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The popularity of fine art blogs is fast increasing over the internet. Anyone who wants to create their own blog must have the same expertise and love for art as anyone who wants to establish a business. Strikingly makes blogging simple, requiring no technical knowledge – allowing you to focus on developing your art blog, exhibiting what you've created, and connecting with other bloggers around the world. There are many popular art blogs that can help spark an idea and inspire you if you are a creative professional looking for inspiration or if you enjoy art and design and want to stay on top of the latest trends.

We've compiled a list of our favorite best art blogs that you should read in the next year to get your creative juices flowing. This list includes blogs published by artists, art critics, art fans, and anyone who enjoys art and wants to share their thoughts.

Best Art Blogs You Must Explore

Art can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. We've compiled a list of some of the best art blogs on the internet today to back up our claim. Make sure to read through the entire list, as well as the resource guide at the bottom of the page, for information on how to start your own blog.

1. Artsy

Artsy best art blogs

Image is taken from Artsy

Artsy, a global organization dedicated to supporting artists all over the world, is at the forefront of modern art. Artsy's blog, which bills itself as a "platform for collecting and discovering art," is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about today's artists.

This being one of the best art blogs, published regularly or even many times a day, is jam-packed with excellent stuff. You'll discover highbrow artist interviews, reviews, gallery and exhibition recommendations, and art industry news. There's also a collection of in-depth essays that look at various art movements and issues like feminism, the return of craft, and more.

2. Cass Art

Cassart best art blogs

Image is taken from Cass Art

Cass Art is a well-known art supply company in the United Kingdom, and its site is jam-packed with everything an artist needs to know. Practical suggestions and techniques for both beginning and experienced artists are heavily emphasized, and the book covers a wide range of materials and topics.

This is the place to go if you want to learn a new skill, such as hand calligraphy or a fashion illustration, or obtain expert assistance on specific art materials. The tutorials take you through the process step by step in a warm and personal manner, with helpful graphics to accompany them.

This being one the best art blogs, also features interviews with artists who share their perspectives and work methods in a professional and engaging manner, as well as creative possibilities such as competitions and open calls for exhibitions.

3. Artnet

Art net website

Image is taken from Artnet

As a large online forum for buying and selling art, Artnet ensures that users are kept up to date on the newest industry news, which includes everything from auctions to politics, exhibitions, and more. They provide a really worldwide source of information, making this one of the best art blogs for individuals who want to learn about the entire art world as well as the business side of things.

In reality, Artnet’s blog functions similarly to a news station, with numerous pieces published each day and frequent updates on both a local and global scale. A brief glance at the homepage will keep you up to date on the most important events, while the postings themselves provide highly professional and extensive information.

4. Frankie Magazine

Frankie magazine best art blogs

Image is taken from Frankie Magazine

This Australian art journal is one of the country's best art blogs. The Frankie blog's content spans a wide range of topics. Surprisingly, art, craft, photography, design, music, film, and books are only a handful of them. There are other articles about cuisine, historical artwork, and fashion. The Frankie blog also features a podcast section where you can listen to their most recent content. Because Frankie Magazine is a jack of all trades, its versatility is one of the magazine's biggest draws for readers and art lovers. The publication began in 2011 and publishes a new article every week. You can also purchase items such as diaries, calendars, books, and, of course, Frankie magazine print editions.

5. Lost Art Press

Lostartpress blog

Image is taken from Lost Art Press

Jeff Hoffmann and Christopher Schwarz, two woodworkers, formed the Lost Art Press in 2007. The blog focuses on woodworking and associated publications. The Lost Art Press has books, archives, and other resources. The goal of the blog is to raise awareness about woodworking as a "lost art." The blog promotes high-quality books manufactured from the highest-quality materials. The authors receive half of the revenues and are given fair credit by the founding members. In addition to books, you can purchase tools such as hammers, electric saws, scrapers, and other similar items. Clothing and accessories have their own area. The blog has a little social media following, but don't be fooled by the numbers. For artists and woodworkers, the blog is a hotspot. The Lost Art Press offers books through small to medium-sized stores in addition to its online blog. This is one of the best art blogs for individuals interested in learning more about the art world as a whole and getting a taste of the business side of things

6. Colossal

Colossal blog

Image is taken from Colossal

If the influence of the preceding inclusion on the list wasn't enough, Colossal lives up to its moniker as one of the best art blogs in the United States. The blog, which began in Illinois in 2010, focuses on visual arts. Colossal covers a wide range of subjects, with photography, animation, design, painting, and sketching taking center stage. You can also find information about installation art and street art. The blog is a lively collection of art, design, and visual culture resources. Colossal has a massive social media following of over a million followers. It's fascinating to see how diversified the content is. To see a range of categories and subjects to explore, go to the blog and click on the ‘More' section. Finally, in Colossal's e-commerce department, you may purchase unique stuff.

7. Spoke Art

Spoke art website

Image is taken from Spoke Art

Spoke Art is a San Francisco-based art gallery and one of the best art blogs in the country. It also publishes news, reviews, and articles. Pop art and contemporary art are celebrated on this blog, which also offers articles on them. Spoke Art also hosts art events and exhibitions. It also features artist profiles and limited editions. You may purchase products such as pins, books, clothing, collectibles, and toys on Spoke Art's official website. Overall, the Spoke Artspace is a lively and exciting environment where art lovers can enjoy original content created by some of the world's most innovative artists. Spoke Art's articles and evaluations are intelligent, resourceful, and informative. You can browse through relevant events, featured exhibitions, and featured artists after visiting a page on the website dedicated to a specific kind of art. Spoke Art periodicals and printed copies are also available for purchase.

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Art aficionados, art lovers, and artists will find a wealth of information on the internet. We hope that our chosen selection of the 7 best art blogs will inspire you and introduce you to new ideas and thoughts. Allow your imagination to run wild!

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