5 Out-of-the-Box Creative Marketing Ideas
In today's cutthroat business landscape, companies constantly seek innovative ways to stand out from the competition. Out-of-the-box marketing has emerged as a popular strategy to achieve this objective. By leveraging creative marketing ideas, businesses can break through the clutter and grab the attention of their target audience.

Out-of-the-box marketing refers to unconventional and creative marketing strategies designed to capture consumers' attention uniquely. These ideas often break away from traditional advertising methods and rely on creativity, humor, or shock value to make an impact.

Creative marketing ideas can help businesses stand out from their competitors by offering something new and unexpected. These ideas can create buzz around a brand, generate social media shares, and ultimately, increase sales.

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Creative marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important in today's competitive market. By using Strikingly alongside these strategies, businesses can achieve online and offline success while standing out from the crowd with successful creative marketing ideas for businesses that are on-trend and effective.

1. Interactive Content Marketing

Interactive content is a type of content that requires active engagement from the user. This form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular because it provides a more engaging experience for the user, which can lead to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. One of the benefits of interactive content marketing is that it can be used in various creative marketing ideas to engage customers.

Some creative marketing ideas using interactive content include quizzes, polls, surveys, and games. These interactive elements allow users to engage with the brand in a fun and entertaining way while also providing valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors .

By using quizzes, polls, and interactive videos, brands can provide value to their customers while collecting valuable data for future campaigns. This type of marketing can be especially effective when used in conjunction with Strikingly's website builder, which offers various templates and customization options for creating interactive content.

Strikingly offers several interactive content options, including customizable forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls. These features can be easily integrated into your website to create an engaging user experience.

To promote your interactive content, you can use social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to reach a wider audience. You can also partner with other brands or influencers to increase your reach and exposure.

In today's competitive market, businesses need to come up with creative marketing ideas to stand out from the crowd. From unique branding strategies to innovative advertising campaigns, there are endless possibilities for successful creative marketing ideas. Keeping up with the latest creative marketing trends and strategies can help businesses stay ahead and attract new customers. With Strikingly, businesses can easily implement top creative marketing ideas and take their online presence to the next level.

2. Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla marketing refers to the unconventional and low-cost tactics used to promote a product or service. It involves using creative marketing ideas that often catch people off guard and generate buzz. One example of guerrilla marketing is when a company hires street performers to act out a scene that promotes its product.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is all about thinking outside the box and creating unique ways to promote your business. It can include anything from flash mobs to graffiti to viral videos. The goal is to create something to get people talking about your brand.

What are the Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing?

One of the main benefits of guerrilla marketing is that it can be done on a shoestring budget. You don't need a huge advertising budget to develop successful creative marketing ideas for your business. Another benefit is that it can generate buzz and get people talking about your brand.

Can I Use Strikingly for Guerrilla Marketing?

Strikingly provides an easy-to-use platform for creating websites that can be used as part of your guerrilla marketing campaign. You can create landing pages, promotional videos, and other interactive content to help get you noticed.

Dos and Don'ts of Guerrilla Marketing

When it comes to guerrilla marketing, it's important to remember some guidelines.

  • Be creative, think outside the box
  • Always stay within legal and ethical boundaries.
  • Ensure your message is clear and easy to understand
  • Avoid making it too complicated or confusing for your audience.

Remember, guerrilla marketing aims to capture attention and generate buzz in a unique way that resonates with your target audience. It should never compromise your brand and business.

Steve Hayes Template for Your Guerilla Marketing
Image taken from Strikingly

Guerrilla marketing tactics allow brands to stand out by using unconventional methods to promote their products or services. Other examples include flash mobs, street art, and public stunts. While these tactics can be highly effective when executed correctly, it's essential to consider potential risks such as legal issues or negative backlash from audiences. Strikingly's website builder can be used as a platform for guerrilla marketing campaigns by creating landing pages or microsites that complement these tactics.

3. Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for businesses to reach their target audience through social media. It involves partnering with individuals with a large social media following and paying them to promote your product or service. Some examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns include Daniel Wellington's partnership with Kendall Jenner and Nike's collaboration with Colin Kaepernick.

What are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Influencer marketing campaigns can be super effective in achieving your marketing goals. Here are some benefits of influencer marketing campaigns that you might find useful:

  • Improved Brand Awareness

By collaborating with influencers with a large and engaged following, you can reach a wider audience and increase awareness of your brand or product.

  • Increased Credibility

An influencer promoting your brand or product can lend credibility to your offering, since their followers trust their opinion and recommendations.

  • Higher Engagement

Influencers typically have a highly engaged following, meaning their followers are likelier to engage with your brand and take action.

  • Targeted Marketing

You can partner with influencers with a following that matches your target audience, which means you can reach the right people with your message.

  • Cost-Effective

Influencer marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, especially compared to traditional advertising forms.

