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A small-scale business owner has a lot of things on his plate. They have a tight marketing budget to work with, which may give them a lot of headaches when it comes to promoting their business. However, the good news is that there are plenty of easy marketing ideas to keep your customers engaged without making much investment. As a business owner, there is a possibility that you may not have much time to invest in these simple marketing ideas. However, you don’t need to worry because we have everything covered in this article.

Establishing an effective marketing plan to integrate with your marketing ideas is essential. Through a marketing plan, you can define your marketing goals, determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, and understand the demands of your audience. However, we must know that a marketing plan will only be successful if we have the best low-budget marketing ideas at our disposal.

Best Low-Budget Marketing Ideas

1. Develop a Website on Strikingly

Developing a website for free on Strikingly is one of the easy marketing ideas that you can consider for your brand. Strikingly, a well-known website builder enables you to establish your eCommerce website without a single penny of investment and without coding. If you don’t have a top-class programming degree with yourself, you don’t need to worry, as the only thing you must have with Strikingly is a creative brain.

Strikingly enables you to select a website template from its collection, which you can customize per your business idea. After the customization, you can incorporate your easy marketing strategies for promotional purposes. One of the things that you must focus on when building your brand is the website content. For any eCommerce website, content is the real deal. Along with the content, make sure to include high-quality photos and videos.

2. Do local SEO

For any kind of online business, search engine optimization (SEO) practices are fundamental. They ensure that your website content gets recognized on top-class search engines, such as Google. The best thing about the Google algorithm is that it is always ready to serve effective marketing ideas for any search query. There is no investment for each search query, which creates a level playing field for the small business owners to compete with the large competitors.

Even though local SEO is one of the easy marketing ideas that doesn’t require any investment, it may take some time for its results to show. Even though the journey can be time-consuming, the benefits for your business can be there for the long term. For local SEO, you should outline the following objectives:

  • Integrate location-based keywords in your titles, headings, alt tags, and your body content
  • Get recognition in online directories, which makes your information identical across all platforms
  • Publish blog posts for the surroundings that you serve

3. Use Hashtags

The usage of hashtags is something that most marketers forget to do when publishing website content or videos. If they own an Instagram account to promote their content, the usage of hashtags becomes even more critical. Even if you have a social media account other than Instagram, incorporating hashtags on your social media posts is one of the easy marketing ideas for small businesses. Many YouTube and Tiktok users consider hashtags important.

use effective hashtags

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If you want to ensure that your website content gets recognized, make sure that you consider the trending hashtags. However, the trending hashtags shouldn’t be the only thing you should use when creating a brand identity. There are other hashtags (such as long-tail keywords) that can be meaningful when you are giving out advice. If you own a local business, you can use location-based hashtags. Moreover, there are custom hashtags as well for you to consider. With so many hashtags for you to look at, make sure that you select the right ones.

4. Social Media Engagement

Improving social media engagement and creating a brand community is one of the easy marketing ideas that can prove pivotal for your online sales and the growth of your small business. Social media integration plays a huge part in building your brand personality and trust within your audience. It is not good just to establish an eCommerce website when you don’t have the all-important social media accounts as part of your basic marketing strategy. These accounts will be essential in promoting updated information on the website.

![social media engagement](https://user-images.strikinglycdn.com/res/hrscywv4p/image/upload/blog_service/2022-01-05-social media engagement-easy-marketing-ideas.JPG "social media engagement")

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Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time. Create your business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Through these social media accounts, you can promote your blog posts, which results in you bringing traffic to your website. If the customers feel that your content is engaging, you can request them to drop their views in the feedback section. Every view and feedback counts if you have just created your social media business account.

5. Email Marketing Plan

email marketing plan

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Email marketing is one of the easy marketing ideas that can keep your customers engaged with your online business. It is one of the simple marketing ideas for maintaining relationships with customers. Even though email marketing isn’t a new thing for marketers today, it is still one of the most recommended ways to achieve a considerable return on your marketing investment. To make the most out of your email marketing campaign, you should undergo the following objectives:

  • Create effective subject lines for your email
  • Ensure that every delivered email has a unique offer that ensures that your readers move on to the next step. It could be a call-to-action that brings the readers to your landing page.
  • Have an analysis of your marketing performance and conduct A/B tests to check the offers that are relatable to your list
  • Attract new visitors to your sign-up form by giving them discounts for subscribing
  • Nurture your subscribers via emails until they make their minds about becoming your long-term customers

6. Publish Ideal Content

As discussed above, ideal website content is the bread and butter for every eCommerce website. It is said that most of the visitors come to a website based on the kind of content that the website owners post. Therefore, making high-quality website content is one of the easy marketing ideas that you can use to create your online presence.

publish ideal content

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Creating high-quality website content is a basic marketing strategy that requires careful planning and research. When talking about top-class content, we don’t just refer to grammar mistakes and high-quality vocabulary. It is more than that. It is about understanding the kind of content the audience demands and ensuring that the content is articulate. This is where you require a high-quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly will not just allow you to create fully optimized content, but it will also you to display it with a great appearance. You can choose the best font for its appearance.

7. Recycle Old Content

Website content is not just about creating and publishing high-quality blog posts. Your creative juices may stop flowing sometimes, and you start getting ideas you already worked on. Instead of brainstorming, you can improve your content strategy by recycling the old content. You can make the old content in working order and make the most out of it by recycling. As it doesn’t require any kind of investment, it is one of the easy marketing ideas for small businesses.

8. Publish Meaningful Videos

publish meaningful videos

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We have talked a lot about website content, but content is not the only basic marketing strategy that determines whether your eCommerce industry is doing well or not. eCommerce also revolves around videography and animations. Videos are easy marketing ideas that you can use to engage your customers about a particular task. You can either be in the video or use different video animations to instruct your customers about completing a particular task. Apart from the instructional videos, your video can simply be a demo or a slideshow that contains different videos and images.


After learning about the easy marketing ideas for small businesses, you may start to wonder how you can incorporate these ideas into your marketing plan. Internet-based marketing campaigns have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, considering how it allows the content to be distributed. If you have a business website at your disposal, it is easy to integrate marketing ideas into your plan. If necessary, you can create a website on Strikingly for just the marketing ideas.

If you want to incorporate marketing ideas, you must have an effective marketing plan to go with it. By relying on Strikingly, you can easily add your marketing campaigns into your fully-fledged website that your customers can see. You don’t need to worry about having little knowledge regarding website development, as Strikingly’s user-friendly interface makes life easy for a website owner. So without wasting any further time, establish a website on Strikingly on which you can deliver your marketing campaigns.