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Mobile phones are a must-have these days. With the pandemic still on the road, the existence of mobile phones has truly helped us a lot. Everything is easily done through mobile devices, from buying essential items on various online stores, booking our trips easily, ordering food from fast-food chain websites, to attending office meetings and classes.

If you are someone looking for an idea on how you can successfully enter the world of eCommerce, then you just stumbled on the right place. Today, we’re introducing you to one of the most popular businesses you could try even as a beginner—selling accessories for your cellphone online.

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Why Start a Cellphone Accessories’ Store?

There are tons of reasons why you should start selling cellphone accessories online, and here are two of them:

1. People Love Them

Tons of mobile device users are fond of upgrading their smartphones. They are willing to buy cellphone accessories that can beautify their phones and increase functionality. There are also many popular cellphone accessories that people buy just because they got curious about it right when they see it. Starting an online cellphone accessory website will help you engage in business easily, even as a starter. You can also easily find customers everywhere because almost everyone on the planet owns one. Various cellphone accessory companies also create trending cellphone accessories that people will love. This makes it easier for you to pick a manufacturer suited for the cellphone accessories you will be selling.

2. Easier to Manage

An online cellphone accessories website is easier to manage than other product websites. Why? Simple—because you, as an owner and a mobile phone user, know precisely what your cellphone accessories customer is interested in. Selling accessories for your cellphone online is also much easier today with the help of various website-building platforms. With us here in Strikingly, you can quickly start your own cellphone accessory website even without knowing about coding. Get an account, choose your plan, pick a great template, and voila! You can even launch your trending cellphone accessories store in twenty minutes or less. Awesome right?

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Popular Cellphone Accessories Today

There are a variety of popular cellphone accessories that many consumers like today. We listed them down for you to keep you away from the stress of selling mobile accessories effectively. Below are some of the most trending cellphone accessories you can sell on your cellphone accessory website.

1. Power Banks

If there is one cellphone accessory that consumers mostly have nowadays, it’s a power bank. A power bank is a portable cellphone accessory designed to help you recharge your mobile devices wherever you are. These are among trending cellphone accessories that many consumers buy to save themselves from losing power while on travel. One good thing about this cellphone accessory is that you can charge any of your mobile devices from it, like smartphones, tablets, etc. Power Banks are usually pocket-sized and handy enough to fit your bags. These cellphone accessories also come in various unit milliampere-hour (mAh), which allows users to choose the best one suited for their daily lifestyle.

2. Car Mounts

People have the tendency to use their mobile phones while they are in their cars. Car mounts are a must for comfortable phone navigation while driving and keeping everything safe. Tons of accidents involving people distracted by using their phones have happened while on the road for the past years. This is one main reason to sell mobile accessories like car mounts. It does not only help you answer calls while driving (which is definitely inevitable sometimes) and keeps you away from danger.

3. Selfie Sticks

Many Mobile phone users love taking photos from their smartphones. If there are one popular cellphone accessories they want to own, these would be selfie sticks. Selling accessories for your cellphone like a selfie stick is another sure way to get more attention. Many travelers and vloggers love getting their own selfie sticks to make taking pictures and videos easier. It keeps them away from the troubles of getting blurred photos and even saves their phone from dropping unexpectedly on the ground.

4. Camera Lens Attachments

These are trending cellphone accessories that consumers love today. This cellphone accessory is similar to using a fixed lens for taking photos. There are tons of photographers nowadays who use their phones to get high-quality photos. Instead of using huge cameras, they just buy separate popular cellphone accessories like a lens attachment to make their work easier to accomplish. When selling mobile accessories online like lens attachment, you instantly earn the chance of touching a larger market reach.


Mobile users seek popular cellphone accessories that are aesthetic, portable, and very functional. If there is one cellphone accessory that perfectly fits such description, it’s a USB OTG. An On-the-Go adapter or simply OTG is a portable cellphone accessory that lets you connect a separate flash drive on your mobile phone or tablet. It is designed with a micro-USB or Type C charging port, making it easier for you to transfer files from one device to another. OTG devices are among the trending cellphone accessories, especially for students and other professionals who do a lot of paperwork.

6. Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are undeniably included in today’s most trending cellphone accessories. Many users fell in love with using these popular cellphone accessories because why not? They make everything easier for users, like answering calls and listening to music while working out. Getting a customer is highly guaranteed when you sell mobile accessories like Bluetooth earbuds.

