“Please like, share, and subscribe!”

The typical ending spiel of a video you watch on youtube. And bet you want to say that too, don’t you?

Before, YouTube to you may have been just one of the other social media platforms available to explore. The main purpose why you logged in may have been just to look for the latest music videos of your favorite band and singers. You also may have found it interesting to find uploaded music videos with lyrics in them so you got to sing along with your favorite artists. And that made you satisfied with YouTube.

However, now, you can see a variety of videos from music videos to short films to product reviews to how to bake cookies, to DIYs, and many more. It’s like “The Google” of videos. It gives you the answers to almost all of your video searches.

Well, that is no surprise because a lot of people today have seen the value of Youtube. They have seen how much it could help them in terms of career, income, fame, and network. Even celebrities create their YouTube channel because they know this can help them further their career.

And that could be the same for you as well. This can be your means of showing your skills in acting or writing or arts and crafts. Or, maybe you want to spread awareness to a health issue like depression or an eating disorder.

There are so many types of content that you can create on YouTube that can help you achieve your goal of reaching people. However, you have to consider that success in this field, or in any other field actually, does not come overnight.

A lot of successful YouTubers waited for years and hundreds of Youtube uploads to reach their success. So don’t easily get discouraged. Like any other career, you’ve got to start from the bottom and work your way up.

There are a few tips you can apply to become a successful Youtuber. There are lots of them if you google them. You can even find some videos on them on Youtube.

Since we’re on this topic, why don’t we start learning how to become a YouTuber?


How to start a youtube channel?

Of course, to start your YouTube career, you have to have a youtube account and this step is a no-brainer. It’s just like creating an account on Facebook or TikTok.

You have to register your email and make your password. And that’s how you make a youtube channel! Pretty simple, told ya!

How to upload a video to YouTube?

Now that you’ve already set up your account, it’s time to learn how to upload a video to youtube.

It’s simple as well. It’s just like uploading a photo on Instagram.

  1. So when you’ve already logged into your account, look for the video camera icon on the top right side of the window beside the search button.
  2. Click on that because that is the “upload video” button.
  3. Then click on “select files” or you can also drag and drop the file of the video you want to upload.

Take note, however, that although youtube supports a lot of file formats, not ALL are uploadable. If ever you encounter this problem in your Youtube upload, don’t fret. There are ways to convert it to a youtube supported file format. Try checking YouTube’s help center for know-how.

A. Alright, when you’ve already selected the video you want to upload, you will then have to provide the ff:

B. Title of your video

C. Description of your video

D. Thumbnail

E. Select a playlist you want your video to be a part of

F. You have to choose if it’s kids friendly or not

5. When you’re done with all of those, click “next” at the bottom right of the window.

6. On the next window, you will be able to add “cards” or links of your videos that will be flashed on the top right of the screen. You can also add an “end screen”. This feature is a link to other videos you want your viewers to consider watching next. This shows up when your video is about to end.

7. After that, click “Next” and the next window will show an option of the “visibility” of your video. There are 4 options which you can take.

  1. Public - this means anyone who can access youtube can watch your video. They can just key in the title of your video and they will be able to see it.
  2. Unlisted - this option limits the number of people who can view your youtube upload. They will not be able to see your video even if they key in the exact title of your video. You have to provide them the link for them to see it.
  3. Private - as the name itself suggests, no one will be able to see the video unless you open the video itself and show it yourself to others.
  4. Scheduled - this only means that your youtube upload will only be visible when its viewing schedule has come. Until then, it will stay as a movie that is “coming soon”.

8. After choosing among the options for visibility, click “save” and your video will be uploaded. If your YouTube upload is long and is HD, or your internet connection is slow, it might take some time for it to get uploaded.

By the way, if you can, upload HD videos. Watching pixelated ones can be irritating.


How to become a successful Youtuber?

Since you already know how to make a YouTube channel and how to upload a video to youtube, you need to learn how to become an effective YouTuber.

Uploading any video on youtube makes you a YouTuber but it doesn't make you a successful YouTuber.

So how do you become one?

Here are 6 steps you can take to jump-start your Youtube career.

1. Define your success indicators

The first step on how to become a Youtuber is to determine what constitutes Youtube success for you.

Different people have various reasons for getting into content creation on this platform. Some are looking to build a follower base for a brand that they have established. Others are looking to monetize their content in the form of ad revenue.

Identify your objectives for becoming a Youtuber to get a clear direction for all your subsequent efforts.

2. Choose a niche and develop content

Youtube is a huge website that hosts a plethora of topics, industries, and niche groups. Part of learning how to be a YouTuber is understanding your chosen niche and the kind of content requirements it has.

A quick search will give you thousands of videos covering the topic you had in mind. Some of them are good and many of them could be improved. Having said that, this is the time that you start identifying your channel’s voice and the kind of content you want to produce.

There’s a huge range of content options available - from how to’s to humor and even reviews. Make sure that your content is aligned with the kind of image that you want to build for your channel.

3. Map out content creation plan

Now that you have an idea what kind of content you want to produce, the next step on how to become a successful YouTuber is to start implementing your plans.

First of all, do you have the right equipment to produce videos? At the very least, you need a good working camera, some knowledge of video editing, and probably a bit of graphic design.

Who will be helping you manage your channel? Ideally, you should be uploading videos more frequently especially during the first few months. Create a content calendar and plan for video production, upload, and marketing.

If you intend to make a career out of content creation, you need to have a clear view of the processes that may affect your ability to fulfill your objectives.

4. Create an engaging Youtube channel page

Finally, we come to the most important part of becoming a YouTuber - creating your channel page.

This may seem like a simple step but it’s important to put a lot of thought and effort into this task. This will serve as your landing page on this platform. Take the time to create a proper profile logo and an engaging channel banner.

5. Don’t forget about SEO

Youtube is a search engine in itself and many people use it to look for interesting content. Don’t let your video production and channel design efforts go to waste.

Make sure your content is searchable and readily available when people look for similar videos online. Choose the right keywords by finding the most popularly used ones. You can even check out what your competitors use on their channels.

6. Consistent content marketing is important

Finally, it’s important to stay consistent when you’re building a Youtube channel, not just in the frequency of uploads but also in marketing your content.

Create a website to give your brand another home on the internet. This enables you to provide another platform where your content can thrive.

Having your website also gives you the creative freedom to let your personality shine through and share your thoughts and ideas with a wider audience, beyond the confines of Youtube.

And those are the 6 steps you can take to become a successful YouTuber. I hope you liked this blog. And if you haven’t yet, please like, share, and subscribe to Strikingly!