Ever since TikTok became mainstream in almost every corner of the world, businesses have also taken the chance to create a powerful online presence with TikTok. Many online companies grabbed the opportunity and made their TikTok accounts. Online entrepreneurs mastered how to advertise on TikTok and used it as an opportunity to gather more website traffic for their business website. But as more businesses flock to this social media platform, competition becomes more aggressive. As a wise entrepreneur, you've got nothing to worry about as long as you have the best guide to TikTok advertising. And if you still have none, you are in the right place.

What is TikTok Advertising?

If it's your first time hearing about TikTok advertising, you are missing one of the most important weapons you could have for your online business. A Tiktok advertising campaign is an intelligent marketing strategy that entrepreneurs use nowadays. TikTok advertising includes spreading global awareness about your business brand through posting content on a TikTok advertising account. When you learn how to advertise on TikTok, the first thing you need to master is how to create catchy video clips showcasing your products. Once you have finished shooting your TikTok ads, you can upload them to your TikTok advertising account and let your followers interact with them.

Most TikTok users today create and post TikTok ads in different forms. You can shoot a video of your product's features while explaining its' purpose. TikTok advertising can also include collaborating with famous personalities and influencers to promote your online business. TikTok ads are also posted online, showcasing the behind-the-scenes of how products were made, packed, and shipped to their respective owners.


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Types of TikTok Advertising

Mastering how to advertise on TikTok requires a thorough understanding of its different types. Not because everyone else in your niche is doing it means it is perfect for your TikTok advertising needs. As an effective online entrepreneur, you must sort out your priorities and only focus on the most reliable ones.

TikTok advertising platform helps allows brands make their in-feed ads. For other TikTok advertising campaigns, online entrepreneurs need to work with the TikTok ads account manager.

1. In-Feed TikTok Ads

In-feed ads are the perfect starter pack if you want to advertise on TikTok. In-feed ads are the most cost-effective TikTok advertising campaign, especially if you have a small or middle-sized business. These TikTok ads are straightforward and are cheaper than the other kind of TikTok advertising campaigns. In-feed TikTok ads typically appear in the native feed section of a TikTok user's "For You" Pages.

2. Online TikTok Brand Takeover

These TikTok ads are more intrusive than native ads users see online. A brand takeover type of TikTok advertising campaign typically pops up as soon as a user opens their TikTok app. This TikTok advertising campaign takes over a user's screen for a few seconds before switching to an in-feed TikTok advertising display.

3. Branded TikTok Advertising Hashtags

Hashtags and challenges are among the most effective TikTok advertising campaign you can use to boost your online presence. When you equip yourself with a guide to TikTok advertising, you will discover that online users are fond of clicking these hashtags to know the latest in their feeds. Adding hashtags to your TikTok advertising campaign makes reaching your target market's feed easier. In just one click, your target audience can be closer to your posted content, drive traffic to your business website and even create conversions.


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Benefits of TikTok Advertising

Learning how to advertise on TikTok can give you a lot of benefits. Though online users of all ages widely use TikTok, most TikTok users are Gen Z and Millenials. If your business targets the younger generations, mastering how to advertise on TikTok is an intelligent move for you.

Let's take a closer glimpse at some of the excellent benefits you can get from learning how to advertise on TikTok.

1. Budget-Friendly

Starting your online business will cost you money. The best marketing strategies that your business will need sometimes require you to spend more. As an innovative entrepreneur, you must know when and where to use your savings. You must pick only the right marketing strategies for your online business needs. You must be wise in spending your funds to save yourself from a sudden fallout. You can easily hit two birds with one stone by securing yourself with a guide to TikTok advertising. First, you can have a robust and reliable way to market your products to your target audience. Second, by mastering how to advertise on TikTok, you can save more funds for your future needs. TikTok advertising is among the most affordable yet guaranteed marketing strategies you can use today.

2. Easy & Effective

If you are looking for easy yet effective ways to promote your brand online, learning how to advertise on TikTok is one of the best options. Now that almost everyone owns a mobile phone, creating a TikTok advertising account is always possible. Unlike other marketing strategies requiring specific website-building skills, starting a TikTok account is more convenient.