7. Mobile Phone Skins

Not all smartphones sold in the market could look great in a customer’s eyes. Realistically, some mobile phone models just look too bland. How do people save themselves from this? Through installing a custom skin on their device. Selling accessories for your cellphone online like custom mobile phone skins helps you unleash your hidden creativity. It allows you to connect more with your audience and even understand their wants deeper. You can offer them various designs and even create their own design.

8. Phone Cases and Covers

Phone cases and covers are essential cellphone accessories. They exist for one common reason—protect your mobile devices. These popular cellphone accessories are necessary because it saves your phone from getting destroyed when accidentally dropped. It comes in various types and designs depending on what the user prefers. You can quickly sell mobile accessories on your website like phone cases and offer custom designs to make sales easier.

9. Screen Protectors

A screen protector or a screen guard is another essential cellphone accessory. This is because no matter what type of mobile phone you own, scratches are inevitable. These types of cellphone accessories play an essential role in securing your mobile phone’s display. Many consumers purchase screen protectors right when they buy their phones to ensure that the display won’t be in trouble. Various screen protectors, including tempered glass, matte, privacy-glass, gorilla glass, and even plastic. Sell mobile accessories like screen protectors, and in no time, your online cellphone accessories website will surely gain popularity.

10. Charging Stand & Ring Holders

Charging stands and ring holders are among cellphone accessories that help users in handling their phone and keeping it in place. These two cellphone accessories are absolutely game changers that your online store audience will definitely fall in love with.

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Tips and Tricks on Selling Trending Cellphone Accessories

Now that you’re done getting to know some of the most popular cellphone accessories of today, let’s now move to the next step.

To help you have a smooth start selling accessories for your cellphone easily, we give you these five effective tips on mastering how to sell mobile accessories online.

1. Create unique designs

Being in eCommerce requires you to be unique in your own way. In the field of mobile phone-related products, competition is tough. If you want your cellphone accessories business to gain more attention, be outstanding. Offer creative cellphone accessories design which will surely grab your target market’s attention. You can sell mobile accessories customized like phone cases, covers, keychains, chargers, etc. You can even offer awesome freebies to capture more attention. Amazing right?

2. Find the best manufacturer

Manufacturers and your other business partners also play an essential role in securing a successful cellphone accessories business. If you want to ensure that the materials you use to make your cellphone accessories are durable, you have to find the right partner. Choose a manufacturer who will create your products at the right price. From then, you can put the right price for your cellphone accessory products and sell them to your target market easily.

3. Create an awesome website

Now that you’re done with your products, it's now the time for you to show them off. How? By creating an amazing website that your audience will surely love! Find the best website builder that allows you to start your cellphone accessories website successfully. In this way, you can easily connect to your users and even help you get more cellphone accessory sales from the comfort of your own home.

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Sell Mobile Accessories with Simple Store!

Selling accessories for your cellphone with Strikingly has never been this easy. With our Simple Store feature, you can start your own eCommerce store and earn more sales faster. Sounds fun, right?

1. Add Your Cellphone Accessory Products Easily

Here in Strikingly, we allow users to start their own online store quickly. With our Simple Store, you can now sell mobile accessories online, all for free! Once you’re done creating your website, you now have the freedom to list one product you want to sell. However, if you're going to level things up, you can choose from our other awesome plans and enjoy unique features. You can even add product categorizations, shipping policies, product reviews section, memberships, and more!

For our Limited Users, they can list up to five products. Pro users can add up to three hundred products. And VIP users can list up to five hundred products per site.


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2. Set Up Your Store Payment Options

One good thing about our Simple Store feature is users can set up their own cellphone accessories store payment options. You can either use Stripe, Square, or your PayPal account in collecting payments.

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Aside from these two, our Simple Store is also equipped with other excellent features you’ll definitely enjoy while working on your cellphone accessories website. You can choose from our collection of awesome website templates, all for free!

We also have a Simple Blog feature where you can start sharing your own thoughts with your audience and even share some tips about cellphone accessories. We also support mobile views on our websites to make them more fun and functional.

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Smartphones greatly impact our daily lives, so we do our best to take care of them. It is like we are too attached to it. And as a result, items which can help upgrade our mobile phones started to emerge. Engaging in a business similar to selling accessories for your cellphone might sound a lot, but as long as you start and get a firm grasp of it, you’ll eventually fall in love with it.

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