Online presence is crucial to the success of a startup. You need a website to represent your company and communicate your brand to your target consumers effectively. A good website creator can help you get started with building your site and getting some attention to your product or service.

2019 09 19 best website creator for startups

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While budget might be an issue with most startups, it’s not advisable to build a website just for the sake of having a space on the internet for your company. You need a professional-looking, carefully thought out site and it’s possible to get one with the best free website creator.

1. Easy to use interface

Let your website creator free you from the daunting task of having to code your way to a professional site for your startup. Your choice of platform should have a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

With the best free website creator, you should be able to get your site up in a few minutes. Using this platform shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to battle it out with the system just to get your content in. Drag-and-drop features, and easy access to site apps and integrations are some of the things you want to look for when choosing a good site builder.

2. Consider cost of entry and your budget

Any free website creator allows you to create an account and set up your site without incurring additional cost. But you will probably want to invest a little to improve the look and feel of your website. This could mean getting a custom domain, a little bit more flexibility with the platform’s site editor or going from stock photos to unique, high-quality images for your site’s pages.

Ask yourself, “when it comes to a good website creator near me, how much am I willing to spend?” Determine your budget for scaling up because you will want to expand your startup when it starts picking up business.

3. Check out template options

2019 09 19 choosing the best website creator

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Free template collection is another thing to look for in a website creator. Some platforms may require you to sign up for a paid account before you can get access to all their website templates. Others will let you use them even on a free account. You want to get as many options as possible for your startup website.

Strikingly features an extensive collection of website templates that you can access even on a free account. In this way, you get to try out every possible design that will suit your company’s image and branding.

4. Social share and SEO integration

Your website should get a significant amount of traffic to make it successful at representing your brand. It should be able to attract the right visitors - those who are interested in the product or service you offer. This is where SEO and social share features come in.

The best website creator comes with features that let you implement a proper SEO strategy for your site. It should give you an easy way to edit your site’s metadata (meta description, image alt tags, etc.). Optimizing your page content for the search engines will help your site rank better on relevant searches, which can attract organic traffic to your website and increase your chances of attracting business to your startup. Social share features are also good to have so visitors can easily share your page to their network. Social media integration is an important aspect of good website design and your site builder should be able to let you do that on their platform.

5. Look for reliable customer support

Throughout the course of your website building, you’re bound to have questions and you want these queries sufficiently answered in a timely manner. Make sure your website creator frees you from the worry of getting stuck in the middle of setting up your site. With reliable customer support, you are assured that someone is always available to help you figure out any issues that you might have about your website.