With almost everyone having the ability to carry a camera with them, starting a vlog has never been easier. It’s so easy that vlogging has become the new normal in this generation. People are slowly turning into vloggers, and are so accustomed to documenting their days and experiences through video vlogs. Starting a vlog has become massive that many have even started earning an income out of living in a fishbowl lifestyle that is brought by the world of vlogging.

When do you become a Vlogger

If you have a phone camera and you have posted a video of yourself, you are already starting a vlog. Posting videos with your current surroundings, anything that might interest you on social media, any of the many videos streaming websites, the food you eat, places you visit, hobbies you do on a daily basis—each of them is already considered as you becoming a vlogger.

Vlogging does not really require technical training. You only need a camera that can shoot your video and a website where you can post your videos to. Having an audience wouldn’t be impossible if you post great quality videos and content, you might actually find yourself building a solid follower base and even a personal vlog squad for your work.

Anyone can learn how to vlog but only a few can actually be good enough at it that they can turn it into an actual vlogging career. If you’re looking to make it big as a vlogger, here is a simple guide to help you get started on getting to know what is vlogging.

What is a vlog?

A vlog is a type of video content that documents an individual’s life, experiences, and ideas. The word itself is a portmanteau of the words “video” and “blog” and literally means a video blog. So it’s basically just the type of content that one would otherwise cover in a blog post. With vlogging audiences being more visual, vlogs tend to resonate with the modern web user because there’s little to no reading involved and you don’t really need to focus your entire attention on the material—as opposed to reading a blog article where you have to skim the page and read the text content to get a gist of the message it conveys.

What makes vlogging different from other video content that is proliferating on YouTube? In a web vlog, the main subject is the vlogger. A travel vlog, for instance, revolves around the vlogger’s experiences of a given place. In contrast, a travel video focuses on the place itself, the sights, and the services available. A travel vlog allows the audience to experience a destination vicariously through the vlogger. A travel video gives them an opportunity to learn more about a destination and the possible attractions that they might enjoy from an objective perspective.


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Reasons why you should start creating your vlog now

If you are still having second thoughts on starting your own vlog, these two ideas listed below might change your mind instantly.

  • Vlogging as an advertising tool.

Video contents are among the best advertising tools any businessperson could use. It is undeniable that many individuals nowadays are more attracted to businesses that advertise their products through creating video content. Customers tend to get hyped and impressed with a product/service if they are able to see it more visually rather than reading all about it. If you are someone looking for a way how you could start getting more customers for your business, starting a vlog is one genius hack.

Aside from this, you can also use your vlogs in partnering with video website hosts in earning more revenue. Many video hosting platforms give offers of including advertisement videos to vlog creators. And if the vlogger chooses to agree with this, he could get paid every time a viewer clicks the ad on his video.

You can easily start advertising your business by creating vlogs with Strikingly’s amazing features. Strikingly allows website owners to post videos on their created website to help them in accomplishing their marketing goals, and achieving a wider range of audience.


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  • Start partnerships.

Vlogging can also be one way for you to gain partnership opportunities. Many vloggers have gained sponsorships from businesses who find interest in the vlog contents they create. They create collaborations and market both of their businesses and website together. If a business find your vlog contents interesting and somehow a benefit for them, it can also be one way for you to earn more website followers and even additional revenue.

Helpful tips to consider before starting your vlog

Starting a vlog may sound as easy as one, two, three, but it’s not. For you to reach your goal of gathering a high number of vlog squad members, you have to know the right recipe to make it happen. To help you master the art of vlogging, Strikingly listed these useful hacks below which can help you bag that gold.

1. Choose a vlog topic that you are passionate about

Just like in creating blogs, the key to becoming a successful vlogger is to select a niche that interests you the most. A vlog is designed as a venue for expressing your ideas and thoughts with the world. Pursuing an idea and creating vlog content around it simply because you know it’s something that attracts the most number of people will not be sustainable in the long run. Choosing a vlog topic that you feel strongly about motivates you to continue creating vlogging content even when your numbers dwindle a little bit. Vlogging should be, first and foremost, something that you enjoy doing.

2. Get your vlogging gear together

The reality is that anyone with a camera that has video capabilities can become a vlogger and start making vlogs. Numerous YouTube vlog content creators started out by just using the cameras on their mobile phones to shoot vlog video content.

Given that phone camera quality has risen in recent years, you can actually get away with starting out your vlogging with just your mobile phone. Eventually, however, you will want to invest in a decent video camera that can help you shoot 4K quality videos. You will also need a good video vlog editor. There is a lot of free software in the market today so you can start with that and go for a paid software that allows you to add a variety of effects on your vlog depending on your style.

Here are some of the most common vlogging tools you can use in making vlogs.

  1. Camera
  2. Lens
  3. Tripod
  4. Microphone
  5. Lighting
  6. Video Editing Software

3. Learn more about video editing

If you want to make your vlogging website stand out, you need to produce well-edited videos. Before starting your own vlog, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with common editing software and techniques. You might also want to check out other content creators and learn from their own styles of editing their videos. If you are someone new in this field, you don’t have to worry much and just take your time learning tips and hacks on how to do it right. After all, not everyone begins as an instant PRO-vlogger right?

4. Build your own vlogging website

Your vlogs can be hosted on YouTube or any other video streaming site that lets you reach an engaged audience easily. However, if you want to expand your vlog content audience outside of this site, vlogging sites are a great way to do just that. Creating a vlog website on Strikingly is just a simple task of choosing a suitable template based on your content needs. You have the option to design it however you want your vlog squad to see it, and add embed links of your YouTube videos after so website users can easily watch your content while they are on your website.

5. Consistency is important

If there is one best advice that you must take away from this post, it’s that consistency is key to the success of your vlog site. You need to serve your audience fresh vlog contents regularly. Create a schedule that allows you to produce videos and upload them at an appointed time. When you’re just starting out, want to release new videos at least once a week. Lots of popular vloggers even upload daily videos.

This is easier to accomplish when you have your own vlogging website. If you can’t post vlogs, you can simply create a message on your vlogging website for your audience to see it. You can post updates on your vlog website and still interact with your audience even by not posting a video. You can even use this to start a lucrative vlogging career and have your own personal website portfolio.

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Build your vlog website with Strikingly

Sharing your content is easier if you have the right tool. And what is the best example for that? Having your own website.


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Vlog content can be more interesting if it’s put in the right place, with the right elements. By having your own vlogging website, you can easily share your vlogs, and even post updates and interact with your viewers more. You can give them access to your daily life by sharing vlogs and blogs on your vlogging website. You can also share photos and snippets to make your vlogging website more interactive. Plus, Strikingly allows users to track their website viewers and performance. With Google Analytics, you can now easily keep track of your website visitors as well as your posted vlogs performance.

Sounds amazing, right? So what are you waiting for? Start designing your vlog website with Strikingly today!

To know more, chat with us, and let’s start working together!