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Reasons why you should build your own insurance agent website this 2021

As an insurance agency professional, you have to start strong in 2021. With consumers starting to make wiser decisions about investing for their future, you want to be visible online for when they start shopping around for insurance.

Strikingly is an insurance website builder that enables you to create a professional and unique insurance agency website design in just a few minutes. Strikingly variety of insurance agent website templates are mobile responsive and strategically designed with a view that creating a positive user experience is crucial to insurance agent website success.

Useful tips to remember when designing your insurance agent website

To give you a clearer understanding about how website design for insurance agencies works, here are our top tips for creating a successful insurance agency website design that complements your digital marketing strategy.

1. Make your websites for life insurance agents personal

Choosing an insurance plan is a proactive decision to protect one’s future. It is a very personal task and you want to make sure that your insurance agent website appeals to your target client at this level. Create insurance broker website content that is relatable and personal. One of the pitfall of a bigger insurance agency website is that they rely on bots that are programmed with automated responses to user inquiries. Add a section to your insurance agent website templates that contains your direct contact details as well as that of your insurance broker website staff. It would help if you put up photos as well to make your insurance agent website brand more approachable.

2. Choose easy to use insurance agency website design and templates

Your choice of insurance agent website templates can affect the user experience on your insurance agent website so it’s important to choose it wisely. For starters, select insurance agent website templates that suit the flow of your website design for insurance agency content.

Strikingly insurance agent website templates can easily adapt to various types of content, but it is up to you to choose a look and feel that suits your personality and your brand image.

3. Customize your insurance agent website

With your busy calendar, it’s very tempting to put up an insurance agent website, add your content, and be done with it in a few minutes. We highly suggest playing around with the website editor and customize your insurance agent website’s color and fonts to make it uniquely your own. Remember that your insurance agency website is your company’s digital home base. It’s essential to make sure it reflects your brand effectively for it to represent you on the web. Put up your company logo, take the time to add custom icons and forms to elevate your insurance agency website design, and make it a professional insurance agent website page that exudes reliability, credibility, and trustworthiness.

4. Create comprehensive insurance agent website content

Customers like making informed decisions about their chosen insurance plans. In this era of the internet, when information is literally at their fingertips, they expect nothing less than comprehensive advice from their insurance provider. They are also more likely to ask questions about the packages they sign up for because they take the time to do hardcore research before engaging an agent. Make your insurance agent website the go-to for coverage information.

Your insurance website builder should contain everything that a user needs to make an informed decision. Include access to industry-related information, plan benefits and cost, and even a real-time quoting system or a live chat feature where you can directly communicate with potential clients in real-time. In this way, you can get to answer their questions and help them enroll.

5. Build reliable and searchable insurance agent website content

Build trust as an insurance professional by providing regular advice on coverage and financial management matters. Add a blog to your insurance agent website templates and make an active effort to update them regularly. Articles that simplify complex coverage-related issues, market changes, and topics that demonstrate your expertise in this area will help make your site credible and trustworthy. Also, don’t forget to optimize your insurance agent website content. Make sure to add target keywords or key phrases that people are searching for and include them in your insurance agent website content in the most natural way. When search engines recognize you as a good source of custom information, they are more likely to put your insurance agent website on top of their results lists.

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Functions to include on your insurance agency website

Adding elements to your insurance agent website makes it more capable of gathering a number of audiences. To make your website design for an insurance agency more enticing, add these elements highly suggested by Strikingly and achieve that goal you’ve been wanting.

  • Add Videos and Photos. Photos and videos never fail in capturing the attention of website visitors. Upon diving into a website, audiences instinctively go to this section to get a better view of what the whole website is all about. An insurance agency website aiming for a target adds a section where personally taken photos are posted is one genius idea. You can also include short video clips as an introduction for your website visitors on what to expect on your insurance agent website.

Strikingly is among insurance agency website builder who truly does the job in giving the best website building. It has a feature that allows you to post your own made videos and personally captured photos on a specific section on your insurance agent website. You can add your videos on a gallery section, an extensive media section, or even section backgrounds. Curious? Here’s how it works.

Add videos with Strikingly

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  • High-Quality Blogs. Adding a blog section on your insurance agent website is also one hack in capturing your audience. You can give them valuable tips and the freshest updates about your insurance agent website through a simple blog section. With Strikingly, you can easily do this part without having too much trouble. It has an Add Simple Blog section which allows you to design and add a section on your insurance agent website intended for your own blog contents.
  • Reliable Contacts. A contact section is a savior section. Why? Because it gives you the power to get a tight grip on your potential insurance agent website clients. Adding a contact section makes it easier to gather user’s information to fulfill your formulated marketing strategies. It will help you a lot in sending emails and updates to customers who signed up on your contact section.

Strikingly has a feature that specializes in this field. Through its Add Contact Form or Sign up Form, you can now create a design for your desired insurance agent website contact form. To know more about this feature, visit here.

add contact form

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  • Consider Membership. Membership increases your chance of building a stronger audience connection. With this feature, you can offer more to your clients at premium packages. On the other hand, your clients will be able to get VIP access on your website and enjoy your other services.

Strikingly allows website builders to create membership on their website through its Add Membership feature. With this option, you can enable your website visitors to register an account on your insurance agent website. To activate this feature, here’s a guide for you.

Add membership with Strikingly

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Top insurance agency website builder to get you started this 2021

Choosing the best agency website builder is one key to achieving the perfect insurance agency website design. It is one of the most critical steps you should take note of when deciding on what area to start. There are tons of insurance website builders you can find online. Each of them has their own distinct waysofn providing you the basic weapons you need to build your insurance agency website design. All you have to do is carefully examine each of them, and find the best one that will suit your taste.

To give you an idea, Strikingly listed down the best insurance agency website builder you should try out in creating your insurance agent website templates.

  1. Leadsurance
  2. Wix
  3. Advisor Websites
  4. Squarespace
  5. uKit
  6. ITC
  7. Zyro
  8. AgentMethods Insurance Website Builder
  9. BrightFire Website Builder
  10. Weebly Website Builder
  11. Jimdo
  12. InsuranceSplash Website Builder
  13. Novi
  14. Bookmark Insurance Website Builder
  15. Strikingly

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Build your insurance agent website with Strikingly

Strikingly is one best options when it comes to any type of website building. Why? Because it can offer you a lot. From its trusted collection of unique website themes and templates you can choose from, up to its one-of-a-kind features like add custom forms and add multiple pages, you can have it all. It also has premium packages and membership options you can avail of to have better access to its other unique features! With Strikingly, it isn’t just all about website building. It’s more than that.

To know more, chat with us, and let’s make your website-building experience more exciting!