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Effective marketing strategy is essential in online business. Though traditional marketing still works, mastering another effective marketing approach is advantageous. With the tough competition in your chosen field, it is only your job to take things a few steps ahead of other brands. Now that everyone’s spending most of their time browsing on their mobile devices making conversions and earning more sales is more possible if you equip yourself with other marketing techniques rather than just traditional marketing. With the right knowledge of how these marketing strategies work, reaching for the gold will be a no-brainer for you.

Got zero clue? Worry no more because we in Strikingly got your back. In this blog, we prepared ten awesome (and definitely proven!) styles of marketing strategies that will not only guarantee you conversions but, most importantly, a name in eCommerce.

Best Marketing Strategies for You

guide to marketing strategies

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1. Social Media

If there is one thing you can label as the “best” among today's marketing strategies, social media is used. The digital age has had a massive impact on eCommerce. Before, it would take days of preparation for companies to inform their customers about the latest developments in their businesses. Now, with just one click, they can reach their audience wherever they are, whenever they want to.

Social media integration is one effective marketing strategy that makes magic happen. You can start formulating your marketing strategies and working on your social media, even with just beginner skills. Make a brilliant marketing approach, set u your social media accounts, and start showing your best marketing strategies to the world. You can use your Facebook page and an Instagram account, create YouTube content, tweet updates on your Twitter account, and even create LinkedIn profiles to strengthen your online presence.

If you want to use social media to showcase your marketing strategies, working with us in Strikingly is one awesome idea. Our websites have great ways to connect to social media, which makes building a website more fun.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is among the best marketing strategies many online businesses have been using these days. It is a weapon that can either help you or scare you. Securing your website with a strong SEO is considered a powerful marketing approach. Why? Search engines play a huge role in bringing more traffic to your website. More traffic, more chances of winning. With the right use of SEO, potential clients can easily reach your website.

One simple way to make your website SEO-friendly is to avoid spamming your keywords. Instead, make your content more engaging by delivering your keywords directly from your homepage. By simply adding anchored links, keywords, and meta descriptions as part of your marketing strategies, you can easily gather an audience that can help spread the good word about your online business.


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3. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is another fast way to exhibit your genius marketing strategies. It is thought to be one of the easiest ways to reach your customers and get more sales in a short amount of time. Text messages are opened at an average of 90%, compared to emails. This makes SMS marketing an effective marketing strategy suited for any type of business, even for beginners. Not just because it is convenient for the client to get updates from you, but also for you as the owner. Unlike other marketing strategies, this marketing approach is more time and effort-savvy. SMS marketing strategies will only require at least five minutes of your time to do your campaign. Aside from that, SMS marketing is also among the most affordable best marketing strategies that will fit whatever type of financial status you currently have.

4. Video Tutorials

Do you enjoy taking videos? Are you having fun doing creative video graphics? Then why don’t you use it as an effective marketing strategy?

It may not seem like it, but posting video clips and tutorials have been considered one of the best marketing strategies in the digital world. Many customers become fond of watching videos posted on websites they visit. They spend their time learning how a product works by watching tutorials online. We have to admit that many individuals prefer learning something from watching videos rather than just reading them. Creating video tutorials and making them part of your best marketing strategies can help you teach your audience something that can be useful to them. You can assist them in learning new concepts that texts cannot adequately explain. You can make a walkthrough and up close of how your business survives on one normal day. At first, it may seem like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, this method of marketing will give you the results you want.


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5. Write Blogs

Online viewers do not only develop an interest in videos. Aside from making video tutorials, blogging has also been trending and is considered an effective marketing strategy. If you enjoy writing articles, sharing written work about various topics, or simply expressing your thoughts through words, you might consider starting a blog.

Blogging for business is among the best marketing strategies that are not only enjoyed by writers. Since digital marketing strategies came out, blogging has been one of the best ways for companies to market themselves. Who wouldn't, anyway? By making articles, you get the chance to share their ideas about their chosen niche and grab the opportunity to capture an online viewer’s interest. Writing blogs does not only save you from poor execution of your best marketing strategies. It also saves you from having poor SEO-ready content on your website.

6. Start a Podcast

Podcasts have been making their own name as one of the best marketing strategies today. Since the pandemic started, many people have listened to podcasts online. Running your own podcasts is among the best marketing strategies to help you expand your reach as a business. With podcasts as one of your best marketing strategies, you can gather more audiences to go and discover your business. There are two ways you can include podcasts in your best marketing strategies. First, you can start your own podcast and apply your formulated marketing techniques there. Second, you can partner with someone who does podcasts as their marketing approach and make campaigns on their program.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing approach where a business owner sends marketing strategies to a prospective client or even a current customer. Emails are sent as a primary part of an effective marketing strategy where a business aims to both sell and educate an audience. The best part about these types of marketing techniques? You can create your own automated email marketing strategies and campaigns, which you can use to connect with clients.


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You can choose from the following types of we listed down below.

∙ Transactional Email Marketing

This type of email marketing strategy is sent during checkout or other purchasing-related actions made by a client. These best marketing strategies are mostly functional. They play a large role in sending key shipping and order information to customers.

∙ Promotional Email Marketing

Promotional emails are designed to build awareness. These marketing techniques are used to promote new products or deals the company will be offering.

∙ Lifecycle Email Marketing

They are also called “triggered” emails. It is among the marketing approaches used to send notifications to customers about actions they take on a business website. This may include cart abandonment and other customer lifecycles.


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One best way to master the use of emails for your marketing strategies is to secure yourself with a reliable email list. It will save you from the troubles of finding your contacts during the promotion period, and it also gives you the chance to get to know your clients more. With this marketing approach, you are letting yourself communicate with your customers and make them feel how much you pay attention to them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like a partnership. A marketing approach lets a business pay another business to help generate more leads and sales for its own business. This effective marketing strategy often comes in the form of paid commissions, driving people to develop strategic ways they can advertise a business and the products and services it offers. Affiliates are among the best marketing strategies, considered a fast way of reaching a business’s target market, making conversions, and even driving more sales.

Working with us at Strikingly makes it easier for you to do affiliates for your effective marketing strategy. You can start earning without breaking too much sweat in just a few clicks.

Partner with Influencers

If you are seeking another fast way to establish strong marketing strategies, you might consider working with influencers. Influencers are personalities who have established a large following. Partnering with them can give you higher chances of reaching not just your target market but also those who are outside of your radar. One way to make this marketing approach flawless is to find the right influencer who falls into the same niche as you. This will save you from misunderstandings and, most importantly, help you learn about new ideas that you know little about.

Make Your Own Website

When it comes to finding the best marketing strategies, nothing is better than having your own website.


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Website building is one affordable and effective way to market your business online. When you create a website, you have full access to manage and grow your website, just like how we do it here at Strikingly. We believe in nurturing our users' capability to manage their own businesses. We give them the freedom to express themselves globally. With us as their number one partner, establishing strong and effective marketing strategies will never be impossible.

Are you interested in developing marketing strategies and the wonders of eCommerce? Chat with us today, and let’s start working together.