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Creating a personalized business newsletter has become popular these days. By sending a business newsletter, you can smoothly share your awesome and engaging content with your audience. Mastering what is a newsletter can save you from the troubles of doing person-to-person marketing. You can promote more sales easily and get the opportunity to drive more traffic to your business website. Curious, how's that possible? If your answer is yes, you will find out more in this blog post we’ve made.

What is a Newsletter?

A business newsletter can be defined as a special tool businesses and organizations use to update their clients. A business letter plays an essential role in letting a specific business share valuable information with its network of customers and followers.

The newsletter can usually contain any of the following information:

  1. Weekly contents
  2. Guides or eBooks
  3. Information about important events and new product launch
  4. Announcements
  5. Your recent interviews with experts
  6. Case studies
  7. Testimonials
  8. Special news
  9. Coupons and Promotions
  10. Refer-a-Friend Program
  11. Gift Guides
  12. Event Recaps
  13. Job postings
  14. FAQS
  15. Asking for Feedback

What is the Purpose of a Business Newsletter?

A business newsletter is considered one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. They are among newsletter ideas that can be done easily and even be personalized. However, you want them to be. Understanding what is the purpose of a business newsletter can help you get direct access to a client’s inbox easily.


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A business newsletter is better matched to educate and entertain your website subscribers. Aside from making a sale, understanding what is a newsletter can help you make your clients feel how much you pay attention to them. It’s like getting a special letter from someone you truly treasure. Ideally, your business newsletter should motivate your readers and followers to take some form of action, such as:

  • Reading and commenting on your latest blog website post
  • Signing up for an upcoming event
  • Checking out a new case study posted on your homepage
  • Joining in a prize draw or online giveaway
  • Purchasing a new product from your online store

How to Write a Good Business Newsletter

Designing your own business newsletter is quite complicated if you have zero clue on how to start. To help you lessen your worries about how to pick the best among tons of newsletter ideas, we made these helpful tips just for you.


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Here are some of the best tips on how you can start crafting the best business newsletter ideas for your online store.

1. Set Your Goals

Understanding what is the purpose of a business newsletter will require you to set clear goals. Business newsletter ideas help you inform your audience about important information that they need to know. It tells your audience what you are up to and what they can expect from your business in the next few months. Did you create your business newsletter examples to market a new product? Do you want to inform your clients about an incoming event? Or did you design your business newsletter examples to let them know about your future expansion? Be clear. Section your business newsletter email list based on your specific goals set for each certain group. Having a business newsletter designed clearly can help avoid confusion about the message you are actually telling them.

2. Make Your Design

Every business newsletter must have its own distinct design. Without its presence, your business letter will be nothing but a plain piece of a blank sheet. Your business newsletter should be unique and easy to navigate to not cause any trouble for your clients. Picking the right business newsletter ideas is crucial, especially if you are not aware of the elements you should put into it. To help you get started on creating your business newsletter design, we collected these key elements for you.

∙ Headers

Headers are essential in understanding what is a newsletter. These groups of words are typically the first ones that your clients see once they land on your website page. You must pick the right words to include in your business newsletter design. Why? Because they will be responsible for giving a heads up on what readers should expect from your business newsletter. Also, having a good set of striking business newsletter examples can help you encourage website visitors to keep browsing your website, reducing bounce rates.

∙ Business Logos

Logos are a symbol of what your business is all about. It is a figure which helps your followers remember who you are and what you do for them. When studying what is the purpose of a business newsletter, dealing with the perfect logos is also a must. As a business that wants to pursue more audiences, you make extra efforts in designing a logo that will fit your goals as a business. Your logos must be remarkable enough that your audience will automatically recognize you when you put them on your business newsletter examples. Before finalizing your business newsletter ideas, ensure that your logo has the same color scheme as your business to remind your online readers and subscribers about who is sending them such awesome business newsletter examples.

∙ High-Quality Images

Who says business newsletter examples are all about boring fonts? Understanding what is a newsletter also means picking the right images that will fit your business newsletter contents. Photos do not just add aesthetics to business newsletter examples. They also help let your audience better understand what message you are sending them. You can send them high-quality images and your business newsletter content to make them appreciate your business and your brand.

∙ Content

Any business newsletter examples without content are nonsense. Your business newsletter ideas must always focus on creating well-structured content which your audience can easily understand. As much as you can, avoid using flowery words that will take them a couple of seconds before finally getting what you are saying. Be simple and straight to the point. You can even make your content more personalized by addressing them with their registered name. By doing this, you are not just practicing what a newsletter is all about but also, building stronger business-customer relationships.

3. Experiment On Newsletter Ideas

Writing your own business newsletter will demand your creativity. If you want clients to remember you, you must create a well-designed business newsletter that will help you deliver your goal well. You must design the best business newsletter examples that automatically catch your attention upon laying your eyes on them.

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One way you can do this is to experiment with different business newsletter examples that best suit your taste. Be bold. Use eye-catching designs and intrigue your users with what you are trying to tell them. Try to change your business newsletter ideas and contents to keep the fire burning. You can use monthly themes or even weekly if you are willing enough to spend time creating more newsletter ideas. By doing this, you are not only sending your message well in a creative manner but also capturing your client’s heart. Once they see how dedicated you are to pursuing them, they will look forward to each of your next business newsletter examples and eventually stick with you for a long time.

4. Use CTAs

Call-to-actions or CTAs aren’t new in website building and eCommerce. Many businesses have integrated the use of CTAs in delivering their digital marketing well, and honestly, they are truly effective. Including a strong CTA button somewhere on your business newsletter examples can help you communicate well with your clients and drive more traffic to your website.

5. Create a Subscriber List

Another important element you should never forget when learning what is the purpose of a business newsletter is creating your subscriber list. Your subscribers and followers help you gain more chances of getting more sales and even making conversions. You need to identify your followers and keep their email information. Having your own subscriber list can help you finish sending your business newsletter examples faster.

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Send Your Business Newsletter with Us

There are tons of website-building platforms that allow their users to easily create and send business newsletter easily. With us here in Strikingly, you can easily design your own business newsletter examples and send them fast to your subscribers.

You can now enjoy our business newsletter feature included in our VIP and Audience plan. With this feature, you can send a business newsletter to up to 2000 contacts each month. This business newsletter feature lets you send emails to your contacts who signed up on your business website form. The information collected from that form is the one that will be automatically included in your subscriber list, making it easier for you to send a business newsletter smoothly. You even can send business newsletter examples to your chosen recipients using filters.

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Communication is important in business. If you wish to have a solid connection with your audience, you must know how to use all your available resources wisely. You must keep yourself “on the game” and ensure that your chosen market feels how much you want them to be a part of your journey. Our pro-tip? Master what is the purpose of a business newsletter and create your online store with us.

If you’re still curious about how eCommerce and digital marketing work, chat with us today, and let’s get you started.