Digital marketing in this era greatly depends on quality content, thanks to the ever-changing Google algorithms. If you want to increase your blog’s online presence and make it better than a generic website blogspot can set you up with, here are a few tips to keep in mind for 2020.


1. Quality over quantity

Some bloggers have this mistaken notion that as long as they post on a regular basis - read: daily - Google and other search engines can keep them on top of their search results and, by extension, they stay in their target reader’s radar. It’s true that fresh content keeps Google and their readers happy but quality is important. When you create a website blogspot, we recommend identifying content gaps in your niche topic and find out what your audience is looking for in order to develop articles that are worth your reader’s time.

2. Address inquiries and reply to comments

Blogspot websites tend to lose readers when they fail to respond to comments from their readers. Part of managing a blog is keeping your visitors engaged, maintaining discussions on your platform. Subscribers like feeling acknowledged so replying to their comments, even if it is just a simple thank you can do great things for your blogspot website.

3. Add a strong CTA

One tip on how to make a blogspot site that stays popular next year is to create a strong CTA. Don’t leave your readers wondering what to do on your site next. Add a CTA that is difficult to resist. Some bloggers encourage user engagement by inviting readers to comment on their posts or leaving a related question on their blogpost that readers can answer through the comment section.

4. Create content for humans not search engines

One of the fatal mistakes that bloggers make when they create blogspot website free of charge is developing content with search engines in mind. While it’s nice to have an optimized website, search engines have become wiser these days, adjusting their algorithms to attempt to simulate user search patterns. Google, for one, aims to serve quality and timely information to its users so looping back to our first tip on how to make a website blogspot, your human audience should be top of mind when building content on your site. Google will see right through your strategy if you focus too much on keyword density. Make your blog a site that humans love and search engines will follow suit.

5. Make your blog responsive

Content is king when it comes to creating blogs but it’s also good to make your website look good and user-friendly. Enhancing the user experience is an effective way to maintain reader loyalty. When readers are able to view your website on numerous platforms and they don’t encounter navigation issues, they are more likely to visit your website again and again.


Strikingly’s website templates for blogsites are designed to render well on various screen sizes so you never have to worry about your site not being mobile ready. All you need to do is to customize your website’s look and feel so that it reflects your personality and brand.

6. Turn it into a community

Transform your website blogspot into a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Aside from responding to user comments, connect your site to your social media pages to increase engagement. Get people to actively interact with you by adding a forum or opening healthy discussions on social media networks. Building communities let you establish your blog and your brand as a reliable source of information on your niche. When combined with quality content, this has the potential to boost your brand’s popularity and success in 2020.