Strikingly is a professional website builder that empowers individuals and entrepreneurs by giving them the right kind of tools to create sites that can compete with the biggest names in their industry. We simplify the website development work so that you can create a space that is at par with the best websites in your niche. Our website templates were created with modern web design best practices in mind so when it comes to website building, you are off to a good start with Strikingly.

creating a professional website

Given a solid foundation in a well-built professional webtemplate, here are some of the most popular mistakes you want to avoid when creating your site.

1. Not customizing your template

Strikingly also provides users a certain level of control over the look and feel of their professional website. This gives you an opportunity to create a unique site to represent your brand and your personality. While our templates are beautiful in their own right, we highly recommend customizing your selected theme to make it reflect your brand even more.

One of the most common mistakes website owners commit is stopping at adding their own content and images to a website template. Consistent branding is an essential ingredient of a personal professional website and you want your site to reflect your personality in every way - including the color scheme and font type that you use.

2. Using clashing typography

using fonts in professional websites

Believe it or not, your choice of font is a big deal. It affects readability and, by extension, your ability to get your message across to your reader. One of the most important things to remember when learning how to make a professional website is that how you present your message can affect how it resonates with your target audience. Loopy script fonts may look good on print but you may need to use them strategically on your site.

Even when your using a free account to create professional website content, Strikingly gives you access to a variety of font options through the site editor. Mix and match different font types to use on your titles and paragraph text. Make sure you select an appropriate font to match your website’s tone.

3. Using inappropriate images and backgrounds

Images and videos have the power to shape your reader’s perception - sometimes even more so than text content. If you have the budget for it, high quality professional images can help boost interest in your website. It can also define your brand and highlight the best of what you can offer to your potential clients or customers.

Choosing the right image backgrounds is also important for readability. If you’re using an image background for text content, make sure you edit the image contrast to make sure that your text remains readable on top of the photo. Strikingly has a built-in image editor that lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of image backgrounds through the platform.

4. Multiple calls to action

This is a popular mistake that professional websites tend to commit - especially for those with a single-page layout. We know you want a reader to do several things - sign up for your newsletter, contact you for inquiries and follow your social media pages, for instance. Try not to cram CTAs in a single page. If you must, break them into sections and space them out. A newsletter subscription invite might come at the bottom of the page maybe. Your contact link can be at the very top, especially if you’re building a portfolio website. Don’t confuse the visitor by making him or her do several things at once.