  • Authentic Content

Influencers are experts at creating content that resonates with their followers. When you partner with them, you can benefit from their expertise and create authentic content that speaks to your audience.

Melissa.Art Template for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
Image taken from Strikingly

Working with influencers on Strikingly is easy and straightforward. You can search for influencers by keyword or category and filter by location and number of followers. Once you have found an influencer you want to work with, you can send them a message through Strikingly to discuss the details of the partnership.

How Do I Measure the Success of My Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Measuring the success of an influencer marketing campaign can be tricky, but there are several metrics that you can track to gauge its effectiveness. These include engagement rate (likes, comments, shares), traffic to your website from the influencer's post, and sales generated from the campaign. By tracking these metrics, you can determine whether or not the partnership was successful and make adjustments for future campaigns.

In conclusion, incorporating influencer marketing into your creative marketing strategies is a great way to reach your target audience in an authentic way.

4. Social Media Contests

Social media contests have become popular for businesses to engage with their audience and increase their social media following. Hosting a social media contest on your website can effectively promote your brand and drive traffic to your site.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Contests?

One of the top creative marketing ideas for businesses are hosting social media contests. These contests not only help to increase brand awareness, but they also provide an opportunity to engage with potential customers and build relationships with existing ones. By offering a prize or incentive, you can encourage people to share your content and promote your brand on their own social media channels.

What are the Types of Social Media Contests?

There are many different types of social media contests that businesses can host, including photo contests, video contests, caption contests, and sweepstakes. Each type of contest has its unique benefits and can be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

How Do I Host Social Media Contests on Strikingly?

Strikingly provides an easy-to-use platform for hosting social media contests on your website. With customizable templates and built-in features like email marketing integration and analytics tracking, you can create a professional-looking contest page in just minutes.

How Do I Promote My Social Media Contests?

To ensure the success of your social media contest, it's important to promote it effectively across all channels. This includes sharing it on your social media accounts, reaching out to influencers in your industry for promotion, and utilizing paid advertising options like Facebook ads.

Hosting social media contests on Strikingly is a great way to engage with your audience and generate buzz around your brand. Here are the steps to host social media contests on Strikingly:

1. Create a landing page

Start by creating a landing page on Strikingly where you can host your social media contest. You can use one of Strikingly's pre-designed templates or create your own.

2. Define the rules and prizes

Clearly define the rules of the contest and the prizes that participants can win. Make sure to include any eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and deadlines.

3. Set up a submission form

Use Strikingly's form builder to create a submission form where participants can enter the contest. Ensure to include fields for the participant's name, email address, and any other information you require.

Daily Read Template for Your Social Media Contest
Image taken from Strikingly

4. Promote your contest on social media

Share your landing page on social media and encourage your followers to participate in the contest. You can also use Strikingly's built-in social media sharing tools to make it easy for participants to share the contest with their networks.

5. Choose the winners

Once the contest deadline has passed, use Strikingly's form data to choose the winners. You can also use Strikingly's email marketing tools to notify the winners and distribute the prizes.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing

Virtual and augmented reality marketing is a relatively new concept gaining popularity recently. It involves using technology to create immersive experiences for customers, allowing them to interact with products and services in a more engaging way. Some examples of virtual and augmented reality marketing include product demos, interactive store displays, and virtual tours.

Holoscope Template for Your Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing
Image taken from Strikingly

By using VR or AR, brands can create immersive experiences that allow customers to interact with their products or services in a more engaging way. IKEA's Place app is an excellent example of successful AR marketing that enhances the customer experience while reducing the likelihood of returns.

What is the Benefit of Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing?

One of the main benefits of virtual and augmented reality marketing is that it can help businesses stand out from their competitors. By offering unique experiences not available elsewhere, companies can attract more customers and increase brand awareness. Of course, virtual and augmented reality can be used to create more personalized customer experiences that can lead to increased loyalty.

SEO: Boost Your Creative Marketing Ideas

Out-of-the-box marketing strategies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to capture audiences' attention uniquely and creatively. One of the key benefits of such marketing is the ability to stand out from competitors and create a lasting impression on potential customers. However, it's important to note that even the most creative marketing campaigns can fall short without proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Strikingly is an excellent tool for implementing both creative and SEO-friendly marketing strategies.


Innovation is the key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of marketing. As businesses strive to stand out, creative marketing ideas are becoming more critical than ever. Strikingly offers a platform for businesses to showcase their creativity and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways.

Using Strikingly, businesses can implement top creative marketing ideas that have proven successful in the industry. From interactive content to virtual and augmented reality marketing, many creative marketing trends can be incorporated into a business's strategy.

Strikingly provides a user-friendly platform for implementing these creative marketing strategies. With its drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, businesses can easily create engaging content that resonates with their audience.

In conclusion, Strikingly is an excellent tool for businesses looking to implement successful creative marketing ideas. This platform allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. So why wait? Sign up today and start implementing your creative marketing ideas for business success!