Collage Artist Website Collage art-making is one of the most underrated, yet interesting types of art-making. Many people find it complicated or even boring. But unknown to them, the world of collage art-making is filled with an abundance of beauty.

If you are one of those people who is curious about how you could enjoy collage art and be amazing collage artists, then you just happen to be in the right place.

Why become a collage artist?

Collage art is an expression of how you interpret things. Being one of many collage artists who create their arts in their collage galleries is one luxury. You are not just sharing your thoughts and art style with the world, at the same time, have the chance to be known in the art industry.

Many digital collage artists nowadays are also using their collage-making skills in earning for themselves. They create collage examples, post them in their collage galleries to serve as a portfolio, and get an instant job from many companies seeking for the perfect collage artists to hire. This is one perfect example of doing what you love while gaining something from it.

There many types of collage art which some potential collage artists could choose from. Aside from being collage artists who practice traditional contemporary collage making, you can also be under the category of modern collage artists, who mainly aim to showcase how modern-type of collage artworks are. Digital collage artists, on the other hand, are the types of collage artists who use modern technology in making their collage art. Or, be a magazine collage artist which is highly preferred by many advertising and business companies.

If you truly seek how to master the art of being among amazing collage artists, choosing your style is one major step you should consider.

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Collage artists you should start following

Now that you understand how collage artists are on the top trend, it is now the time for you to get to know some of them and be inspired by their collage art-making story.

Strikingly listed down below fifteen of the most notable and respected collage artists in the field. Get your pen and paper and start taking notes on their tips and tricks in being amazing collage artists.

Laslo Antal

Laslo Antal is among Hungarian collage artists, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Antal’s collage art style focuses on showcasing his artistic practice, wherein he narrates a single event in a day, by showing it in his collage art. Antal even started his daily art project entitled, “Visual Diaries”. Antal’s Visual Diaries made various themes showing his most emotional moments and unusual encounters. His collage art showed his experience of being in shame, frustrated, in pain, and even his simplest emotion in his daily life.

Jessi Craig

Jessi Craig is among collage artists who practice creating impressive portrait photography. Her credentials include a permanent collection of art collages from UK’s National Portrait Gallery. Her works also include shots of Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo Dicaprio as professional BAFTA photographers. She also creates original photo collages showcasing the distinct contrast of her formal photography.

Lance Letscher

This Texas-based collage artists show their collage art in a quasi-narrative style. Letscher uses materials he got from leftover crafts, old books, and many other sorts of discarded materials that are close to being thrown away. This is because Letscher admits how he finds these materials, “attractive”. He often gathers them in pieces, gathers them into piles, and then assembles them to his designed form through either gluing them or by pressing.

Raquel van Haver

Raquel van Haver is among Colombian-Dutch collage artists who engage in large-scaled, layered art paintings. Her works show individuals, in different types of usual lives. Van Haver is very passionate about showcasing how daily glimpses of a normal person’s life go on. She even spent her time hanging out with different types of people like young men from her neighborhood in Amsterdam, and a group of teenager gangs in Nigeria. Van Haver first captures their hearts by living with them and then taking photos of their daily lives. She then uses this information she learned from her subject in making her art collage.

Vanessa German

Vanessa German was among collage artists who got their love for art from their parents. As a young girl, she was taught by her quilter mother to express her world in her own creative and artistic way. She uses materials like glass, cans, fabrics, bottles, scraps of papers and even small buttons. German then uses these materials and assembles them in her basement transforming these scraps of materials into a masterpiece.

Elizabeth Zvonar

Zvonar is among collage artists who use mediums like mixed media, photography, and sculpture in her art collage. Her popularity rose after she was shortlisted in Animia Photography Prize, a prestigious photography award in Canada, last 2016. Zvonar’r collage artists website contains simple, yet ample text explaining her passion for work.

Wangetchi Mutu

Mutu is among collage artists known for showcasing her passion for art collage through making videos, sculptures, and even various performances. Her art expresses topics involving race, gender, and personal identity. Mutu’s works often show masked women and snake-like tendrils. Mutu’s art influence came from Hannah Hoch and well-known pop artist Richard Hamiton, whose styles also focus on the same genre. She started making her collage galleries by making art collages having ethnographic photos, medical-related-illustrations, and even pornographies from various magazines.

Ben Liwes Giles

Ben Liwes Giles is among collage artists who worked to design a Google Doodle intended for the birthday of Gertrude Jekyll, a well-known horticulturist and garden designer. His collage artworks often contain the distinctive multi-layered and colorful attack. His super-colorful works instantly stand out on any page it is placed. Giles stated on his collage artists website page how he aims for his arts to express the beauty of simplicity.

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Reasons to create yourself a collage artist website

As someone who engages in the field of art, you have the freedom to express yourself in any way you want. You can create your world, wherein your imagination and interpretation of things rules. A world wherein you are free to influence other people to try doing what you are doing. And one way to do that is by making your collage artist website.

Collage artist website has a lot to give you. One of them is helping you express your thoughts in an easy, no-brainer way. Digital collage artists are prominent nowadays. With the number of improvements occurring in the gadget and website industry, sharing your art collage virtually has never been impossible even for a beginner. Creating your website will make it easier for you to post your works online and gather several audiences and influence them with your works.

Having your collage artist website, also makes it easier for potential clients to reach you. There are many companies nowadays that rely on artists’ portfolios that are posted online. They go through their websites to carefully study if an artist is capable of working with them. If you are among collage artists who seek to get a permanent job, creating a portfolio website is one big help. You can just send your target company/client your website’s address for them to get a glimpse of how amazing your works are. There are various website builders like Strikingly, which offers a wide collection of free website templates that you can use in creating your collage artist website.

If you’re curious, just click here and you will know how.

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How to make your collage artist website

Now that you’ve come this far on knowing the basics about being among amazing collage artists, Strikingly prepared the following steps on how you would accomplish that collage artist page you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Select your art style

The first step in creating your art collage website is choosing what style of collage art you want to do. Do you want to be a contemporary collage artist? Do you prefer working as a magazine collage artist? Are you fascinated by how digital collage artists work? Or, do you want to settle with what is the trendiest like how modern collage artists do? Analyze what you want to do and you’re on to your next step.

  • Decide on what to include

Now that you’ve decided on what style to do, it is now up for the elements you’d want your collage artists website to have. What website must-haves should you put to attract more audience and clients? What themes and color schemes should you use for your page? How many artworks should I put in my art collage galleries? Take note of these important ideas for they will play major roles in how you will come up with the best collage artists website.

  • Choose website builder

Choosing the best website builder is the secret ingredient in achieving that top-notch collage artists website. You must know how to choose not just the easiest to deal with the platform, but also the one who understands you the most—something which Strikingly is known for.

Showcase your collage artists skills with Strikingly!

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