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Art gallery websites are gaining more popularity these days, especially that more people have better access to online technologies while face-to-face interactions are also limited. And in this interconnected world we are in, it is now easier to show-off an artist's pursuits and reaches his target market online.

Meanwhile, art galleries in the modern age are also becoming more dynamic. Physical exhibitions can simulate different interactive experiences in the same way as having it online. By centralizing the experience in one platform, it helps more collectors and art enthusiasts to discover upcoming and underrated artists and purchase their works.

A website gallery is becoming more relevant to the evolving needs of the art industry. Aside from serving as a means for artists to showcase their portfolios, it also helps them earn by marketing their artworks and services.

Overall, an art gallery website is essential for every artist nowadays. Whether you are a seasoned one or someone who wants to start creating a name in the industry, you must invest in your online presence.

Importance of Online Presence

So, what is online presence, and how impactful it is for artists?

Over the years, the need for online presence for retailers, individual service providers, and businesses is becoming more prominent. Simply put, if you are not on the web, your potential customers won't see you, much more, know that you exist.

Online presence is essential in creating brand awareness and improving your reputation. These days, if we are looking for something, we go online by default. Therefore, when you are online, you increase your visibility and everything else can follow from there.

As an artist, your online presence becomes critical to your success if you are building your image or looking at expanding your market. And yes, you are correct that being on social media is an online presence. However, the landscape for online presence is ever-changing as well, and for artists who'd want to gain the most advantages should create their own art gallery websites.

These days, social media presence doesn't suffice in building a strong online presence. As an artist, a network and a huge following aren't enough to provide you with enduring power in the industry. Aside from your skills and personal style, you need a portfolio website that evolves as you do.

The best gallery websites highlight an artist's personal style and laud his talent and potential. Let's discover more about gallery websites and how to create one that suits your style and embodies your vision.

Must-have Features of an Art Gallery Website

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To be effective in empowering your online presence, gallery websites must have the essential elements that will accurately convey your message as an artist. It should carry your art style, your vision, your inspirations, as well as your goals. But most importantly, it should showcase your works to your target audience or market.

The best art gallery websites out there all have the following features:

Attractive Background

Firstly, gallery websites must make an impression. After all, art is supposed to create a statement as it imparts a deeper message. And if you intend to make an enterprise out of your art, it is definite that you make an impression the moment a lead lands on your website.

An attractive background should not only end at creating an impression. It should also be engaging enough for your visitors to continue their journey on your website and get to know more about you. But of course, you have to make it coherent with your theme for a smooth overall user experience.

As a tip, you can put your best work or your signature style as your background. This starts you in creating an image in the industry you'll be known for.


The difference between a logo and a theme is that the latter is recurring without being repetitive.

A theme harmonizes the whole website experience through colors and typography. The best thing about digital technologies nowadays is that it can make your website complement your art. With the right theme, your gallery websites can increase your art's market value and make it more appealing to your market.

Intuitive Navigation Controls

Aside from visual aesthetics, you can further the value of your gallery website by improving its navigation controls.

These controls simulate interaction with your visitors. And for your potential clients and fans to understand your style and the message you want to convey out of it, they must land on the right information that will guide them to those.

Intuitive navigation controls create a seamless user experience for your visitor. Buttons and call-to-action statements must be placed conspicuously on your website. Add that every landing page should load as fast when clicked to sustain the engagement, until such time that the visitor decides to be a follower or an art buyer.

Online Gallery

Of course, gallery websites serve as your online gallery. With our current situation, more people are better off transacting online. Meanwhile, there are also art enthusiasts or collectors who are busy and prefer to check your art firsthand before purchasing. It helps that they can access it online so they can compare their options first.

If your resources can afford it, create a 3D online gallery to help your potential clients appreciate your artworks better. Meanwhile, a technology called augmented reality, or AR, enables you to put the artwork virtually on your wall or in any space for you to see if it fits before you buy it.

Short Artist Bio

Even if you sell art, you can also use words in sharing who you are and what your art can do for your audience. It is a must that you include a short artist bio in your website gallery to humanize the user experience. Include a professional portrait and a concise narrative about you, your inspirations, and other interesting information.

If you received distinctions, accolades, and citations for your work, go ahead and flaunt them! Remember, aside from being your portfolio website, your gallery website is personal. And if you plan to use it to market yourself, you should include your strengths and everything positively noteworthy about you.

Purchase Page

Gallery websites, like physical exhibitions, are often staged to sell artworks either for personal profit or fundraising. To create a seamless experience from interest to acquisition, your art website gallery must have a purchase page. Make sure it is secured to process online payments and it will offer a variety of payment options for your buyers.

These are just the bare minimum that makes up the best gallery websites. You can add as much or personalize these features as you please, just make sure that you check your conversion rates from time to time and continuously improve through feedback from your visitors.

Advantages of an Art Gallery Website

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The best thing about gallery websites is that you can easily update it with the latest information about you and your works. You can add new works as you create them, or inform your fans about upcoming exhibitions you will be taking part of.

Meanwhile, an art gallery website can also display all of your works on one platform, which is impractical to do with an art exhibition. Now, you can just simply direct your clients to your website gallery to inform them of what's available or your past works they want to gain inspiration from for their commissioned order.

Gallery websites can also serve as your hub – a platform that centralizes all the activities relevant to your art and the image you want to create in the industry. In terms of marketing your services and artworks, you can funnel your other campaigns to it. Make sure to integrate your social media accounts too so you can take advantage of their audience reach.

Now, you might be convinced that an art website gallery is a must for you. The next challenge is brainstorming about your art gallery website design and turning it to reality.

Create an Art Gallery Website Using Templates

art gallery website templates

You might be daunted by the idea of creating your gallery website. But the best news of today is that it is actually easier to create one through templates.

Firstly, you can gain inspiration from the best art gallery websites out there. Meanwhile, you can also work with professional web designers.

But the most practical approach without sacrificing quality is using art website gallery templates. With the help of these online templates, you are relieved of the leg work while saving you time in creating a website. This way, you can focus on other important matters like finishing your commissioned artworks or meeting with potential clients.

Gallery websites built using a high-quality website gallery builder is the best decision you can make today. When choosing a builder to work with, look for their past clients' feedback. You can also check existing art gallery websites that use their templates.

Final Thoughts

Gallery websites are now fast becoming part of the essentials list when it comes to building an online presence. Whether you intend to market your art or simply establish your name and relevance in the industry, gallery websites are critical to your success. And with the use of the art gallery templates, you can jumpstart your online portfolio website the soonest.