As an actor, it is understandable that you’re spending a lot of time honing your skills and going for auditions. But time and again, you will need to devote a few hours of the day for networking and building your web presence. In an era where the internet is an indispensable part of life and everyone - including agents and producers - rely on it for information, you want to make sure that potential talent scouts will find more than just your personal social media accounts when they search for you on the web. Having an actor website can help create a more professional image for you on the internet. Think of it as an online resumé that you can build on as you acquire new acting projects and gain recognition in your field.


When done correctly, actor websites have the potential to attract a steady stream of projects and acting opportunities for professional actors like you. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to hire a professional web designer to come up with an effective and awesome website. You can create your own actors website by starting off with one of the many actor website templates at Strikingly. In a few minutes and with no coding required, you can get a professional-looking website up with this platform.

Having said that, here are a few tips on how to create the best actor websites using a reputable website builder.

1. Select a domain

Ideally, your domain should be your name or screen name to ensure that your website comes up first when a producer, casting director or talent scout searches for you. In case your name is already taken, you can also try a domain that contains your name and another word like “official” or “actor”. With Strikingly, you can start off with a free personalized subdomain and then, when you already have the budget to register a personalized domain, you can upgrade and link this domain to your actor website.

2. Select an actor website template

One of the best things about using a website builder is that you never have to start building your actor portfolio website from scratch. A good website template gives you the basic framework for your site, enabling you to work on actor website design without writing a single line of code. Incorporate your own personal touch by implementing custom colors, mixing and matching different font styles and even creating a custom logo to push your branding.

3. Build your content

The best actor websites examples feature content that is well-written and presented. You must always think of your website as an online portfolio, and as such, should always enable you to present your best self to everyone.Include a gallery of head shots, performance shots and even videos of your auditions that you think your audience might find interesting. Include a portfolio of your best projects, and, if you have a knack for writing, add a blog section where you can tell in depth stories of the types of work that you have done thus far.

4. Connect your social media pages

Build traffic to your website by leveraging on your social media networks. You might also want to connect your social pages to your website to create a more cohesive web presence. Make your branding consistent across all platforms so people will know to associate your website with your other pages on the internet. Add a social stream section to your site to keep visitors updated on your social media feed. Conversely, everytime you make any changes to your website, make it a point to add a post about it to your social media pages.