A striking presence is an advantage in building an online store. If you want to get noticed, you must stand out. For you to win your game, you must have the ability to get your website viewers' attention right at the moment they lay their eyes upon your online store. One effective trick to do that? Through a smart product display.

What is a Product Display?

Product display is simply a creative presentation of your products on your online store. This is a tactic used for products where they are smartly placed in a simple store to attract and entice website visitors. A retail product display is primarily made with the primary aim of increasing purchases and even conversion.


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Merchandise display plays a big part in an effective marketing strategy specifically for new businesses. Typically, newly built online stores don't get much attention from an audience. Website viewers tend to lose interest in something that seems unfamiliar to them. So to establish a firm online presence, using an effective product display strategy will be very helpful to gather an audience.

If you are someone looking for ways on how to display products on your online store the right way, we got the best tips in here waiting for you.

To start off, here are the best hacks on how you can effectively use a retail display on your online store.


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How to Display Products on Your Online Store?

Putting product displays on your online store also comes with the right steps to follow. We've provided the best tips and tricks down below to help you get started.

1. Get Good Angles

If there is one sure way to showcase a great product display, it is giving the best product display angle. Customers tend to get more attracted if they can see a clear picture of how the actual product looks. They seek retail product displays that show high-quality photos of the actual product, taken at different shots. When making your product display, it is best to use your own taken photos of your actual product as the main display product photo. Include pictures from different angles to give them a better idea of how your product actually looks.

2. Display Each Style


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Another trick you should consider in achieving the best merchandise display is by adding a retailing display of each product style available. Every customer has their preference when online shopping. This idea must also be prioritized when making your product display strategy. Include all product display variations available for each of your items. Post retail display photos of each product's color sizes available, and other product types available in your store. This way, you can let your customers have a better view of the different items which your online store could offer.

3. Showcase Consistent Branding

Using product display strategies is useless if you don't integrate your business branding into it. One aspect you must understand when making your retail display strategy is how to blend it with your own website branding. When designing your product display, always make sure that your business branding is shown and prominent. Add your own designed logo or business name to make it easier for potential clients to recognize your business easily. In this way, you are opening more opportunities for your product to get purchased, at the same time establishing a strong market brand in your target market.

4. Use Social Media

Social media is undeniably one of the strongest marketing tools used by businesses nowadays. With almost everyone having their own social media accounts, anyone could be reachable in just one click. Using social media integration for your product display strategy is another genius hack for the perfect marketing strategy. You can simply link your other social media accounts on your product display to get better access to your target audience. You can even use this as another strategy in reaching a wider audience and getting more visitors to your online store.

5. Monitor Website Performance

Having a solid product display doesn't end with posting photos and retail product descriptions. If you truly want to know if your product display strategy, you must keep an eye on it. One step to do that? Monitoring your website's analytics. Keeping a closer look at how your market is responding to your online business strategies makes it easier for you to develop new strategies in enhancing your online store. By doing this step, you will also understand more what your market wants, areas you excel at, and even identify what you need to improve in order to achieve your product display goals.

6. Use SEO

Online businesses and websites won't function well without proper search engine optimization. Search engines are capable of either bringing your website to the top of the other way around. When making your product display, always remember to make it SEO-friendly. You can do this by simply adding keywords or anchored texts/links on your product display description.

7. Include Pricing


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Pricing is the most important element you should never forget when making a product display strategy. Customers look at the retail display product’s pricing information once they finally decided to buy it. To make it easier for your customers, put your product display pricing in the area where your customers can easily see it. You can place it under your product display name for them to saw it immediately upon one glance. Use the right choice of text colors in making them fit your online store's website layout.

8. Keep it Updated

Any website is more functional if it is up to date. Customers tend to get attached and more interested in an online store that keeps things updated. As an owner, always make sure that you are posting updates regularly. You can do this by simply adding blog articles to your online store.

Types of Retail Product Display

Now that you've got all the basics, here are more ideas you should know before you start creating your product display strategy.

