Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a rare marketing technique that has been around for a long time yet has not become obsolete. Even though many new forms of marketing have emerged in the 21st century, such as social media marketing, email marketing still has its place. This mostly owes that email marketing strategies have constantly evolved with time. Also, any email marketing strategy involves the internet, making innovation quick and easy.

However, you need to create an email marketing strategy to succeed in your email marketing endeavors. Then you need to follow through with that effective email marketing strategy and make sure you tweak it according to the current times. To do that, you first need to know what an email marketing strategy is and how to develop a workable email marketing strategy and tips. That is why today we will be dedicating this article to giving you all the useful information on this topic. Continue reading further to get all the email marketing strategy and tips for your business.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

Like any other strategy, an email marketing strategy is used to achieve a mission. The mission, in this case, is to generate revenue for your business by using email as an advertising channel for your company. The ‘set of actions’ may be called tactics, referring to the methods acquired to accomplish the email marketing strategies at hand.

In layman’s terms, an email marketing strategy is simply the path you take on your journey to earning profit for your business. And this path involves the use of email to reach your target or potential audience. The way to accomplish an email marketing campaign is as simple as taking the following steps.

  • Write your copy
  • Build an emailing list
  • Schedule your emails
  • Send out the email

a simple test email generated from Strikingly dashboard

Image taken from Strikingly

4 Benefits of Having an Email Marketing Strategy

Below you will find the benefits of having in place an effective email marketing strategy.

1. Global Audience

This being one of the more apparent benefits of having a successful and carefully curated email marketing strategy is still one that is probably the most significant. Since email marketing uses the internet to reach an audience, that means your location does not matter and cannot hinder your marketing endeavors. If your marketing strategies target the correct people for your business, then you can reach millions of them in just seconds.

2. Cost-Effective

Believe it or not, email marketing practically costs nothing more than time. All you have to do is produce a compelling copy and send it out to your subscription list. If your business is new, you will have to create that subscription list, but you won’t have to do anything else much at all. That is why your primary focus as part of your email marketing strategy needs to be having the correct facts from your market research to decide who to send your emails to.

3. Quick Traffic Generation

If your email marketing strategies are optimal, your website can always get a sudden boost of traffic whenever you send out an email blast. This can be done by ensuring that the email you send out has a prominent link to your site and a provided incentive for the reader to click on.

growing traffic statistics of a website that uses email marketing

4. Total Control

When you use other traditional forms of marketing like television advertisements or billboards, let’s say you cannot exactly know who is watching. It is impossible to keep track of every person who sees your advertisement. And so, it is difficult to gauge your audience. On the other hand, in the case of email marketing, you know exactly who you are sending the email out to. You know who is reading, who is watching, and of course, you can use this to your own advantage.

If you use an appropriate and feature-rich platform to create your email newsletters, you’ll be able to get valuable insights on the click-through rates of your marketing emails. These insights are precious for you to decide on your next plan of action, as they tell you what type of emails get you the best response.

invitation to sign up for a newsletter on a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

On top of that, if your emails are sent out from a website or domain of your own, you’ll be able to exercise complete control on the analytics as well. Below we will discuss a suitable platform for website development to create a professional website and send marketing emails to your subscribers from within your site.

6 Tips on Effective Execution of an Email Marketing Strategy

The most essential part of any strategy is its execution. Read on to learn how to execute your email marketing strategies with perfection.

1. Divide The Content

People would instead read the same amount of content in smaller paragraphs than just one big blob of words. Naturally, the human brain prefers to read something that ‘looks’ better. That is why as the copywriter of an email advertisement, you need to make sure it ‘looks’ simple and easy to read through. Headings and subheadings also go a long way in catching people’s attention.

This also means you need to use a catchy layout or template to create newsletters that are easy for viewers to navigate. If it’s jumbled with too many words or CTAs in a small amount of space, viewers will feel confused and not read through all the content you want to convey to them. This is not good for your email marketing strategy.

a 'Learn More' CTA on a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Memorable Headlines

Going based on the concept of ‘first impression is the last impression’, make sure the very first line of your email makes people want to read more. Make it seem like a cliffhanger, leaving a feeling of shock and curiosity in anyone who reads it. This minimizes the chances of someone closing the tab before ultimately going through your email advertisement.

newsletter subscription form on a website's homepage with a catchy headline

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

This also applies to your marketing email subject lines, which are viewable to the recipients before they even open your email. Try to be precise in your subject lines, but write them in a way that generates a little bit of curiosity. A good way of doing this is to state a problem and tease the solution. Don’t make it too long, as the recipients may not read long lines in the subject before opening the email anyway. Making people eager with your subject lines suits your open rates and your overall email marketing strategy.

3. Befriend the Mobile Phone

Many email formats do not show up on a mobile screen as they do on a computer. And mostly when that happens, the format visible on the mobile screen is not very presentable. Nowadays, most people check their emails from their phones. So, make sure to format your email so that it shows up to be pretty and presentable on a mobile screen and isn’t mistaken as a spam email.

This means you need to view your marketing email or newsletter the way it will look on a mobile device before you actually send it out. Using suitable email templates available on responsive platforms is a good way of going about this aspect of your email marketing strategy. The more mobile-friendly a website or marketing email is these days, the more engagement it gets from the audience. It is, therefore, best to integrate your mobile strategy with your email campaigns.

sample newsletter on the phone screen created by a Strikingly user

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

4. Use a Personal Tone

Before you apply this email marketing strategy to your work, make sure to clear out the difference between personal and informal in your head. An email advertisement always should be formal, but that does not mean it cannot be personal. Your words should give out the feeling that you know the customer personally and that you are a professional who can be trusted. The end result should come out as professionally written, personalized emails.

5. Watch the Frequency

Email marketing is only impactful if it is consistent. Even if you convince someone to take an interest in your business with a single email, they will most likely forget to make a purchase if not reminded to do so time and again. So be sure to not be sloppy with the scheduling of your emails when using them as a marketing channel.

Many email automation tools are available to help you draft out and preschedule the various emails you might want to send to your subscribers at different stages of their buying process.

6. Use Visuals

While keeping in mind point number 3, do not forget to use visuals to make your email attractive and bright. As long as they are compatible with smartphones, it’s all good! When someone sees your email, it should not feel like a page out of a novel, but rather a poster advertisement for some fun product.

Use information designs, vector graphics, and other contemporary images that expert marketers use. Keep up with the pace of the changing trends in the graphic designing market, as that will help you in the successful implementation of your email marketing strategy.

7. Build Your Website on Strikingly

Strikingly is a rising platform for website development, which offers many tools to help you run your email marketing strategy successfully.

Strikingly newsletter editor

Image taken from Strikingly

You can create newsletters in your website editor and even send automated emails to your site’s audience. Our tools are easy to get familiar with. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. You’ll get access to your dashboard and editor, and from there, you can play around with all the exciting features that we have.

Having a user-friendly platform to build and maintain your website frees you from the burden of dealing with programming issues and hefty web developer costs. Many of our users use our platform to develop a website to showcase their business and conveniently conduct different marketing activities through that website. Email marketing is definitely one of our users' activities they execute efficiently.