Creative marketing ideas

Marketing is crucial for a business because it expands audience reach, builds brand reputations, and motivates consumers to purchase. Companies can set themselves apart from their rivals by developing unique creative marketing ideas. They can also increase their clientele and overall revenue by learning to create and implement innovative marketing strategies.

Some companies run multiple marketing campaigns because it has become substantial in today's world. The crux of a marketing campaign is which type of top creative marketing ideas you employ. The Internet has added ease to our lives with social media marketing, website marketing, and content marketing. Using innovative marketing strategies is not a hard nut to crack.

If you are at sixes and sevens about marketing strategies for business, dive through the following creative marketing ideas to promote your business and increase sales.

Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business and Sales

Here are creative marketing ideas and suggestions that might assist you in enhancing the recognition and image of your company.

1. Create a Customized Experience

One of the top creative marketing ideas is personalizing the experience. You have to consider each customer while coming up with creative marketing trends. Giving each of your prospective customers attention can make your brand stand out. A personalized touch added to marketing strategies gives your customers the impression that you are paying close attention to them and helps you create close relationships.

Email is the most popular channel for deploying personalized marketing. Using the recipients' first names is always a good idea in emails. Customers will feel more honored, and you will acquire their trust by paying attention to their interests and preferences.

2. Join in on Trending Hashtags

A business can make well-known hashtags to participate in social media conversations if it wishes to adopt one of the thriving creative marketing ideas. For this, you can get help from Twitter marketing. You can publish industry highlights on your Twitter account and post content related to the trending hashtags of your particular niche. It will display a better picture of your business and make it distinct from competitors.

Twitter Hashtags

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2. Enhance the Authenticity of Your Social Media

People now demand brands to produce authentic content. Customers will trust your brand more if you disclose information about your organization and business procedures. Social media marketing is the finest venue to engage your audience in a precise way.

Your brand can gain more awareness by revealing your business's inner workings through postings and stories. You can also respond to your customers' comments and criticism to increase their sense of connection with your business.

4. Employ Infographics

Employing infographics is also one of the creative marketing trends for businesses. Think about producing eye-candy infographics to communicate crucial information to your audience. You can present concepts to your audience using an infographic clearly and concisely. The best thing is that there are several ways to distribute infographics, including via email newsletters, social media, and blogs.


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5. Up the Number of Giveaways

Giveaways, discounts, and competitions are the top creative marketing ideas to raise awareness of your business online. It is a fantastic strategy for luring supporters and future clients. By regularly running affordable giveaways on your social media pages, you can maintain audience interest because people are always interested in winning free goods.

Your participation in giveaways and competitions has a two-fold impact on your company's success. You can gain additional followers by inviting people to follow your page or asking their friends to do so. Moreover, It also boosts your sales.

6. Present Guest Blogs

An intelligent marketing strategy is to use guest posts on blogs to enhance your brand's reputation and popularity. It is one of the best strategies to increase the number of individuals familiar with your business. You can write on another company's blog to attract a larger audience or let visitors visit your website's blog.

7. Make a Mural

Designing murals is also one of the creative marketing ideas for business. Think of creating or commissioning a sizable mural to be painted on the side of a noticeable structure. Try to paint the mural at your location if your company engages in regular consumer interaction, such as a restaurant or retail outlet. It will help you attract the Passersby to the mural, and some would take pictures in front of it to post on social media, which could attract new customers to the business.

8. Through a website

Having a website is one of the creative marketing ideas which makes you more appealing to a larger audience worldwide. It is a place where you can engage your audience through all content formats. For example, using a website to make content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, merchandise sale, and visual engagement. With a free website builder like Strikingly, you can upload videos, infographics, and blog posts to your website and convert your visitors into potential customers. Not only this, but you can also sell your merchandise by creating an online store.

Website marketing

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8. Launch a Webinar or do Live Chats

Organizing webinars and live chats on your social media handle is also one of the creative marketing ideas. It helps you in drawing more traffic. People feel excited to communicate with you and inquire about FAQs. You can also teach some valuable information to your clients by organizing a webinar. Here are some creative marketing strategies to engage your audience:

  • Host a webinar.
  • Think about collaborating with another group to broaden your influence and introduce your business to new markets.
  • Create a presentation that gives attendees a great picture of your company and a valuable takeaway.

9. Use Seasonal Marketing to Your Advantage

The list of top creative marketing ideas includes seasonal marketing. Connect with your customers by using seasonal marketing and holidays. Make a calendar of significant holidays, and remember the fun ones, like those honoring particular individuals or dishes. Use this calendar as a resource for creating content, and use these holidays to delight your audience.

10. Highlight Endorsements

One of the top creative marketing ideas is word-of-mouth advertising. Obtain endorsements from happy consumers or clients regarding their use of your service or product. Make sure to include testimonials to attract new users by designating a specific website section for them. With Strikingly, you can enable comments for your blogs and products. Displaying appreciative remarks from your existing clients on your website strengthens your relationship with them. Moreover, it also helps you in engaging further customers.

Creative Marketing Strategies using Strikingly

Here is a jackpot of some best creative marketing strategies to boost your sales.

1. Building a Website

With ready-to-use templates and a simple editor, Strikingly is a fantastic tool for practicing successful creative marketing ideas. Our tools enable you to construct visually appealing and professional websites without coding. Strikingly editor also incorporates a drag-and-drop interface that lets you add any material by only dropping it as a file onto your website. You may also adjust the color scheme of your website and rearrange its parts better to match the hues of your company's logo.

You won't need to worry about any technical web development issues and practicing your creative marketing ideas, if you use a website builder like Strikingly to make your website. We take care of the technical details so you can continue developing innovative marketing strategies to attract customers and increase sales.

2. Performing SEO

Many digital marketing gurus believe that after building a website, the hard work is done, and all that is left to do is wait for the results. Unfortunately, they omit a crucial marketing strategy that prevents them from obtaining better internet results. It just isn't enough to upload excellent work to a website if no one is there to view it.

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are essential to ensure that your efforts bore fruit. You can keep a high Google position by using SEO tactics. One of the finest marketing strategies is SEO since it increases the number of people that visit your website. The SEO checklist that Strikingly allows you to optimize key elements of the content on their websites. Once qualified for the free plan, you will receive this Strikingly feature.

2. Promote Your Business Using User-friendly Tools

Once you create an account on Strikingly, a number of our tools will be available on your website. These tools let you quickly put your creative marketing ideas into practice. For instance, you may monitor your clients and orders with our order management application. Sending out marketing emails created using our newsletter templates is possible with our newsletter function. You may even include a portion of your social media feed on your website pages.


If you feel confused about employing marketing strategies, you can consider website building with Strikingly. Our objective is to provide you with a simple process for creating, operating, and maintaining a beautiful website that may assist you in promoting and expanding your business. Live chat help is always accessible through which our customer service team addresses your questions. We make every effort to respond to your comments and concerns as promptly as we can.