A Guide to Building an Epic Art Gallery Website

Websites for art galleries are becoming more common these days, particularly as more people gain access to online technology and face-to-face interactions become more restricted. And, in today's interconnected world, it's now easier to publicize an artist's endeavors and reach out to his target market through the internet.

In the meantime, art galleries in the new era are becoming more vibrant. Different immersive environments can be replicated in physical exhibits in the same way as they can be replicated online. Through concentrating the experience on a single site, more collectors and art lovers would be able to discover and buy the work of emerging and underappreciated artists. Take cues from other websites for artists.

A website gallery is becoming more important to the art industry's changing needs. Aside from allowing artists to display their portfolios, it also allows them to earn money by selling their products and services.

Overall, every artist nowadays needs a website for their art gallery. You must invest in your online presence, whether you are a seasoned professional or someone who is just getting started in the industry.

The Importance of Having an Online Presence

So, what is an artist's online presence, and how important is it?

The importance of having an online presence for retailers, individual service providers, and companies has grown over time. Simply put, if you aren't online, your future customers won't be able to see you, much less know you exist.

It is important to have an online presence to raise brand awareness and improve your credibility. We go online by default these days if we are searching for anything. As a result, when you're online, you're increasing your exposure, and everything else can fall into place.

If you're trying to develop your brand or broaden your market as an artist, having a strong online presence is important. And you are right that having a social media presence is equivalent to having an online presence. The environment for online presence, on the other hand, is constantly evolving, and artists who want to reap the most benefits should develop their own art gallery websites.

Nowadays, having a social media presence isn't enough to establish a solid online presence. A large audience and a network aren't enough to give you lasting influence in the industry as an artist. You need a portfolio website that grows with you, in addition to your skills and personal style.

The best gallery websites celebrate an artist's unique style while still recognizing his talent and ability. Let's learn more about gallery websites and how to make one that reflects your personality and vision.

Art Gallery Website Examples

  1. Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir Website

Image from Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir's website is one of the artist websites built with Strikingly. Julianne Feir is a Minnesota State University Moorhead senior art education undergraduate. She is very enthusiastic about art and mentioned that she aspires to be a leader in both art education and professional practice.

Her own artist portfolio website, which she created with us, demonstrates this. Her previous work and latest creation are shown in the gallery section of her website. You, too, can create a website with us and begin creating wonderful artworks to show to your guests, just like she did.

  1. Leo Liu

Leo Liu Website

Image from Leo Liu

Concept art is the subject of Leo Liu's design. Digital painting, character design, production painting, and concept art illustration are among his works, which are gaining in popularity, particularly now that mobile games are so popular. Leo Liu's timely and creative idea is beautifully displayed on his own personal portfolio website, which he designed with Strikingly. You, too, should show off your creative side, just like Leo. Our website's features enable users to upload digital images. You can also use a Simple Store to sell digital or physical artworks on your website.

  1. Brenda Chen

Brenda Chen Website

Image from Brenda Chen

Brenda Chen is a graphic designer and an illustrator. The gallery section of her website features some of his most recent graphic design projects. This is just one of the interesting things you can do with Strikingly when building your website. Connect your digital designs to your website to inspire your audience with your new designs. You can select from a variety of artist website design models.

  1. TJ Maher

Tj Maher Website

Image from TJ Maher

TJ Maher, a practicing artist, owns the Teejay Art website. On his website, he explains how and why he produces his artworks and designs, as well as his inspiration. Every day, he believes, the moment of rest and acceptance can be renewed. It's a chance to take a breath, make something new, and seize the moment. This is one of the best art gallery websites made with Strikingly, with a strong sense of intent and inspiration for his audience.

If you don't have an online presence in this modern era, you're losing out on prospects and potential customers. Artists who want to make a name for themselves need to be more proactive in terms of promoting their brand on the internet by developing professional artist websites. Your abilities deserve to be recognized, and creating your own artist website will help you do just that. In case you are worried, you don't have to, as even some of the best online art galleries are not operated by tech savvies.

The Most Essential Features of an Art Gallery Website

To be effective in empowering your online presence, gallery websites must have the essential elements that will accurately convey your message as an artist. Stuff such as:

  1. Appealing Background

Having Appealing Background

Image from Strikingly

First and foremost, gallery websites must make an impact. After all, art is meant to make a point while also conveying a deeper meaning. And if you want to do a business out of your art, you need to make a good first impression the moment someone visits your website with a stunning art gallery website design.

An appealing context should do more than just make a good first impression. It should also be interesting enough to encourage tourists to stay on your website and learn more about you. However, for a consistent user experience, you must make it consistent with your theme.

  1. Theme


Image from Strikingly

The distinction between a logo and a theme is that the latter is repeatable but not monotonous. Through color and typography, a theme unifies any art gallery site’s experience. The great thing about modern digital technology is that it can make your website work in tandem with your artwork. Your gallery websites will increase the market value of your art and make it more appealing to your target market by using the right theme.

  1. Navigation Controls That Are Easy to Use

Easy Navigation with Strikingly

Image from Strikingly

You can improve the value of your gallery website's navigation controls in addition to its visual aesthetics.

These controls function as if your guests are interacting with you. And in order for your future clients and fans to appreciate your style and the message you want to send, they need to find the right details to lead them there.

Your visitor will have a smooth user experience thanks to intuitive navigation controls. On the website, buttons and call-to-action statements must be prominently displayed. Add that any landing page should load as quickly as possible when clicked to keep the visitor engaged before he or she chooses to become a follower or an art buyer.

  1. Online Exhibitions

Online Exhibition

Image from Strikingly

Of course, you can use an art gallery website to build an online gallery. With the current state of affairs, more people are opting to transact online. Meanwhile, there are art lovers or collectors who are pressed for time and would like to inspect your work in person before making a purchase. It is advantageous that they have access to it via the internet so that they can compare their choices first.

Build 3D art gallery sites if your resources enable them to help potential clients understand your artworks better. Meanwhile, augmented reality, or AR, allows you to digitally place the artwork on your wall or in some other room to see if it suits before you purchase it, as there are a lot of art gallery website builder of which Strikingly is a fantastic example.

How To Create Art Gallery Website Using Strikingly

Strikingly is a popular forum for people with little to no website design experience who want to create a beautiful art gallery website. The platform is renowned for its high quality, simplicity, and accessibility. Furthermore, getting started with this website is fairly easy. All that remains is for you to create an account. To get started, you'll need your email address, password, and first name.

Strikingly Sign Up Page

Image from Strikingly

If you've created an account, you'll have access to the forum as well as a variety of beautiful art gallery website templates to use in the design of your art gallery website.


Image from Strikingly

After you've selected your pick, you'll need to update it to match your website's theme. You can edit the template to fit your professional or personal objectives. After that, go to the "Add section" tab to create new sections for your hairdresser website. You can create a "Hire me" page using the Add new page feature so that prospective clients can hire you directly from your website. You can include a contact page on your art gallery website. As a result, if clients or guests have any concerns or need your services, they will contact you. You should also include an ‘About Us” page.

Strikingly Template Edit Page

Image from Strikingly

Additionally, you can also include a gallery section or “Our Work” section for potential customers to see what you’ve done before. You can also include a buy button if you want to sell your artwork via your website.

If you want to take advantage of more of our premium services and incentives, sign up for our PRO payment plan. In our virtual world, there's a lot to see and do. It introduces you to a world of infinite benefits that will assist you in realizing your visions and long-term objectives. Are you ready to let the world know about your arts? Do you want to drive in awesome clients as a result of a beautiful art gallery website? Create a Strikingly account right now to get started.