Working for an online company is a privilege. With all the aspiring candidates wanting to join famous business lines online, you can become one of the lucky employees who finally made it to the cut. Once hired, you could work with outstanding entrepreneurs and learn unique ideas from them.

You get a VIP seat on their incredible secrets and how they made their business successful. Working on a powerful team can help you unleash your hidden strength and even weakness. As you work with them, you both get the chance to learn and earn money. But, despite working in a competitive online firm where you can freely interact with a group of people with the same likes as yours, it’s a different feeling when you finally get to build a powerful brand of your own.


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Personal branding has become a hot topic even before the pandemic. People have become interested in building a business that they solely own and manage. Many seek a company named after them, giving them a sense of fulfillment. With individuals wanting to become a solopreneur, learning to brand themselves online has become one of the top search ideas in the online community. For the past years, many aspiring solopreneurs have been mastering some personal branding tips they can use to showcase their skills online and rock the world of e-commerce. It is not hard to find articles and blogs that can teach you techniques to brand yourself online. But if you are looking for the best one, you have just arrived at the right place.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is creating a brand of your own. With personal branding online, you are building a reputation solely around you. No company, no co-workers, just mainly you. Personal branding is about who you are as a professional, what you do, how you do what you do, and where you are headed in the following years.


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Mastering some personal branding tips does not only include understanding how to share your story with your target market efficiently. When you learn how to brand yourself online, you are tasked with setting your business growth stage. You go beyond the basic resume and do your best to showcase a complete picture of yourself as a brand and a professional. Personal branding online can also involve how you promote yourself online through strategies you solely developed. You gather all your unique combinations of skills, knowledge, experience, and even personality that you want your market to learn from you.

Why Learn Personal Branding Tips?

Understanding personal branding online can bring a significant impact on your business journey. Having your personal brand is more vital than it looks. Below are two reasons to start mastering how to brand yourself online.


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Serves as an Online Portfolio

Technology advancement has turned the business world into a modern world. Before, companies would focus more on examining a potential employee’s resume before making decisions. But today, most businesses would qualify their employee based on what they saw on a candidate’s online portfolio.

Since the pandemic, companies have resorted to online portfolios and personal branding websites to find the best-suited one for their team. Through a personal branding website, you can showcase your brand to the whole world and strengthen your online presence. Personal branding online allows you to have space to post your works. You can have your own platform, which businesses could take a look at when you are applying for them.

Through a solid knowledge of how to brand yourself online, you don’t have to worry about how you can easily connect with your clients. You can just simply create a personal branding website here with us in Strikingly, attach your works, link your other social media profiles, and you’re ready to rock the online world of business.

Builds Confidence

The world of business is massive. Competition is tough and is lingering everywhere. Getting overwhelmed with the happenings around you could occur. You can lose confidence along the way because of negative thoughts. Experiencing these is inevitable, especially in highly competitive grounds like e-commerce. The good thing about this is that there are many ways to survive circumstances like this. One of that is through learning personal branding tips. When you understand how personal branding online works, it will be easier for you to build your confidence and trust in your skills.


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Creating a personal branding space to show off yourself can help you have a positive mindset about how awesome you are. Whenever you feel intimidated by your competitors, you can just go back to your own personal website, and you’ll immediately gain back that confidence. You can smoothly design a personal branding website where you can post your achievements and career background, which online visitors could refer to if they want to transact with you. Feedback sections from your previous clients can make things more interesting on your personal branding website. When you master how to brand yourself online, you’ll have a reliable partner you can rely on in battling the challenging world of e-commerce.

Tips on How to Brand Yourself Online

It can indeed be overwhelming mastering how to brand yourself online. With massive guidelines you’ll find online, it can get confusing which are the best ones to follow. To save you from the troubles, here are our top 10 personal branding tips you should learn to get started with your powerful online presence.


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1. Define Your Brand

Getting started with personal branding will be tough if you don't know what your brand is about. That is why the initial step you need to take in personal branding online is defining your brand. Ask yourself questions that can help you define your personal branding well. These questions can be

  • What are your goals?
  • What products/services would you like to offer?
  • What niche would you like to dive into?
  • What impression do you want to gain from your online visitors?
  • How do you want to stand out from your competitors?

