Marketing Ideas

Marketing strategies are critical for any online business worldwide. If you want to make online sales or create an online presence, you must go through some of the best marketing ideas to promote your eCommerce products. If you have just started with your online business, you must think about how you can get your business off the ground. You must develop an effective marketing plan to satisfy the demands of your online business.

One of the biggest attributes of the business owner while creating a marketing strategy is creativity skills. In today's digital world, there are numerous online trends related to marketing strategies that were deemed impossible for companies a while ago. Internet marketing provides you with multiple platforms and helps you to promote brands, products, and services comprehensively.

Best Marketing Online Ideas Today

1. Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital world, most business owners use social media marketing to their maximum capacity. Social media platforms have become one of the most important marketing ideas for numerous businesses worldwide. Many businessmen believe that they can promote their services and products through their social media accounts. After creating a strong social media presence, they can provide links to their website to the customers, generating huge traffic to your website.

Strikingly also is a strong advocate of social media marketing. We ensure that our users include their social media accounts in icons on their websites. If you look at the established Strikingly websites today, you will realize that most social media icons are found on the last section of a website. However, displaying your social media status at the top of your website page isn’t a bad marketing strategy.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing has gained popularity over the last few years. Since the emergence of Tiktok, people believe that spreading brand messages through videos can be classified as a great marketing strategy. Strikingly helps you to include videos on your website consistently. If you have a blogging section on your website, you can include a YouTube link to ensure that your preferred video gets displayed on your blog.

video marketing website

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This is one of the most preferred marketing ideas because it makes your blog attractive. Even if you don’t have a blogging section, you can add YouTube videos to your Strikingly website. However, you must note that you cannot upload your videos directly on your website. Before considering adding them to your website, you must consider uploading your video on a third-party website, such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

3. Newsletters

If you want to find one of those marketing ideas that simply don’t get outdated, email marketing is likely to be the first that comes to your mind. If you think that way, we cannot blame you because it is still extremely relevant across some of the biggest marketing companies around the world. You need to change your newsletter continuously. If you keep the same layout and content in your newsletter idea, people will become bored with your emails.

email marketing strategies

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Newsletters can be one of those marketing strategies that you can get the most out of. You must be adopting new styles, templates, content elements, and color schemes. In your newsletter, you can also include different types of exciting content, such as discount offers, gift ideas, industry news, etc. You must also have an effective call to action (CTA) button to give a roadmap to your customers.

4. Giveaways

Giveaways are considered one of the old-fashioned marketing ideas to promote your products and services. If you look at the online businesses from a few years ago and now, there is likely to be one similarity: the strategies related to giveaways. You can use your social media accounts to attract as many customers as possible. Your giveaways don't need to be fantastic items or products unheard of.

For example, if you own a photography business, you can get the client information through your contact section and deliver photography lectures or tutorials for free. Similarly, if you own a sports website, you can get your clients' details and provide them with a tennis or football tutorial without any cost.

5. Promotional Partnerships

Promotional partnerships are classified as one of the creative marketing ideas in the business world today. If you own a small business, you can make promotional partnerships without cost. You can collaborate with other small businesses in your local region and talk about your business idea with them. The best strategy in this regard would be to conduct negotiations related to your deals for organizing promotional campaigns with enterprises associated with your field.

6. Content Marketing

No matter what your niche idea is, you simply cannot eradicate the importance of content marketing. Content marketing is considered one of the most innovative marketing ideas out there in the digital world. For example, uploading high-quality images about an eCommerce product is simply not enough if you own an eCommerce website. You must also provide quality information to convince your customers on the spot.

content marketing strategy

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Strikingly is one of those website builders that prioritizes website content heavily on an online platform. We believe that website content is one of the best ways to send business messages to your customers. Therefore, we help our website developers to add a blogging section to their websites. If required, you can simply create a blog website solely focused on providing information. You can share your own experience related to new products coming into the market in those blogs. Make sure that you follow a blogging pattern while writing your content.

7. Create a Website

If we look at the most common ideas for marketing, creating a website would be one at the top. You can look for free website builders to create your website, such as Strikingly. Apart from Strikingly, website builders, such as World Press, may also be an option. If we were to build a website, we would not think twice but not choose Strikingly. Creating a website is one of the ideal marketing ideas out there because it is the bread and butter of your niche idea.

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Your website will be the main asset of your business. If you have a strong fan following on social media, you can direct your customers to your website. Strikingly provides you with a collection of website templates through which you can choose one and customize it as per your needs. Strikingly enables you to create your web design without writing a single line of code, which makes you allocate your time to other preferable aspects of your website. Once you complete the customization and publish your website, Strikingly will not take more than two days to make it live.

8. SEO

If we go back to the previous point, creating a professional website also helps you to become a source of attraction for wider audiences globally. Many digital marketing experts think that once they create a website, they have done all the hard work, and now they just have to wait until their results start to show. Unfortunately, they are missing an important point, which would disable them from getting preferable online results. Uploading high-quality work on a website is simply not enough when there is no one online recognizing your hard work. There will be a feeling of helplessness around the web developer.

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If you want to ensure that your hard work gets paid off and is recognized by the public, you must have effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. SEO strategies help a website user to maintain a good Google ranking. SEO is one of the best marketing ideas because it allows many visitors to come to your website. Strikingly provides its web developers with an SEO checklist, through which they can optimize some of the significant aspects of their website content. You will get this Strikingly feature once you become eligible for the free plan.


It wasn’t so long ago when marketing was considered hard work. Many investments were made to ensure that specified eCommerce products could be sold at a preferable asking price. Fast forward a few decades, and your marketing strategies can be conducted within a couple of clicks. Some of the best website builders, such as Strikingly, have made life easy for web developers.

Strikingly believes that if you want to make the most out of your marketing ideas, you must create a professional website for your business on the spot. Once you create an account on Strikingly, you will be eligible to create a basic website to suit your business needs. If you have any queries about the website development or the Strikingly features, you can link up with our Happiness Officers. So without any further delay, create your website today and catch the attention of Google today.