comprehensive guide and techniques for creating a portrait. How to capture subtle curvature easily and accurately is just one of the topics covered in this online drawing course. Creating lifelike portraits with natural-looking facial features is another technique you can learn from teacher Jamieson. If you think that drawing portraits is a talent, then the lessons from this course will tell you that it can be one of the skills you can learn. There is a total of 10 hours of video content. For each learning module, you will receive downloadable PDF guides with lifetime access to the course that you can take at your own pace. As you can see, learning how to draw has never been this great.

Why Do You Need to Create a Drawing Portfolio?

Illustration by Inksometiny

Image taken from Inksometiny website

After you have learned how to draw and become an expert as an artist, you surely don’t want to hide your talent in a closet. Most artists have their own online portfolio where they can showcase great artworks. Just the way you’ve got the skills and techniques from online drawing classes, you ain’t going anywhere else but share it to others. You can teach aspiring artists and show them what you’ve learned. In creating a drawing portfolio, you’re not just reminding yourself about fulfilling your dreams but it can also be a way to help new learners through online drawing classes. As you can see, it’s like shooting two birds in one stone. Just like this perfect example from the Drawing on Experience website. Mike Sheehan is an artist who conducts virtual sketches, design, and educational information about drawing. By its name, Drawing on Experience helps professional illustrators and also students who want to learn from his style and technique.

• Drawing on Experience

Drawing on Experience

Image taken from Drawing on Experience website

Once you have an online portfolio as an artist, it is easy to reach a wide range of audiences. An online portfolio houses your accomplishments and masterpieces that you’ve put over the years of learning the craft. Having your own website, you can do as many things as you want. This can include selling digital products and copies of your illustration. You can also sell art materials and drawing tools for professional artists and beginners. If you are both artistic and business-minded, having your own website is a must. Just keep in mind that, as an artist you have to continuously hone your skills because the competition is great. The same thing goes in the world of business. If you’re about to sell online drawing classes, make sure to have good content. Online users know what they are looking for so make sure you are specific about quality contents. Take time to master your craft because everything will follow when you’ve got what it takes.

 Illustration website

Image taken from Elly Amelia website

Strikingly have worked with many talented individuals who are passionate about their own craft. Among these talented individuals are artists, illustrators, designers, and the likes. We’ve mastered the ideas of building a tailor-fit platform where they can showcase their skills, share it with their audience, and even monetize quality content and digital products they made with their bare hands.

Nowadays, your skills can be a great way to not only express your thoughts but also teach others to gain similar expertise. Online drawing classes, tutorial videos, downloadable designs, and a bunch of online courses have made the digital world a rich resource of knowledge and skills. Anyone can simply pick a course they need and learn from it. This is why many artists, and people with the same purpose to teach and empower others build a strong online presence.

Once you’ve learned the craft in drawing, will you just keep it as a secret? You can fly with colors and create an art portfolio as an artist. We are here to back you up with the best tools and services that you need. At Strikingly, we can help you make it.