Recent successes of Youtube personalities of the past have given lots of people - particularly the younger ones - the idea that becoming a Youtuber can be a lucrative career goal. While becoming an overnight sensation through a single video that has gone viral may sound like a far-fetched idea, this is not to say that success is elusive for aspiring Youtube content creators. With the right kind of strategy it’s possible to find your niche in Youtube and attract a following online.


1. Define your success indicators

The first step on how to become a Youtuber is to determine what constitutes Youtube success for you. Different people have various reasons for getting into content creation on this platform. Some are looking to build a follower base for a brand that they have established. Others are looking to monetize their content in the form of ad revenue. Identify your objectives for becoming a Youtuber to get a clear direction for all your subsequent efforts.

2. Choose a niche and develop content

Youtube is a huge website that hosts a plethora of topics, industries and niche groups. Part of learning how to be a youtuber is understanding your chosen niche and the kind of content requirements it has. A quick search will give you thousands of videos covering the topic you had in mind. Some of them are really good and many of them could be improved. Having said that, this is the time that you start identifying your channel’s voice and the kind of content you want to produce. There’s a huge range of content options available - from how to’s to humor and even reviews. Make sure that your content is aligned with the kind of image that you want to build for your channel.

3. Map out content creation plan

Now that you have an idea what kind of content you want to produce, the next step on how to become a successful youtuber is to start implementing your plans. First of all, do you have the right equipment to produce videos? At the very least, you need a good working camera, some knowledge of video editing and probably a bit of graphic design. Who will be helping you manage your channel? Ideally, you should be uploading videos more frequently especially during the first few months. Create a content calendar and plan for video production, upload and marketing. If you intend to make a career out of content creation, you need to have a clear view of the processes that may affect your ability to fulfill your objectives.

4. Create an engaging Youtube channel page

Finally, we come to the most important part of becoming a youtuber - creating your channel page. This may seem like a simple step - opening a Youtube account is really simple. It’s important to put a lot of thought and effort into this task, however, because this will serve as your landing page on this platform. Take the time to create a proper profil logo and an engaging channel banner.

5. Don’t forget about SEO

Youtube is a search engine in itself and many people use it to look for interesting content. Don’t let your video production and channel design efforts go to waste. Make sure your content is searchable and readily available when people look for similar videos online. Choose the right keywords by finding the most popularly used ones. You can even check out what your competitors use on their own channels.

6. Consistent content marketing is important

Finally, it’s important to stay consistent when you’re building a Youtube channel, not just in the frequency of uploads but also in marketing your content. Create a website to give your brand another home on the internet. This enables you to provide another platform where your content can thrive. Having your own website also gives you the creative freedom to let your personality shine through and share your thoughts and ideas with a wider audience, beyond the confines of Youtube.