Regardless of what business niche you prefer, you cannot ignore the influence of customer feedback. If you are part of customer service, you must ensure that your products and services fulfil your customer’s requirements. If this is not the case, your business won’t get customer satisfaction rewards. Rather than assuming that your client’s demands are being fulfilled, you can check out the data connected. If your customers are happy with your services, you will see an increase in your online sales.

If you look at the successful entrepreneurs around the world, they have a habit of anticipating all the customer queries and ensuring they don’t leave their websites feeling disappointed. They understand that the CSAT is the heartbeat of any business in terms of its progress and evolution. If you cannot understand that customers drive your business more than yourself, you can never become a successful entrepreneur.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

If you want to create an online presence for your business, you must understand what customer satisfaction is. It is defined as the measures determining how happy or satisfied the customers are regarding the company’s products and services. The concept revolves around typical customer expectations, perceived value, and the company’s provisions. Businesses that invest time in measuring customer behavior can get an insight into how they feel about their brand and what they can expect from it going forward.

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If we define a customer, it is any individual that purchases a product or a service from the company. For example, if we look into the car dealership business, the customers will be individual buyers. However, if we talk about a hospital, the customers would be patients who have come for consultancy purposes, checkups, or treatments. Looking at the communities worldwide, you will find many examples of businesses having both providers and customers. Returning to the example of a hospital, it provides customers with medical services and healthcare facilities. The same hospital can also give health insurance to those patients. The hospital can provide data to the insurance companies about the patients who have acquired health insurance.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

1) Identify Unsatisfied Customers

The importance of customer satisfaction can be seen by the fact that it allows you to identify all the customer complaints coming through your panel. When you look at the Strikingly websites, you will find a review section in which customers are regarding the services the website owner is providing them. However, you should never ignore the power of negative feedback. In the eCommerce world, the power of negative feedback is ten times more than positive feedback.

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As a website owner, you cannot just gather all the positive feedback and choose to ignore the criticism that is coming your way. After all, criticism is also there for the betterment of your business plan. Therefore, you must have the personality to resist every criticism coming your way and take all the steps to resolve the queries presented by the customers. Whether the criticism is about your website interface, product quality, or product prices, you must have the courage to listen to them and interpret them correctly. If you ignore the negative feedback, it won’t help your business in the long run.

2) Identify Happy Customers

If you do not recognize the importance of customers, your business will not be able to attain the benefits of customer satisfaction. If you resolve all the queries individually, there is a chance that you will have many happy customers as part of your eCommerce website. However, knowing how you deal with these happy customers is important. It is very easy for website owners to feel overwhelmed by the positive responses they are receiving from them.

They are happy to receive positive customer feedback and even leave a response, thanking them for their good remarks. However, leaving a “thank you” message is not enough when we talk about happy customers. If that is the case, there is a chance that those customers may never return to your website again. It is not because they don’t like your website, but because you didn’t convince them to return. As a result, you should have a plan to persuade them to return to your website for future buying purposes.

3) New Leads

When your business gets rewarded with the benefits of customer satisfaction, it means that you are receiving positive messages on your testimonial page. This will result in more leads and an improved conversion rate for your website and business. Customer reviews are fundamental in convincing new customers to get inclined to your products and services.

Tips for Customer Satisfaction

1) Respond to Issues

As you are responsible for checking customer messages, you are responsible if they are not satisfied with your products or services. When measuring customer satisfaction, you must take into account all the details associated with customer service and how they portray it.

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There is a chance that they could have left a message on your social media platform, and you either ignored it or failed to respond. Whatever the reason is, ignorance of customer feedback doesn’t end up well for any business plan. You cannot achieve a high customer satisfaction score if you choose to ignore the importance of customer feedback. Regardless of whether you think that customer’s question is formal or informal, you should not sit on it at all costs.

2) Support for Social Media

Nowadays, it feels like every business action is accustomed to social media. Regardless of what business niche you follow, you cannot ignore the influence of social media at all costs. No matter how complicated your business operations are, the implication of social media will come at some point during the course of action. When measuring customer satisfaction, you must consider the feedback you are receiving on your social media accounts.

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Social media has made it easy for customers to submit their feedback to the website owner. Gone are the days when people had to wait for their turn of the long list of calls coming to the business owner. Strikingly allows users to incorporate social media accounts in the shape of social media icons in the last section of your site. These icons act like a bridge, allowing customers to move from the website to the specific social media platform. Your Strikingly website can also update the customers about all the activity on your social media platforms.

3) Customer Care Plan

As you can see by the term, the customer care plan is a procedure in which you are responsible for looking after your respective customers. If the customers are happy with the services you are providing, your business will have a high chance of getting rewarded with the benefits of customer satisfaction. You cannot expect a high satisfaction score from your customers if you don’t have a quality customer care plan. It gives you an identity of how you can interact with them and resolve their issues effectively.

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The customers will always look for something extra and innovative. They will always look after those products and services trending in the market. You cannot expect them to talk about Windows 98 when Microsoft has recently launched Windows 11. Similarly, as the concept of self-isolation has come to the floor after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are talking about having pets as their companions. Your intention should be to understand the relationship between the customers and the business owner.

4) SMS Marketing

The importance of customer satisfaction is strongly connected with your SMS marketing strategies. Your satisfaction score is incomplete without the strategies of SMS marketing. In today’s day and age, it has become an asset to any relevant business marketing strategy. On Strikingly, you will find many cases where a window will pop up on the right side of your screen when you open an eCommerce website. That window will be about the website owner welcoming you to the website and asking you for any kind of help.

Through SMS marketing, your brand forms a connection with your customers in the form of text messages. Strikingly is a top website-building platform that believes strongly in implementing SMS marketing. We help you in the integration of sign-up forms on your website. As a result, you will be ready to collect phone numbers or any relevant contact details from your site visitors.


Only successful entrepreneurs have the capacity to understand the importance of customer satisfaction these days. When you intend to take your business seriously, you would like to give quality customer service at every opportunity. You don’t just create limitations for your business based on rules and regulations, but you try to extend your support beyond your domain.

Customer service is one of the reasons why Strikingly is one of the most popular and well-known website builders in the world today. We always ensure you don’t take your customer’s feedback lightly. We provide our users with a complete list of tools and features that fit all the customer necessities. If you want to understand how to create a professional website to satisfy your customers, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, register yourself on Strikingly today and fulfill all the demands of your customers in the online world.