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You may be wondering what we mean by ‘create a professional email’. Aren't all email addresses the same? Wouldn’t you unnecessarily complicate things for yourself and others by creating a professional email? A professional email is one of the most overlooked things by potential employees on their resumes. People often get rejected from job opportunities and think of reasons far and wide for such an occurrence. But the reason is right in front of them.

When you do not create a professional email and use your personal email on your resume, it gives potential employers an unprofessional and amateur impression. That is why it is essential to create a professional email - to make that first impression of you stick in a positive light.

Similarly, it is just as important, or maybe even more so, to have a professional email in place for your business. Creating a professional email should be one of the first things when starting off with a new business.

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However, before you go on and create a professional email, you need to know what is a professional email and what are some professional email address examples. You need to be aware of the benefits you will gain when you create a professional email and exactly how to create a professional email address. Continue reading this article further to learn all this and more regarding the act of creating a professional email.

What Is A Professional Email?

The fundamental element distinguishing a regular email from a professional business email is that the latter includes your business name. You just cannot create a professional email without including your business name as the main element of the email address. Another essential feature that needs to be considered when you create a professional email is that it should include your custom domain.

Now, this may be tough, especially if you are a new business, But it is very important, and that is why it is worth mentioning. First, you should create a custom domain for your business if you do not have one already. You can only accomplish the true purpose of giving out the impression of being professional when you create a professional email. Otherwise, it will just not work out.

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In short, a business email is a special email you create for your business. It is definitely separate from your personal email or the email address with your name in it. Search up anywhere on how to make a professional email address, and two things will pop up: the inclusion of the business name and the custom business domain.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Professional Email For Business

Read below to find and fully understand the reasons and benefits you will gain when you create a professional email.

1. Credibility And Trust

On the quest to acquire new customers, any business needs to prove its credibility. And only then will it be able to gain the trust of its already existing customers and potential new customers. Without this, it is an impossible feat to acquire new customers. When you create a professional email, you automatically tell the consumers that they can trust you and that you are invested in the business. You have given it at least the time of day to create a domain and then create a professional email.

2. Branding And Marketing

As a business owner, you will have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on marketing. What if we tell you that there is a way that you can accomplish a portion of the results of all this by just creating a professional email? Believe it or not, it is true! A business email adds to your branding image and helps marketing campaigns flow more smoothly. If you use a professional email while sending out emails to mailing lists, they have a way less chance of ending up in the spam folder.

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3. Tracking And Organization

When you have a professional email address in a place that you have been using since the beginning of your business, it acts as an automatic organization agent. The entire history of the emails you have sent out and the marketing campaigns you have run are stored in one place, And that too without you having to go and store them in one place - it is automatic. The responses you have gotten and the amount of time it has taken to receive follow-up emails - all records remain in one place. Making it very easy for you to go back and make sure of something you might be doubting or forgetting.

3. Protection And Security

A professional business email always needs to be created on a custom domain. When you do so, other than adding credibility to your brand name, it also gives it an extra solid layer of security. Chances of information breach are minimized as everything is being sent over through a domain you created yourself. Any top-secret emails regarding launches or future plans that you sent out to employees remain within the same domain. Hence, chances of anyone else getting access to them are minimal.

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5. Balance And Separation

One of the most underestimated benefits of having a professional email actually does not have much to do with your business at all. Instead, it has to do with you as an individual. A business email helps create a barrier between your personal and professional life. It helps ensure you do not overwork and not mix work with pleasure. Creating a healthy balance between your work and home life.

6. Convenience And Effortless

Once you have done the work of creating a professional email after creating a custom domain, it makes everything incredibly easy in the long run. You basically never have to worry about any of the other factors mentioned in this article. They will all work on automation without any extra effort on your part.

7. Vendor Relationships

Customer relationships are not the only thing you need to be wary of as a business owner. You need to worry about where your supply and raw materials come from. And that comes from vendors. And building trust and good relations with vendors is essential. Having a professional email address helps in doing so as well!

8. Saves Time

When you have a professional email address with all past and future data stored in one place, you can perform multiple actions within seconds. Using a personal email without a custom domain is practically impossible. So, this way, you have to worry less about many things that would have taken up your precious time otherwise.

Create a Professional Email on Strikingly

Strikingly is one of the growing platforms for website development. Our user-friendly tools facilitate our users in implementing their marketing strategies and executing their marketing campaigns.

Strikingly makes email marketing easier by allowing you to create a professional email within its editor. Since it is a code-free platform, email accounts can be created through simple steps. There is no programming or coding involved.

You can then use the email account to send newsletters to your subscribers, customers, and other people from the audience who have ever contacted your support staff with an inquiry about your products or services.

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When your site visitors enter any form on your website, their details get saved in your Strikingly account. You can then select the recipients from this website audience list to send them your brand updates, sales offers, and other exciting marketing messages in the form of beautiful newsletters.

If you have a website on Strikingly, you’ll have access to your Strikingly dashboard and site editor. You can follow the steps described below to create a professional email on your site’s domain.

  1. From the dashboard, go to ‘Emails’ and click the green button ‘Add Email Account.’
  2. Fill in the required information. The email address you create can only contain alphabets, numbers, hyphens, and periods. Characters other than these are not supported. Please note that your account name can be changed or edited later if you want.
  3. Click the green button ‘Purchase Email Account’. Your card on file will be charged immediately.
  4. Your email will be set to pending status, as it takes our system a couple of minutes to create a professional email.
  5. Once it is created, its login credentials will be sent to the email address you provided during your registration on Strikingly. This notification email will contain your new email account’s login URL, username, and password. You can also access the login URL from your dashboard by clicking on ‘Login to Webmail’.

Having a professional website to showcase your business and a professional email to approach your clients and prospects can go a long way in growing your business. When the whole online mechanism is in place for your outreach activities, it becomes easier and quicker to scale up your operations and efficiently compete with other industry pla