Why Fiction Blogs Rock

Writing literary blogs is a safe haven for many of us. To some, it serves as their sweet escape from all the hardships brought by their fatal realities. Blog writing enables them to share their thoughts and fantasies with their audiences as well as other author bloggers. Each has its own distinct ways of showcasing how much love they have for writing blogs.

Among all other literary blogs, fiction blogs have their own established names. For the past years, many author bloggers have been engaging in such a genre of blog writing. Well, we can't blame them. Fiction blogs are not just fun to write, it also enables us to showcase our own mind's capability of being creative in our distinct ways.

If you are a writer who is now having thoughts of starting your own fiction blog and fiction websites, then better put on your seatbelt and enjoy this Strikingly tour into the world of fiction blogs.

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Fiction writing blogs you should blog about

Writing and creating your very first fiction blog may be confusing if you are new in this type of blog writing. Well, there's nothing to worry about because we got it all set up for you. Below are the common topics (and truly the best ones!) you should consider in creating your fiction blogs. Take note of them, choose where your heart beats faster the most, and let's start creating your fiction website!

  • Historical Novel. This type of genre revolves around the history of a specific country. If you choose to write a fiction blog about this category, it will be best to share some ideas/facts about the history of the culture itself. Through that, your readers won't just be developing curiosity regarding your fiction blog but as well as be able to grasp a picture of what is actually happening on your fiction blog.
  • Fantasy. When it comes to fiction blogs, the word "fantasy" first comes into our minds. Why not? Fiction is very much related to what a fantasy is. Fiction blogs which fall under this type can discuss various out-of-this world topics like magic from witchcraft and supernatural powers like that of a vampire or a werewolf. People love to see and read in this type of fiction blog with the main reason of having the opportunity to venture in a world different from what they are currently living in.
  • Thriller/Crimes/Horror. Besides fantasy, many individuals also seek a heart-racing collection of literary blogs. Through a thriller/horror themed fiction blog, you can give it all to them. These types of fiction blogs share creepy stories of unsolved mysteries and different urban legends which undeniably attracts a lot of readers and even author bloggers. If you seek to create a collection of literary fiction blogs, you must ready yourself with a bit of thorough background research to make things more interesting within your fiction website.
  • Science Fiction. Sci-Fi related fiction blogs also come as one of the most wanted by many readers of literary blogs. If you yearn for this type of genre on your next fiction blog, you can talk about the freshest in the field of technology advancement. You can also include topics like superheroes, futuristic-themed literary blogs, or stories about aliens and the vast solar system.
  • Teen Fiction. Teen fiction or young adult fiction blog is primarily a fiction blog dedicated for ages twelve up to eighteen years old. This type of blog writing often deals with relationships, friendships and “adulting” or coming of age. Many writers blogs about teen-fiction and targets issues involving youth.

Now that you are given prior ideas on what fiction blogs should be all about, it is now the right time for you to know how to put these ideas on your own website.

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Creating Website for your Fiction Blogs

Great stories deserve to be shared to the world. And one way to do that is to put these pieces of art into a gallery. A gallery where everyone can see it and admire how it was beautifully done by its creator.

Having your own fiction blog website is one great way of being an effective author. Through this, you are not just being able to share your masterpieces but also have the opportunity to gain something from it (it’s a plus!)

Below are the main key points you should take note of when creating your fiction blogs website.

Features your Fiction Blogs should Have

  • Your Story. A blog will not be a blog without your story on it. It is important to know what you want your readers/audience to learn from you and your blogs. Decide on what you really want to write about and then start developing a list of the topics you would want to share to your audience.
  • Host. Your fiction blog wouldn't be perfect if you do not have it published on your own fiction website. Here, it is important to have the best host in handling all your activities for your fiction blogs in just one platform. With that, Strikingly could surely help you a lot in just one click.
  • Email List. Having a connection towards your readers is also needed in having a static fiction blogs website. Building an email list for literature websites is highly recommended. Through this, you as an author blogger are able to create a fan base/group where you can reach out and gather information about the latest trends on blog writing from your own readers.
  • Personal Updates. Fiction blogs are not just all about writing blogs. If you want your fiction blogs website to create a strong foundation towards your audience, you can add a personal updates section on your fiction websites via social media integration. This is one way of not just updating them about your schedule of updates but also showcase them how passionate and responsible you are as an author blogger.
  • Audience/Reader's section. In blogging you are not just sharing your thoughts to plainly share ideas but also to hear it from others. Did they like it? Was it too much? What should I improve? There would be times where you are going to ask these questions to yourself. And to keep yourself from overthinking, you can consider putting a comment/audience section in your fiction websites. Through this, you are not just able to hear their opinions about your fiction blogs but also have the chance to socialize with your readers and be able to gain more followers in your website.