1. Clothing Product Display

Clothing is among the most common types of products usually sold in the online world. With this, you have to think of a more unique way of doing a retail display in order to stand out from your competitors. Here are some product display strategies you can use for your clothing business display products.

• Racks

Racks are among the usual yet best ways to display your clothing merchandise display. It comes in several styles, like circular, multi-level, and the most common type, shelves. Racks are also available in a range of materials including metal, wood, and plastic.

One tip, when you are working your product display with racks, organize your merchandise display in a way that is visually attractive like arranging your display products by color.

• Display Tables

Display tables are another creative way of product display. You can style your own clothing product display which showcases your items grouped to create an outfit that goes along with a specific set of accessories. You can also do a product display of your home products which customers can purchase together to complete a specific product display set.

• Mannequins

Mannequins are another classic way to do a garment product display. You can use mannequins to give your online shoppers a visual presentation of how your garments will look when worn together. This is also another great opportunity to promote your other add-on products.

Mannequin product display can help you show your best-suggested combinations that they can try.

Create trendy outfits customers can visualize themselves wearing. And make sure the items are on racks or shelves nearby so they’re easy to find.

2. Standalone Product Display

Point-of-purchase display or simply POP is another in-store product display style that is widely used to attract customers. Usually, product displays in this merchandise display style are made of cardboard or are printed business advertisements. A POP product display can usually be seen in grocery stores or boutiques.

The standalone display is a specific type of POP product display that is meant to stand independently on store aisle shelves. These retail product displays are commonly spotted in the middle of large store aisles, which are also referred to as “action alleys.”

Product display strategies like standalone product displays can be used anywhere in your store that has an open space. Standalone product display plays a vital role in achieving an impactful visual merchandising strategy.

• Dump Bins

Dump bins are stocked with a small impulse to buy items. Consider using bins when you need to show a lot of low-price merchandise quickly. Bins can be accessed from all sides and are easy to move throughout the store.

They are usually made of cardboard and are simple for employees or vendors to set up.

• Freestanding

Freestanding product display is another simple retail product display strategy that can be set up easily. By just using simple materials like cardboard or other materials, you can easily make your own free-standing product display for your online store. Freestanding retail product displays are usually filled with larger products and are more organized.

With freestanding merchandise product display, you can easily showcase your products on either hooks or shelves. They are more accessible from all surrounding sides and give you more opportunity to cross merchandise your matching items.

• Gondolas

Gondola product display is a flexible retail product strategy that can be single-sided, double-sided or wrapped around. It is another product display that is best for open areas within your store.

Gondolas are typically made of materials like pegboard and steel frames. These pegboards can be adjusted and moved around to enable a better product display.

When working with gondola retail product display, try to experiment with different color schemes and product types to create a more visually appealing product display

3. Store Shelves Product Display

Store shelving product displays refer to any kind of. merchandise product display which is highly used on different traditional store shelves.

Product shelving display allows store owners to strategically use space and effectively showcase their products, hang store signages, and use cross-merchandising to boost sales.

• Retail Shelves

Retail product shelving is a product display strategy with fixed and sturdy displays used for different goods. This type of retail product display is a great option for shopping boutiques and small stores. Retail product shelving can be single-sided and placed along walls or double-sided to create aisles.

• Isles

Isle product displays are like little islands of merchandise stored in the sea of your shopping store. They are usually designed with freestanding and are accessible by customers from all sides. Isle product displays are another genius way to break up customer traffic flow.

• Shelf Stopper

A shelf stopper is signages designed to highlight specific items on a shopping retail shelf. These signages are the ones you usually see sticking out perpendicularly from gondolas to the shelves. Shelf stopper gives any item increased brand recognition once customers lay their eyes upon them.


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Using a strategic product display for your store can be your next key in getting all the recognition. Once integrated properly, you can start upgrading and make your product stand out from all your other competitors. And in no time, you will start noticing all the beautiful changes you've been wanting.

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