Brand website

Building a brand is a lot like building a new identity. You need to brainstorm creative names and develop a look that appeals to most users. By definition, branding marketing practices that businesses do create an identity that sets them apart from the competition.

In the advent of the internet, branding shifted from physical stores into the online space, thus the creation of many branded websites. Simply put, a brand website is an online profile that you project to customers to establish recognition.

Branding makes business remarkable. Without this practice, many companies risk being average. And in a highly competitive market, you don’t want to be average; you want to stand out.

Whether you're planning to launch a new product or establish a brand based on your name, you need brand website inspirations to gather branding techniques. In this blog, we’ll provide you with examples of some of the best branding websites out there today. We’ll even teach you how you could make your own brand website with an amazing free website builder.

Brand Website Examples

We curated a list of amazing brand websites based on various aspects of branding. Take time to absorb some ideas and develop your own for your brand website.


Playful. Fierce Fun. These are the words that best resonate with Playfight’s website. This brand website has qualities that would be difficult to replicate. Among the examples in this list, Playfight is the only brand representing an organization or service. Yet they still name the branding game, even better than most websites today.

Here are some things that make this brand website stand out:

Logo - Playfight’s logo is its strongest creative asset. The effective combination of a lion’s face painted in a splash of bright colors creates a stunning visual image. Beyond its appearance, the style of the logo also represents the website’s very essence. Playfight seeks to emulate lions playing in the wild but with extra fun and energy. The logo alone speaks strongly about what the organization represents and offers.

Playfight website

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Background Image - Playfight’s background image serves as a strong anchor for the logo. The people in the image are in the middle of a playfight, and it captured two participants ready to spring into action. Background images are also essential in brand websites. They add to the overall visual consistency of the site and cover enough space to produce balance.

Heaven’s Shake

Aside from its catchy name, Heaven’s Shake’s brand website optimized many factors that constitute a compelling brand website. From the brand name, tagline, typography, and layout, Heaven’s Shake made a branding website that is second to none across its competition.

Here are some qualities that make this Heaven’s Shake a great brand website:

Heaven's shake website

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Simple Web Layout - Simplicity beats complexity when it comes to web layouts. The easy, simple, and straightforward layout of Heaven’s Shake make it easier for their customers to navigate through their website. Their menu buttons are accessible and easy to locate.

Tagline - After the logo, the tagline is the second most essential aspect of branding. Taglines influence brand recognition among the market and signify what a business stands for. For example, Nike’s tagline “Just Do It”’ establishes a sense of strength, power, and endurance - all these things represent the elements of athleisure and sportswear. Heaven Shake has a memorable “Good Things Come to Those Who Shake” tagline which is a play of a famous proverb, making it both familiar yet unique to the brand website.

Gary Sheng

Aside from brand websites that focus on products and services, there are also personal brand websites. Branding websites examples wouldn’t be complete without this type of website. This is typically used by well-known individuals embarking on a business related to their image. For example, TV personality and businesswoman Martha Stewart has a cookware collection branded after her name.

Gary sheng website

Image taken from Striking user website

Gary Sheng website does the same. As a personal brand website, Gary Sheng is a personal blog that thrives on the author’s identity to establish a fanbase. What Gary Sheng sells on this brand website are stories related to his journeys in life.

Here are two things we loved about the Gary Sheng brand website:

High-Quality Image - A branding website design needs to leverage great images to appeal to the visual senses of web visitors. A brand website that uses poor image quality doesn’t exude as much credibility and trust. Images need to render well on the visitors’ screen, and using high-quality images is a must on a brand website.

Typography - Gary Sheng’s typography doesn’t even try. On its own, it’s already a great text placed perfectly at the center. The simple, thin, and white font perfectly matches the background. The brand website’s name also has a slight glimmer to it, creating a neon-like effect on the website’s name.


Fodi is a brand of gadget stands patterned after the exquisite art of origami. As a brand website, there is something very artistic yet very humble on Fodi’s homepage. The simple background shifts the attention of the visitors to the highlight of the site - the origami-inspired gadget stands.

fodi website

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Aside from the simple web design, here are other things that we love in Fodi as a brand website:

Brand Introduction - For people to know your brand, you must introduce it to them first. On Fodi’s brand website, they dedicated a “What is Fodi” section that outlines what they do as a business. This creates an association with the product and into the brand name. This is vital, especially if you’re starting your brand from scratch. A nice introduction makes you more remarkable to your target customers.

Web User Experience - Navigating Fodi only requires a simple scrolling action. This makes the user experience more favorable for the user. It is also more responsive in terms of mobile use since you can navigate the brand website using your thumb. Branded websites must make the experience great for users to make sure that they’ll come back again to buy products or subscribe to your services.


Wooddy is a brand that makes the virtual reality experience sustainable and eco-friendly. Wooddy sells VR headsets that were made up of sustainable materials, creating a light yet durable item.

As a brand website, Wooddy has a variety of features that you would definitely appreciate. They are also perfect sources of ideas for your own brand website.

Here’s what we liked about Woddy:

Wooddy website

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Product Showcase - Your brand relies on your product. Its make, features, and functions would define your brand’s reputation. For example, when we talk about Apple products, we immediately think about high-quality phones, impeccably luxurious design, and an unbeatable ecosystem. If you’re new in the business, people should know more about your product, what it can do and how people can benefit from it. Take a look at the image above. It has a Wooddy product with labels pertaining to its features. This is a great way to let people know about what you’re selling.

Consistent Color Palette - Nothing beats color consistency when it comes to great design. Being a sustainable brand, this brand website used earth colors and tones as their color scheme. The varying intensities of brown and tan create a monochrome look that makes the overall design visually appealing. Color contributes to the user experience, so your brand website must leverage and optimize it.

Creating a Brand Website

Want to know how to build your brand online? Now that you’ve seen many compelling examples, we’ll give you a quick walkthrough on how to create a brand website using Strikingly.


Image from Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder packed with all the features and tools you need to create a website. You can make your own brand website even without technical knowledge in website building.

To create a brand website, just follow the simple steps below using Strikingly:

  1. Create your Strikingly account
  2. Go to your Dashboard
  3. Select “Create New Site”
  4. Select a brand website template
  5. Once you’re in the website editor, apply changes
  6. Build your homepage and other sections of your site
  7. Upload your brand logo
  8. Redesign the layout, colors, and design based on what you want
  9. Make sure to follow some of our examples to create your site
  10. Register your domain name
  11. Publish your brand website
  12. Promote your website to the public

One key thing to remember when creating a website with Strikingly is that you could always change the template you’ve chosen. You also have the freedom to upload your own images, which you can edit and fix using Strikingly’s tools. Some of the features and sections that you can add to your brand website are blogs, contact us page, pricing table, about us, and more.

Building branding websites is challenging yet fun when you have the right inspiration and tools. Using Strikingly, creating a brand website is now possible. All you have to do is to create an account today and unlock its powers.