Contact Blog Author

Contact Blog Author


Literature websites where you can start your Fiction Blogs

Now that you finally know the basics of fiction blogs, you must now learn where you can start writing one. Knowing different platforms/websites which caters fiction blogs, and being familiar on how to handle them will make your fiction blog writing more interesting. Listed below are among the best platforms which can be of great help to you in starting your first ever fiction blog. Don’t worry, these sites are absolutely writer-friendly!

  1. LitHub
  2. BookRiot
  3. The Rumpus
  4. Electric Literature
  5. 3 AM Magazine
  6. The Paris Review Blog
  7. Catapult
  8. The Nervous Breakdown
  9. Vol. 1 Brooklyn
  10. Strikingly

Why start your Fiction Blog with Strikingly NOW

Writing your first collection of fiction blogs could overwhelm you especially if you are new in such a genre. You might find it a bit confusing dealing with different websites and ended up losing all the will to continue writing. If that’s the case, Strikingly is here to save you from all the burden.

Strikingly is not just a platform. It is a weapon which you can use to build your own brand and conquer the world with your own uniqueness. Still having doubts? Well here are the main reasons why starting your fiction blogs with Strikingly is the “best-est” among all the options.

1. Customize your fiction blogs preview image and blog post cover page

Having your own distinction in blog writing is one asset. And one way to do that is to have your own customized images and blog posts covered. With Strikingly, you have the option to customize your own fiction blogs preview images as well as the cover page for each fiction blog you make. You can do this by clicking the "Background" button located near on the top right of the blog post editor.

Backgound Cover Page

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2. Build email subscriptions for your fiction blog

Strikingly also features an email blog subscription to users. It is an email service which is available to all Strikingly users. Once activated, you will be able to collect email subscribers and even send blog updates to them. To activate this feature, go to your Simple Blog setting panel and select Strikingly Subscriptions.

Strikingly Blog Settings

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How can website visitors subscribe to my blog?

Once your Strikingly Subscriptions is activated, your blog visitors will be able to determine your blog updates through a subscription field located at the bottom of each post labeled as “Subscribe”.

Subscribe to Blogpost

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Once clicked, your subscribers will immediately receive an email asking them to confirm their blog subscription.

Confirm Blog Subscription

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Where can I manage blog subscriptions?

Once your fiction blog visitor confirms their blog subscription, you will see their email under the [Subscription] tab on your blog manager.

Manage Blog Subscription

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How do I send my website visitors blog updates?

Once Strikingly subscriptions have been activated for your fiction blogs, you will see the option to "Send to all subscribers" in your blog publish panel. For each fiction blog post, keep in mind that you can hit "Send to all subscribers" only once.

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Your fiction blog subscribers will also immediately receive an email once you post updates.

Receive Blog Update

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What if my audience are non-English speakers?

Blogs are mainly made from everyone. If you are worrying about your non-english speakers and how they can read your blogs, no need to worry because Strikingly got it all covered for you. You can change your site language setting and switch the blog subscription flow to either French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese. See how this works here: change your site language setting here.

  1. Enable blog commenting on your blog posts

Keeping it up with your readers is one way to build a strong foundation for your literature website. One thing you could do to ensure this is to create a comment section intended for your reader’s thoughts and feedback. Strikingly Simple Blog has a commenting feature which lets your website visitors leave comments and suggestions below each individual blog posts. You can easily set this up by going into your Simple Blog.

4. Add multiple blog sections on your fiction blog website

Strikingly PRO users can now add multiple Simple Blog sections to a specific site in order to display different blog categories on different pages/sections.

To enable this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Adding Your Blog Categories

Categorize each blog post first before you can add multiple blog sections. Click here to see how.

Step 2: Add Multiple Blog Sections on your Website

After you have finished writing your blog posts and added your desired categories, you can now add another (or as many as you like!) “Simple Blog” section anywhere you want on your fiction blog website. Note that this new blog sections will automatically share all the blog posts and settings you have already added.

Step 3: Display your different blog categories in different blog sections of your choice

In the blog section, you have the option to filter which category you only want to show. Take note that you can only display one category per section. By default, a blog section shows blog posts from all categories.

Display Blog Categories

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If you still have questions, feel free to chat with us and we’ll figure it out together!