Best Marketing Ideas

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business, no matter what industry you’re in. People from all walks of life - from anywhere in the world, who owns a business or works for one (or a couple) tries to come up with at least just one good marketing idea that can lift their business up every once in a while. Many succeed, and those who don’t just often find themselves not updated by the current trends and happenings of today’s time. With the technology we have today, it’s easy to get lost in the fast-paced movement of everything. Businesses easily pop up everywhere and anywhere, and while the market is expanding - there can only be so many consumers that businesses, like yours, can share. To bring you up to speed, let’s talk about some of the best marketing ideas to help you appear the best - and be the best.

Ideas for Marketing

Innovating marketing ideas don’t grow on trees - or don’t they? See, the very same thing that allows different businesses to easily appear is also the same thing that makes competition in the market that much harder: Accessibility. Because of today’s technology, everyone has access to virtually the same amount of information. It now all depends on how they find the information and how they utilize it until it turns into the best marketing ideas that can actually help their business. It’s not easy to turn what you know into action. To turn collected data into actual ideas for marketing, but with the right guide and the right tools, you can easily ensure your business’ success.

10 Best Marketing Ideas

These marketing ideas are certain techniques that have been proven to work well and effectively, let this be a gentle reminder that each of these endeavors’ successes will depend on how you modify and use them for your business. Nevertheless, rest assured that these ten marketing ideas have proven their worth in the market and can help your business reach new heights.

1. Make Social Media Your Friend

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Social media marketing has been gaining much popularity. It can be incredibly important and convenient for you to understand how it works because it can help bring your best marketing ideas to life - as it reaches far and wide and it spreads information faster than you can come up with it.

One of the first things you need to do is to create accounts on different social media platforms. And while online presence is a very powerful tool in today’s time, it’s important for you to also know which platforms will work best for your business and your products so as not to waste vital time and resources. Strikingly, an online website builder, allows you not only to link your social media accounts on your website, but you can also add your social feed so that your site visitors can easily see and connect with you.

2. Interact Well With Your Customers

Strikingly helps you to easily connect with your customers because it offers a feature of a live chat. You are even given the option and ability to activate a live chat thru Facebook messenger or a Strikingly Live Chat. Both of which allows your customers to easily send you a message as soon as they open your site.

Interacting with your customers is one of the best marketing ideas that you can utilize because it allows you to get personal and build better relationships with your customers. Out of all the different ideas for marketing, making sure that your customers trust you and your products is probably the most effective and helpful marketing idea you can establish.

3. Interesting Videos Are Most Helpful


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If you haven’t tried and discovered it yet, you should probably know that videos are as much part of any great marketing idea as the next best thing. People enjoy watching videos. It is an easy way to pass their time, so millions of people fill their day with it. Now, the best marketing ideas can come in the most obvious ways. One of which is making a video for your business. Because while it’s all good and wonderful (and necessary) to take photos of your products, today’s audience are much more easily convinced if they see it actually put into good use.

Not many website builders will easily allow you to put up all your different videos in your business website or an online store - but not Strikingly. With Strikingly, you can even put up a whole gallery of videos. You can arrange all your sections accordingly to highlight all the manifestations of your best marketing ideas.

4. Offer Discounts and Coupons

People love getting free stuff. And so, one of the best marketing ideas you probably have thought of is to offer all sorts of discounts or coupons to your customers every time they make a purchase - or even before they actually make one. You can easily create coupons with Strikingly and set it up nicely and quickly so that your customers will be more inclined to go through with their purchases and/or come back for new ones.

Discounts and coupons help make your customers feel like you are their friend. This kind of marketing idea helps you build a strong connection with your customers and encourage them to not just be returning customers but loyal customers until the very end. Come up with creative offers and watch as your store analytics boom up.

5. Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing

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Even though it is widely considered an old form of marketing, know that it is still most definitely part of today's list of the best marketing ideas for your business. People can easily forget that emails are still relevant today, in almost every industry nonetheless. And if you know how to use it right, you will definitely realize why it remains one of the greatest ideas for marketing today.

Strikingly can help you in this aspect as it allows you to collect emails directly from your customers through your website and helps you to easily send out newsletters and email updates to all of your customers. By collecting their email addresses and getting their subscriptions, you easily arm your business with the ability to update them whenever something new and relevant about your business comes up.

6. Create A Good Logo - Even A Mascot

Visuals are a big part of any great marketing idea because in general, it is the eyes that first learn to love something. Thus, all the best marketing ideas usually come with the necessity to have something that speaks to the optics of the target market. Strikingly allows you not only to design your website according to your brand colors, it can also help you create your own logo and find the best position for it on your website.

Another thing you should consider is coming up with something more, in addition to brand colors and a business logo. Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm or of your comfort zone. Having your own mascot or your own ambassador is a great way to attract more customers. Remember that there really aren’t bad ideas for marketing because it might ultimately boil down to how you execute them.

7. Maximize Blog Content

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One of the most common ideas for marketing is to start writing blogs. And while it could be discouraging and it could seem pointless at times, because of the volume of blogs that you will find online, you should know that it remains to be one of the best marketing ideas you can use because it is still proven to be effective for conversion.

Strikingly helps you bring this marketing idea by giving you: Simple Blog. It is a section you can add to your Strikingly website where you can easily create, design, and publish your blog articles. You can even add photographs and other features to help set the mood for your blog. This way, you can turn this marketing initiative into one of the most innovative marketing ideas you can come up with


8. Find Complementary Business To Partner With

Sometimes, while you can definitely make it on your own, it doesn’t hurt to get some help. After all, this is a fast-paced environment, and it's not a shame to have someone assist you and in your journey. Thus, perhaps one of the best marketing ideas that we suggest is finding a business that offers up products that are complementary to your business’ products. This way, you not only help each other grow, you also gain access to more people who you can convert to be loyal customers.

Finding a complementary business to partner with is not really traditional or common as far as ideas for marketing goes. But finding the right one and coming up with a good agreement would really help your businesses thrive because you are essentially combining your time, efforts, and resources to reach and help more people.

The best marketing ideas can come from the most unusual of places - and in the most unexpected times. Meaning, while we gave you much to work with, do not limit yourself to them and still open up your minds, let your imagination and creativity shine through, and you might very well come up with more innovative marketing ideas that can make the list even more worthwhile. However, while you do that, don’t let your time pass you by and try to utilize these marketing ideas that we have already laid out for you. Sign up with Strikingly today and let us help you make these ideas for marketing more than plans and layouts. Let us help you appear the best so you can be the best.