With the availability of website builders, anyone can create a website to promote their business initiative or represent their skills and services. But that does not mean everybody’s website would turn out to be appealing. If you want to create an attractive website, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind.

You could be using a beautiful website template but still missing out on the important features that a website must have that make it attractive. With billions of searches being made on Google and other search engines worldwide, the competition for your website to stand out is really very fierce. In these circumstances, you would want to make sure that your site can strongly impact your audience.

Merely selecting a website template that gives you an attractive website design and entering your content into the web pages does not cut it anymore. You need to see how your site’s browsing experience is through the eyes of your potential customers. How comfortable would they be to browse and read through your site? What are the chances that they would want to take the desired action on your site? Should you expect a high bounce rate? What can you do to increase your conversion rate? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

The importance of an attractive website cannot be overestimated. If your site visitors can convert easily, your business can thrive online based on your site alone. This will make all your marketing efforts very cost-effective. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the things you need to do to make your website attractive.

Once you learn how to make an attractive website, it will be easier to design and run marketing campaigns that give a high return on your marketing budget.

7 Ways to Make Your Website Attractive

Here are 7 things you can do to make your website attractive and appealing to its visitors.

1. Choose a Catchy Domain Name

Businesses often register their domain name that’s the same as their brand name. If that is the case with you, you need to have an attractive brand name so that your domain sounds catchy. An attractive website must have a catchy domain. Your domain does not have to include your full company name, but it is better to use at least part of it in it. For example, if your business name is Bulletproof Manufacturers and Automotive Suppliers, we would not advise you to use this full name in your domain, as it will make your domain too long. But you can use something like Keeping it short like this will make it easy to remember for your prospects and website visitors.

It is also advisable to get one of the top domain name extensions for your website. Try a few domain names to see which one is readily available with the ‘.com’ extension. The first assumption of anyone who hears your brand or domain name is that your website will be using the ‘.com’ extension. That’s why it is important to consider that before making an attractive website.

2. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

The first and foremost characteristic of an attractive website is that it is easy to navigate. Even if you use a very attractive website design, your audience will not spend time browsing through your site if it is not easy to navigate. If they have difficulty finding the information they are looking for or searching for the products they need, they will leave your site with a very slim chance of returning.

To make your website easy to navigate, you need to build an effective call to action buttons and provide a clear menu on the site’s header. You also need a fully functioning search feature to help your site visitors directly search for any keyword or item on your web pages. A website where anything can be found easily is very attractive. Creating a site map and locating it on the footer also helps to a great extent. You can also add other important elements, such as your privacy policy, your social media icons, and your location map on the footer. Since your footer will be viewable on all your web pages, your audience will have access to all the information and links included in the footer from all sections of your site.

3. Avoid Using Stock Images

Stock images became very popular in the last decade. But soon, website owners started realizing that they do not really help you create an attractive website. While it still feels tempting to use stock images on your web pages and save time taking original photos, it is a lot better to use your own pictures. The more original content you add to your web pages, the better. If you upload photos of your office premises, your staff, your products, and anything else that’s relevant to your business, you will be able to make a more beautiful website at the end of the day.

4. Update Your Website Regularly

The key to making and maintaining an attractive website is to update it on a regular basis. Web designs and color themes get outdated if they are not altered from time to time. Your site visitors might feel bored visiting your landing page and seeing the same images and layout on it for months. Give your site visitors something exciting to explore on your website every time they visit it. Make announcements in the form of pop-ups or banners on your home page. Showcase any new products that you launch. Give discount offers, update your contact form, or simply upload new photos to show your company’s internal environment.

You can also update your website to add more features to it. For example, if your site is built on Strikingly, you might want to upgrade to our premium plan as you grow your business and add a live chat feature to it. This feature will allow your customers to contact you for instant response at any hour of the day.

live chat feature on a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

5. Ensure Your Website is Responsive

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. A site that is not optimized for mobile phones these days will not be able to drive large amounts of traffic to it. Many people browse websites from their phones nowadays. If your site’s text, images, or buttons get cramped when it is opened from a mobile phone, your visitors will be put off. They won’t be willing to spend time going through the information that’s so difficult to read.

Making a mobile website can get you many additional visitors who have a high chance of converting. If people can browse through your site and take desired actions on it from the comfort of their mobile phone, they will procrastinate less and buy your products or services more quickly. Thus ensuring your site is responsive is critical for having an attractive website.

Mobile version of an ad agency website on Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

6. Add a Testimonials Section

Customer testimonials can be very powerful. They not only make your website attractive but also increase your chances of getting more sales. They work even better than paid advertisements or lengthy sales funnels to convince customers about your brand. There is no better way to entice your audience to buy your products than to have your existing customers say good things about them.

positive testimonials written by Strikingly users

Image taken from Strikingly

It is best to publish those testimonials on your site that include a suitable level of detail. Select those that describe the customer’s experience to some extent, rather than general statements like “these guys are amazing”. An attractive website provides some details about the experiences of customers who have engaged with the brand.

Happy clients writing positive testimonials on a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

7. Use Search Engine Optimization

To make your website more discoverable in search engines, you need to work on your SEO. Taking small steps like writing a precise site description, using relevant keywords throughout your content, integrating it with social media, and avoiding using unauthorized or plagiarized content can go a long way in making an attractive website.

If your site is built on Strikingly, we have a feature that allows you to add a blog section to it. In this section, you can post as many articles as you want to establish yourself as an expert in your business field. This kind of content marketing is very good for developing your off-site SEO.

blog built on Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Hundreds of Strikingly users have created attractive websites using our tools and features. Our platform is developed keeping the ease of use of both our users and their audience in mind. We make sure that you are able to provide a smooth and comfortable browsing experience to your site visitors. We also regularly update our features and develop new ways to help you make your website attractive. There is nothing we want more than enabling you to grow your business through your Strikingly website.