In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, it is easy for us to accumulate a large volume of images and videos over a short period of time. From food shots before we eat to sceneries and experiences worthy of a social media post, the availability of photo hosting sites and cloud storage has turned us into trigger-happy snappers, quick to publish our pictures online.


For the most part, image hosting sites cater to professional photographers who need reliable backup and storage services for files that they use for their work. After all, when your bread and butter involves taking irreplaceable memories, the last thing you need is the scare of losing hours of work to a broken laptop or a crashed hard drive.

But even when you’re just an amateur photographer with an audience composed of family and a close group of friends, you will still benefit a lot from free image hosting sites. For one, you have another place where you can store your image and video files. It also eases the load on your phone and computer when you use free photo hosting sites to store your files. Using these platforms also lets you easily share your work to clients and other contacts.

Top photo hosting sites

Get the most bang out of your buck with the best photo hosting sites. With these services, you don’t have to spend extra money when you’re just starting out.

1. Strikingly

Whether you’re building a personal blog to chronicle your life’s work and memories or a professional portfolio to attract new clients, Strikingly has all the tools you need to bring your ideas to life. It features best-in-class website templates that let you create your own image hosting site for all your still shots. Get a portfolio website up in minutes (and for free) with numerous customization options that are ideal for startups and individuals who are new to web design. One good thing about having your own website to house your photos is you are basically taking that first step towards building a solid online presence. When people search for you on the internet, they will find a professional-looking space that presents your best work.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos offers a combined free storage of 15GB shared with Google Drive and Gmail. For aspiring photographers, this is more than enough to start. It automatically syncs your files with other Google accounts so retrieval is a breeze. The platform also has nifty tools for creating slide presentations, collages and animations, as well as organization tools that let you group your files according to location, date or even people. Google Photos is quite intuitive as well so that the more you use this free online image hosting site, the more it learns about your habits and gets even more effective in sorting your files for you.

3. Imgur

You might have come across Imgur hosted photos and GIFs if you spend a lot of time on Reddit. If you’re looking for a place where you can share funny GIFs and other similar content, this is one of the photo hosting sites free of charge that you can try. You don’t have to create a free account to publish photos but you will want one if you want to create captions, upload images via email or store your image files on the site.

4. Flickr

Facebook and Instagram might be great social media sites for connecting with other people but if you’re looking to be part of a network of photographers, hosting your images on Flickr is worth a try. This free online image hosting site is probably one of the oldest free platforms available and is home to billions of images and groups. You get to be part of a community of photographers that use this site for their online portfolio. If you’re not keen on sharing your work with the world, you can still use Flickr to share images with an intimate group of people. You can even keep some collections for your eyes only.