Once you are done defining these persona branding aspects, it will be easier for you to strategize a business plan. Put your thoughts into words and use that as a guideline in smoothly constructing your personal brand.

2. Know Your Audience

Among personal branding tips, you should learn knowing who your audience is is among the most crucial. Many businesses have experienced massive challenges due to wrong audience choices. In the business world, not because you are familiar with a market niche means it's the perfect fit for you. To do personal branding online wisely, it would be best to pick who your audience will be. Define essential details like their age, gender, location, hobbies, wants, and needs. Preparing a transparent target market will make personal branding easier because you already know who you will impress. It can help you ensure that all your personal branding efforts are practical. Defining your personal branding audience can also save you from spending too many funds on the wrong marketing strategy.

3. Use Social Media

E-commerce has become more interesting with the existence of social media. The existence of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube has made marketing easier for businesses. Using social media is a game-changer when mastering how to brand yourself online.

Here at Strikingly, you can create a personal branding website and equip it with your social media. You can quickly put a social media footer and link all your social media platforms on your Strikingly website. Through these personal branding tips, you can easily connect with your audience no matter their online platform. You can also promote your personal branding content in a broader range.


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4. Curate a Tagline

Creating a striking tagline is another powerful personal branding strategy. You might not notice, but taglines help potential clients remember you and your business. Taglines serve as a personal branding slogan. It could be short and straight to the point. Curating a tagline allows you to tell the online world who you are, what you do, and how you do what you do using six words or less.

5. Design Your Logo

Getting an excellent and extraordinary logo design can help with your personal branding online. You can create a logo highlighting your personal branding name to make it more personalized. Use a color scheme that is related to your brand. Choose a font style that is readable by your online audience, no matter their age.

Using a logo for personal branding makes your personal branding website more professional and recognizable. Here at Strikingly, you can smoothly add a logo to your business website for your personal branding strategy. You can also use your logo as a favicon to make your website easier to remember by your target audience.


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6. Ready Your Contacts

Your contact information is your weapon in getting in-touched with your online market. If you want to continuously reach out to them during your marketing promotions, provide a contact section on your personal branding website. By creating a free website here in Strikingly, you can add a custom form to your desired area on your business website. With this Strikingly feature, you can easily create a section where you can put your contact number, hotline, and email subscriptions.

7. Write Your Bio

A personal branding website will not work if it contains something about you. To be more effective in your personal branding strategy, it would be best for you to write a biography. Tell people who you are. Briefly tell them how you can reach where you are and start inspiring people. Adding a biography on your personal branding online also makes you look more trustworthy and professional in your online visitor’s eyes. You can also add your photo if you want your personal branding website to become more “you.”

8. Share Content

Personal branding becomes more attractive through sharing website content. One reason why clients easily remember a brand is through the content it shares with the online audience. If you wish to drive more traffic to your business website, regularly creating and posting content would be best. It can be in the form of blogs, video clips, tutorials, or updates. Sharing content is among the personal branding tips you can do to easily encourage online visitors to scroll on your personal website continuously.


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9. Start a Blog

Writing blogs has also become one of the most influential personal branding tips you can learn. Many bloggers have established a strong personal branding image by sharing blogs on their websites. Writing about the things you are in love with allows you to attract audiences having the same likes as yours. Starting a blog here in Strikingly makes it easier for you to connect with your readers and followers. You can smoothly create a blogging platform where you can share your expertise and sell your products. You can use your Strikingly Simple Blog to share helpful information with your users and make them love you more.

10. Build a Website

When mastering how to brand yourself online, building a website is the best answer. Running a website allows you to promote your personal branding in whatever way you are comfortable with. You can have your own space where you can use your skills and experiences to inspire others. Personal branding would be easier to deal with because you are your kingdom's boss.


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Establishing your own name in the business world takes time and effort. If you want to be among the best, you have to double your marketing strategies. You have to be unique enough for people to remember you easily. Dealing with stress is inevitable because you only have yourself to rely on. It can all be quite tiring and confusing, especially if you are just new in the world of digital business. But, as long as you have the right partner in website building and e-commerce, like Strikingly, you definitely got nothing to worry about.

Want to explore more about the world of e-commerce and website building? Chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.