Nowadays, if you feel very creative, then you obviously need a list of useful models for blank websites. To make a distinction with a button.

When you want to start from scratch, but you just don't feel comfortable doing it, blank website templates are the best choice for you. With it, you can accelerate the process and strive to pursue the same standards of professionalism. While many prefer a ready-to-use template, blank website templates scour the web for those who want to have the most fun. We did it for you instead of scouting on your own, so you could go to work right away and publish a beautifully made free blank website.

Especially for all of you who are new to the whole website construction game, these templates will be of tremendous help. It's going to feel like you created one out of scratches, although in reality, we all know it's not true. But that is not something that the end-user needs to find out about.

From one-page layout and gallery layout to classic landing page (LP) and classic multi-page layout, the blank website templates you will find further down vary. Add your text, pictures in high resolution, logo, and start writing a blog. Showcase your portfolio or push your business with lead generation. Think outside the box, use your artistic mind and you will shortly have a functional website ready to hit the online streets. Be as creative as possible with your blank blog template.

The types of blank website templates


  1. Classic Layout

If you want to step things up and avoid a basic-looking page, your choice could be the Strip Header blank website template. It's a combination of a one-page layout and a classic one. You will boost your website's first impression by adding a header section to your website. You may also add an eye-catching illustration or a solid color and integrate the logo of your online project into it. All will certainly be interested in learning about what the website they have just arrived on is all about.

With the Strip Header style, go directly to the point, share more pictures on the home page, and add convincing and persuasive writing. If your home page rocks, there is a fair chance that your services and your portfolio will remain on the web longer. The usable communication type would be incredibly handy if what you give is what they need. To spice up your web presence, the Strip Header design also uses some cool animations.

  1. The Minimal Approach

You don't need to look any more for someone who knows that a minimal website design is just what he or she needs for their online presence. You can save yourself lots of time with the Minimal Layout template while still being able to create a custom page at the same time. It's best for creative people to market their portfolios in the way they want them. It also keeps a modern and clean aesthetic that most people can appeal to. Not everyone will love colors and flashy images, but everyone will like a clean and beginner-friendly blank template website!

The Minimal Layout blank website template has it all, from the large home page slideshow that has an option to play and pause it, to about, gallery, and contact pages. You just need to use your fruitful mind to go to work and use your graphics and wording to edit it. Actually, it is just as simple as it sounds. And if images are also what you do, video embeds are completely compliant with Minimal Interface.

  1. One Page Layout

Now, let's look at a more advanced one after covering some of the fundamental blank website templates that you can use with your pages. Create your ideal website with the one-page website template that you have always wanted to own. While there are loads of predefined templates with excellent web design out there, you sometimes want to have more freedom for your project to craft the website. With the One Page Layout, you will be able to do that just that!

Creativity doesn't have limitations. In other words, in this layout, go as hard or as easy as you want. Improve it, write about yourself and your work, and advertise your service with great visual content. You can soon begin to take on new business deals and achieve new successes with a well thought out website. Who wouldn't want that, right?

  1. Gallery Layout

You already know what you are going to do with it if it is a Gallery Layout. Well, nothing but build a mind-blowing gallery page that will instantly intrigue everyone! A blank template is the solution for you if you want to avoid portfolio website templates but do not want to craft a website entirely from the ground up. You can even customize it according to your request, add your personal touch to it, and create the perfect page.

There is a simple and practical menu right below the name of your website which directly takes visitors to the desired content. Still, because of all the wonderful photos of your completed projects, the front page could hold them around for a while. In addition, the portfolio allows you to add even more material from the gigs you have proudly performed. Do not wait for any more, act in a snap, and your beautiful website will be live on the web soon afterward.

  1. Showcase Portfolio

Are you a knowledgeable person interested in constructing a page for his services? A blank website template that also serves the same function as a resume template is the Showcase Portfolio. You may use it simply to display your work or to change things up a little and add to it an online CV. Whatever you intend on doing, do it with the Showcase Portfolio blank website template to get the word out.

There are also four additional pages, along with the home section that shows your work with a clever slider. One is devoted entirely to your CV, the second to the portfolio, and blog and contact pages are the last two. Start blogging and use it to bring in even more potential clients for content marketing. If you choose carefully, that's all very likely. And with the right set of blank website models, you can do a whole bunch of remarkable things.

  1. Image Banner Layout

They are very self-explanatory when it comes to blank website templates. What the Picture Banner Layout is all about is pretty obvious, and what it will serve you for is even clearer. It is a multi-page website design that supports custom text and a call-to-action button, with a full-width banner. With these, all your site visitors will be warmly greeted by the extra introduction and taken on a journey through amazingness.

Using the blank website design with the Picture Banner Layout for a private page or even a small digital agency. The about segment gets in-depth with the specifics of your project and helps you to share your attention-grabbing task. And lastly, The exclusive service section is for your talent and expertise, while a fully usable contact form is available on the contact tab.

  1. Classic Landing Page


If you run a company style of lead generation but not limited, Classic Landing Page is a great option. It may be an extension to your current website that you can use to advertise a new service or item. Drive paid or free traffic to it and quickly start to see the first results. To set it up and to see the magic happen, there is not much work to do. You can also use it to try stuff out, see what works and what doesn't, and optimize your main page accordingly. Have the correct plan and in half the time, you will scale your organization to the desired amount.

For your details, make sure you do not forget to check our best set of landing page templates if you are still thinking of whether to go with a blank or a predefined template. Those are absolutely sorted out for the folks who need web design.

  1. Traditional

A four-page tool that will make you feel like you are designing a page from square one is the standard blank website design. On top of that, what makes it super novice-friendly needs no coding or design skills. All of a sudden, you're unlocking this hidden talent building page that you didn't know you had until this point. You're learning something different every day.

You'll certainly learn a whole lot of things with these blank layouts. And, in the end, you will be incredibly proud of yourself. You should not have to recruit anyone to do it for you, after all. It is you and no one else who is about to make a fabulous website possible. There may be none live yet, but you can quickly release a website to the online space filled with all your awe-inspiring content.

What’s the best website to build a blank website on?


Our number one recommendation for building a robust blank website would be Strikingly. With Strikingly, you are presented with tools and features that will set your website up in just minutes! We also offer hundreds of themes that will spice up your blank website template.


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