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One thing about a TikTok advertising campaign is that it will only need you to write short scripts for your promotional videos. This social media platform allows you to create TikTok ads that are uniquely made and help you stand out from the crowd in your way. You don't need to hire professionals to develop your TikTok ads because the platform is user-friendly. TikTok has an interface that lets creators be creative in sharing TikTok ads for their target market in just a few minutes. They also have tons of video effects and audio clips that content creators can use in crafting their TikTok ads.

TikTok Advertising Best Practices

TikTok advertising could be overwhelming if you have yet to learn how it typically works. To save you from all the worries, here are helpful tips and tricks on getting an excellent guide to TikTok advertising.


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1. Experiment with Styles

TikTok advertising is a massive world. One good thing about learning how to advertise on TikTok is that you are not stuck in just one form. With TikTok advertising, you have endless chances to experiment with your styles. Instead of using only one technique with your TikTok ads, be creative and switch up your style occasionally. Be bold, and don't be afraid to try new things with TikTok advertising. Use different transitions and effects with your TikTok ads at least every seven days to avoid audience fatigue. Doing this strategy can drive interest from your online audience and keep them returning to your TikTok advertising page.

2. Be Straightforward

Online consumers value their time browsing on different TikTok advertising platforms. They seek online businesses that can straightforwardly provide solutions to their problems. When you have a guide to TikTok advertising, you'll discover how TikTok videos are only short, ranging from 15-60 seconds. That timeframe is what you only have to showcase your business to anyone who'll stumble upon your TikTok ads. Always be straightforward with your videos to ensure that you make effective TikTok advertising. Use the first 3-10 seconds of the video to provide an eye-catchy and engaging clip to get immediate curiosity from viewers. It is best to highlight on your TikTok ads what makes your business outstanding from your competitors.

3. Use Catchy Sounds & Captions

What makes TikTok advertising engaging is that you can simultaneously be professional and playful. How? Through using catchy sounds and striking TikTok ads captions. Almost 93% of the top-performing TikTok ads are made with catchy audio clips. TikTok is filled with audio clips that can help you make more engaging TikTok advertising content. You can use other creators' audio clips or record your own. Aside from that, using captions and texts is another way to create effective TikTok ads. Use powerful captions that will keep your viewers interested once they touch it. You can also use texts to highlight your call to action. TikTok found that 40% of auctioned TikTok ads with the highest recorded view-through rates have text overlays.

4. Be Authentic

Effective TikTok advertising includes creating authentic and inspiring TikTok ads. Even though TikTok is filled with video clips inspired by other content creators, being a unique "you" must still be practiced. Always take note of the videos you are uploading and ensure they are yours. Implement user-generated content on your TikTok ads to make them truly authentic. One way you can do this is by capturing your face while showcasing your product. Doing this step makes you look more professional and trustworthy to your online viewers. Also, creating original content is better than just directly copying what your competitors are already doing. You would want to avoid getting involved in online dramas.

5. Start a Website

TikTok advertising is one effective way to promote your online business. But if you want to secure a more robust online marketing strategy, partner your TikTok advertising with a reliable website. Building a business website here at Strikingly allows you to market your business however you want it to be. Aside from the affordable and awesome features, you can earn more by promoting your Strikingly website on your other social media platforms, including TikTok. Link your websites on your TikTok account to let your online viewers visit your business website. You can also embed your video content on your website to let your followers know the latest on your online business.


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TikTok is one of today's most famous social media platforms. Users of all ages spend long hours browsing their TikTok accounts, watching their favorite artists and influencers dancing to the latest dance challenges. Some TikTok account users even join the latest trends by capturing themselves lip-synching to a trending audio clip. Aside from these, TikTok has also been used in many categories like sharing beauty care tips, posting online make-up tutorials, life hacks, tips and tricks on cooking affordable meals, and even crafty DIY ideas. With the broad audience TikTok has been capturing, it is unsurprising that even online companies and solopreneurs are deciding to join the trend.

If you want to know more about stepping up your e-commerce journey, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.