In today’s digital era, it is common for brands to have several online spaces. You could spend as much time building a great website as you would implementing a social media campaign on Twitter. One might argue that a social media page is a much more effective way of creating brand awareness although those who get a lot of traffic to their websites would think that having a site that stands out is a lot more effective than a social media page. The debate on which is the better platform for building brand awareness on the web continues to this day.


Strikingly lets you to get the best of both worlds by providing social media integrations on its website templates. You can add a Twitter feed on website in a few simple steps. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding a social feed section to your Strikingly website.

1. Connect with your customers easily

By adding a Twitter feed on web site, you provide a way for customers to connect with your social media page. The social media feed allows you to update your website with regular posts while the link to your Twitter account encourages serious visitors to connect with you and stay updated with the latest about your business.

Social media buttons allow visitors to connect with your brand on a more personal level. It provides them access to regular updates, general information and fresh news about your products and services.

2. Make your online presence stronger and more distinct

What sets your website apart from similar sites that offer the same products or services is your social media stream. When you add Twitter feed to website content, you are providing your site with content that is unique to your company. Updates about your daily lives show up on the social feed section and these updates make your content stand out.

3. Link building for your Twitter page

Even your social media pages need to establish online visibility to be effective in attracting a following. When you embed Twitter feed on website, you’re creating links to your account. These links count as “votes” of confidence in favor of your social media page, thereby contributing to the page’s search engine rankings. Anything that improves the online visibility of any digital space you manage translates to improved brand awareness for your company.


4. Target more keywords

Adding your Twitter feed to your Strikingly website presents more opportunities for targeting more keywords for SEO. You have a wealth of content possibilities available through your social media content and links, and can even use your Twitter’s advanced search capabilities to find what others are saying about your brand and boosting that good feedback.

5. Social media marketing

Aside from learning how to add Twitter feed to website, Strikingly also has tools for adding social buttons and enabling social share on your site. This extends your social media marketing campaign’s reach by encouraging your website’s visitors to follow your social media pages. You can expand your fan base to your current site users and improve traffic to your social platforms.

6. Network-building

Integrating Twitter with your website is another way for you to build a community of like-minded individuals through live conversation. With tweets coming into your website, visitors are encouraged to participate in discussions on your Twitter platform, retweet your posts or even add content themselves by tagging you. Twitter can also be a good source of reviews and testimonials about your product or service. You can embed a social stream containing positive reviews and mentions from Twitter onto your website to give customers a nudge towards finally engaging your business.

7. Keep your content fresh

Finally, a Twitter feed on website is another strategy for adding fresh content to your site. If your brand is active on this platform, your social stream is regularly updated with your latest posts which counts for fresh content for search engines. This keeps your site current and ensures your website visitors are also getting the most recent news and information about your products and services.