A company’s website is one of the most crucial touchpoints that influences buying decisions for many users. Company websites are no longer static pages containing sterile business info that we used to know. These website platforms are living documents - undergoing their own kind of design evolution to suit the changing needs of their target audience.

elevate your online presence with website platforms

When it comes to building websites, businesses now have to think in terms of the digital experience. Using the best website platform, even smaller brands and startups can compete with the big players in terms of audience share - as long as they plan their website design wisely.

Keeping it simple

Consumers are bombarded with visual stimuli and a wide range of options on the Internet that it’s easy for your own content to get diluted. Give your users a chance to access your content easily with a minimalist website and a user-friendly navigation. As one of the best platform to build a website, Strikingly features a huge collection of simple website templates that enables you to bring back the focus on your content. The smart use of white space and navigational features on the platform’s templates eliminates the guesswork on the part of the user. All the templates and integrated sections are stripped of unnecessary script to keep your website lighter so it loads faster and improves your visitor’s browsing experience.

Identify audience personas

identify your website platform audience

The key to creating website content that your users will appreciate is to understand their personality and content needs. Website building platforms that have integrated analytics tools can give you an idea as to what kind of people comes into your website. Strikingly, for instance, has a traffic analytics tool that enables you to identify key audience data such as the most popular pages users access on your site, where your users are coming from and how much traffic your pages get. You can also integrate Google Analytics into your site for a more granular view of your audience and obtain data on demographics, the kind of search terms they use to get to your site, location, device used, etc.

One brand can cater to different audience personas. When your personas are more defined, you get more opportunities to frame your message in a way that will appeal to every segment of your target market.

Build content that resonates with your audience

Your website should be able to address your audience directly. Free website platforms should be able to provide you with tools to create and update website content to address your user’s interests and pain points. Build a website that adds value to your visitor’s life. After visiting your site, users should be able to take away something - a piece of information they have never seen before, free products, access to certain tools, etc. Create content that will rock your user’s world. That’s how you build lasting relationships with your audience.

Gain inspiration from other successful sites

If you want to create a successful website, it’s only logical that you go to the best website building platform to get started. But if you want to learn how to become a successful website owner, watch how others in your niche have done it. Draw inspiration from bigger and more successful websites in your industry and watch what they are doing right. Apply this knowledge to your own website. If you want to be more detailed about it, you can even learn how to tell what platform a website is using so you can also explore the possibility of using the same tools. Do note that gaining inspiration and copying an idea are different. Combine the strategies that you have seen from other successful sites to create your own way of building brand awareness through your website.