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With the current smartphones and other mobile devices’ trends, there is no question about the phone case business as one of the most ideal businesses today. Yearly, new phones are being released by famous phone brands. And we won’t be surprised by the number of users who are always on the run for a new phone case. Some are looking for a new phone case when they buy a new phone, while others want to give their phones a new look. Either because of upgrading or simply making their smartphones go with fashionable cases, we can’t blame them for wanting it badly. Some people are always hunting for the newest version of Android phones or the latest smartphone released by Apple. Regardless of the brand, phone cases to sell online are always in demand.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to know more about selling phone cases online, this article is packed with the best ideas and insights on how to start a phone case business. There are several things you have to understand about this market. We will get them all covered from the very basic up to legal requirements and marketing. The most exciting part is launching your phone case business online and becoming global. How’s that sound so far? Shall we get started? Let’s go!

phone case business

Things You Need to Start a Phone Case Business?

Like any other business, selling phone case online isn’t a piece of cake. But, you don’t have to worry because the difficult part is when you’re starting out. Preparing all the things at the beginning will give you a smoother journey as soon as the business is established. Here are a few pointers you need to get ready for your phone case business.

1. Start From the Basics

As an entrepreneur, you know that starting your own business is not an overnight process. It requires a creative concept for the kind of product or niche you want to go to and the perfect platform to launch it. Selling phone cases is one of the most ideal eCommerce businesses nowadays. A phone case business can definitely hit online because most people – who are the target customers for this niche use the internet.

Conducting Market Research - You have to fully equip yourself with the proper knowledge about your target customers. Get some resourceful data about the latest trend of phone cases to sell online. Dig into the psychology of the phone case business by knowing your target customers. What do they look for when buying a phone case? Is it the style, brand, or price that matters? You can go to forums where people talk about the product. Social media is another good place to know more about how to start a phone case business. Considering you want to establish an online store, you can get ideas of what people are looking for.

Aside from market research, you have to set short- and long-term goals for your phone case business. What are your expectations, and what can you offer to the market?

2. Legal Requirements

Secure a phone case business license. It might sound like a lot of work, but this is necessary for businesses. A business license depends on the size and structure of your organization. For small businesses, a general business license may be sufficient. However, for larger structure businesses, one or more of the following licenses must be secured: sales tax registration, home-occupation permit (if you plan to run a home-based business), etc.

Indeed, these are essential requirements to get you started. Aside from the permits and licenses you have, there is a list of steps for you to start a phone case business.

  • Register your business.
  • Secure Necessary Licenses.
  • Get Your Employer ID Number.
  • Obtain Sales Tax Permit.

While other business owners can’t resist the temptation of taking the shortcut and going straight to selling their products, you must act smart to never jump right off the water too quickly. Make sure you get things done before you regret it at the end.

3. Brand and Marketing Strategies

Have concrete brand and marketing strategies when you start a phone case business. Whether you run an online shop for phone cases or have a physical store as a local business, you need a strong brand presence and marketing strategies to help you stand out among the tough competition in the market.

selling phone cases online

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You have to choose the best marketing strategy that will work for your small business. For instance, an online marketing strategy will require you to launch your own eCommerce website. Create a logo for your brand identity and be consistent when applying your business theme to the web design. Most importantly, promote your business online and the most go-to social media platforms. You can learn more about how Strikingly web services and features can help your business grow. Just head on to our page and build your eCommerce website with us.

4. Business Resources and Financing

This part may or may not be crucial. For startup business owners, the budget is always the most critical topic to talk about. It is logical because they don’t have enough capital or resources to be used when starting out. On the other hand, some well-established businesses that will take the opportunity of selling phone cases may have sufficient finances. You must have enough resources to finance your startup journey. But if you are resourceful enough, you can take advantage of the free resources available for you as an entrepreneur. For example, you can start an online shop for free with the Strikingly code-free website builder.

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5. Get Ready For Business Launch

Launching your own business is the crucial part because of the number of factors you have to consider. You need proper timing and the right audience to get ready for take-off. Truly, it may seem like launching a skyrocket. You have to keep in mind that some businesses excel after launch then subside along the way. Other businesses may experience an odd beginning, but they recover and survive along the process.

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We are trying to point out here that launching your business can make or break it. But, no matter how crucial this part is, you have to be very resourceful and consistent with the energy and passion you have invested in your own business. There are so many phone case businesses you may encounter online. As a business owner, you have to ask yourself what else you can offer your target customers. Are you using the right platform you need to launch your business? With Strikingly, we have mastered the art of launching millions of online businesses with our international users. You can check us out.

Start Selling Phone Cases Online

How to sell phone cases online? It’s easy here at Strikingly. We got a Simple store for your phone case business needs. Here’s how you get your business started with our website.

∙ Create an Account

Sign up for a free account or choose any of our yearly plans to start an online business. Our easy-setup websites don’t need you to have any coding skills. You can build and publish your site in minutes.


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∙ Choose a Template

We have over a hundred customizable templates. You can find the most stunning web designs for online shops to turn your site visitors into buyers. Moreover, all our websites are mobile-ready.

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∙ Add a Simple Store

On our web editor, you can easily add a Simple store under settings or set it up as one of the sections or web pages. A Simple store allows you to add phone cases to sell online. Make sure you’ve got high-quality images.

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∙ Start Adding Products

Once you’ve added the phone cases, you can input complete product descriptions such as pricing, specifications, availability, and even set shipping rules. This way, your buyers will have the information they need before checkout.

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∙ Set up a Payment Gateway

With Strikingly, you can enable PayPal or Stripe as a payment gateway. Adding multiple payment options will give you more chances of getting sales online.

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∙ Go Live and Start Selling Phone Cases

Yay! You have created a website for your phone case business just as simple as that. Go ahead and start selling phone cases online. We got your back.


Starting out a business is like planting a tree. You can expect it to grow, but the tree will die without providing its basic needs, such as water and sunlight. A business can’t cope with the trend without the proper foundation, marketing strategy, and consistency in branding. Strikingly provides its users with the best web services to run their online stores, share knowledge and skills with personal portfolios, and help business websites grow. We love to see yours go global and cope with the trend. Chat with us about how you would like to get your website started.