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Are you struggling to find out the newsletter ideas that keep your audience engaged? Direct Marketing is an ideal way of sharing your brand’s objective, interacting with customers, and converting leads into daily subscribers. However, you may find it difficult to generate effective newsletter content every day, week, or month.

After working hard for the growth of your email list, it can be frustrating if your customers are not interacting with you through emails that you have sent. It may also harm your motivation going forward. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. We are here to help you in this regard.

Best Ideas for Newsletters

In this article, we will share the best newsletter topics that enable you to keep your subscribers engaged. With these productivity strategies, you can keep your content exciting and your subscribers will love to see your messages in their respective inboxes. So, let’s get straight into them!.

1. Helpful Newsletters

The best way to maintain interaction with your subscribers is to understand their problems. If you can configure and rectify their problems, they will pay attention to you. Let’s look into some of the best newsletter content ideas that will bring value to your customers and will also allow you to promote your content.


One of the most realistic newsletter ideas is giving an overview of your website or product. You can inform your customers about how to execute a certain task by giving a how-to guide in the form of a newsletter.

For example, Strikingly has a newsletter feature that enables our customers to send emails to their contacts collected through website forums (Login, Sign-Up, Subscriptions, Store Sales). You can find this feature by clicking on the ‘Audience’ option at the top of your screen.

strikingly newsletter ideas

Image taken from Strikingly

The Audience page will give you a list of sites’ form responses in a particular place, where you can manage your conversations in an inbox form. Once you are successful in collecting form responses from your website, you can send all of them a newsletter to interact with the audience, and ensure that they return to your website.

Share Blog Posts

Do you want to generate high-class traffic on your latest blog post? Instead of making your audience wait for the next blog post, you can get them excited about your latest edition and improve your website traffic.

You can do that by sharing your blog posts in the email with them. Don’t forget to tell your customers about sharing your blog posts on their social media platforms. You can make it easy for them by creating a share option in your newsletter. Social media platforms are the easiest marketing ways of generating traffic on your content.

Make Blog Post Roundups

Apart from sharing your blog posts, creating blog post roundups is also one of many great newsletter ideas in the market today. A blog post roundup enables your customer to go through some of the best blog posts of your company.

newsletter blog website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

For example, you can create a blog post roundup of the best newsletter topics that you have written, or you can create an effective roundup of the best blogs on a particular topic. This is the best strategy to relate your customers with your older blog posts.

Share YouTube Videos

If you own a successful business, you must have a great YouTube channel. If you do, do not waste your time and start sharing your YouTube videos in the newsletter. This is one of the most considerable newsletter ideas in the market today. Make sure that your YouTube video has an exciting thumbnail icon to attract and increase subscribers.

Videos are a massive part of any email marketing strategy. They ensure that the open rate increases by 6%. You must know that your YouTube video will not play inside your email. Email customers, such as Gmail or Outlook, do not have the technical requirements to make it possible.

Therefore, it is better to have a top-class thumbnail icon with a play button, that links the thumbnail to the video on YouTube. Eventually, you will see an increase in your video’s views and subscribers.

2. Promotional Newsletters

the embassy newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

According to one marketing statistical report, 60% of the customers look into the brand’s list to check out the promotional messages. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with prospecting your business via promotional messages. Let’s look at some of the best promotional newsletter ideas below.

Innovative Product Announcements

Before the release of a new product, you can excite your audience by giving a few hints about it. Or, you can send them an appropriate product announcement newsletter.

product newsletter ideas

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

In many such examples of newsletters, we have seen business owners give a few hints regarding the release of a new product. Or simply, they give the entire information of the product and tell about its release date. This strategy will create a buzz within your subscribers, as you will see them line up in huge numbers on its launch day.

Coupons and Promotions

You won’t find a person who loves a good deal. Therefore, sending coupons and promotions in your emails to your subscribers is one of the best newsletter ideas out there.

If you want to increase your website conversions, you must create urgency through your limited offers. For example, there is an 8-hour deal on Independence day in which you can order meals with a 50% discount. Such newsletter topics will create a sense of urgency within your customers as you will see them rushing in to check the full details.

Moreover, you can create a sense of urgency by adding a counter on top of the newsletter containing coupons or promotions.

Gift Guides

For an eCommerce business, gift guides are one of the best newsletter ideas for the promotion of selling products and generating more sales during the holiday period. They enable your customers to get done with their shopping effectively.

Considering the size of the task, it doesn’t mean that such opportunities will only be available during the Christmas period. You can create gift guide newsletters on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Back-To-School, etc. Depending upon your country’s law and order, you can also have such opportunities regarding your traditional events.

3. Event Newsletters

Do you have any upcoming events for promotion? If so, do not forget to send a newsletter. Make sure that you look into the best newsletter ideas regarding the events below.

∙ Event Invitations

Everyone likes to be invited to a particular event. Therefore, if you have a business creating event websites for your customers and subscribers, send them an email invite. Sending email invitations is an ideal way of updating your customers about upcoming events and increasing attendance.

∙ Event Recaps

If creating event invitations wasn’t enough, there is also an idea of making event recaps. Event recap newsletters enable the customers, who didn’t attend the event, to know about what happened in the event, attendances, menu, and the raised money.

new year newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This enables the people who didn’t attend to feel the atmosphere and makes them feel as if they are part of the event. However, make sure that you are not consistent in this approach as this idea brings the risk of fear of missing out (FOMO) in your subscribers.

∙ Webinars

Webinar marketing is an ideal lead-generating strategy for many companies today. The reason that makes Webinars one of the best newsletter ideas is that it offers free and considerable information for your targeted audience. This authentic information will allow you to convert your customers into daily subscribers.

You can easily create a website with Strikingly. You don't need to have a web-designing degree to understand matters. If you know about the best newsletter content ideas, you will easily make a website related to them. As it has made editing easier, you can use the web page builder to customize your business management websites. You can check out our drag-and-drop feature for the quick movement of content, images, and certain objects within your website. This feature is crucial for the welfare of your webinar.


Even though newsletters are the easiest form of communication between the owner and the consumer, it is also the hardest thing to get right. We hope that the newsletter ideas inspired you to create top-class newsletters for your company or your preference. This strategy will make your subscribers love your content whenever it appears in their inboxes.

If you are still having confusion in determining the best content idea for your newsletter, you can rely on exquisite platforms, such as Strikingly. You can contact our happiness officers via the live chat box, where we will give you the best tips and tricks surrounding the examples of newsletters. You can also check out our newsletter tool, which will enable you to execute a successful Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaign. Because of this newsletter tool, you can send approximately 2000 emails every month, and you can even send a newsletter from your respective website domain.