Defining Guerilla Marketing in Today’s Day and Age

For a business to prosper, entrepreneurs use all kinds of tactics and marketing strategies. New and contemporary ways of marketing keep showing up every day. Businesses that are more creative always come up with new kinds of advertisements and offers to entice customers.

One such contemporary form of attracting customers is guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is not a new concept in and of itself, but how it is applied and implemented by different businesses are often new and unique.

If you are running a business and looking for new ideas to promote your brand, learn about guerilla marketing and try to apply it to your advertising strategies. Even if you do not get a high return on your ad expense, you would at least discover a new technique to boost your sales.

Let’s see what guerilla marketing is and how it can impact your business and sales revenue.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing or guerilla advertising is the use of unconventional methods of promoting your products or services in unique, creative, and low-cost ways to attract the interest of your target customers.

The methods used in guerilla marketing often involve personal interactions with the audience and connecting technologies that amplify the marketing message that you want to deliver. Due to various forms of social media marketing that can make adverts go viral in the blink of an eye, there are many fun and interactive ways that businesses like to explore to deliver their message to the audience. All these creative methods that make use of viral marketing techniques are termed under the category of guerilla marketing.

Guerilla marketing cannot be used for all types of products and services. It is often used by businesses that have a buyer persona of the younger consumers who are more likely to respond spontaneously and positively. Guerrilla marketing tactics are applied in a public place where there are more chances of gathering and attracting large audiences. Such places include shopping centers, festivals, sporting events, public parks, concerts, beaches, and streets. They need to be implemented carefully, at the right time and place, for avoiding any potential legal issues. They are like a drama and usually cause an event ambush to influence the public to interact with your brand.

The best way to understand guerrilla marketing tactics is to observe the guerilla marketing examples in real life. However, due to the limited scope of this post, let’s straight away discuss the effects of guerilla marketing on your business.

6 Effects Guerilla Marketing Can Have on Your Business

Guerrilla marketing tactics can have an impact on your business in several different ways. Here are a few of them.

1. It Keeps Your Customers Excited and Engaged

Guerilla marketing is a fun way of running campaigns and creating advertisements. It involves tricks, games, and entertaining activities. That’s why when people participate in your guerrilla marketing tactics, they enjoy the experience and build an association with your brand. They get excited and want to keep interacting with your business. They look forward to more campaigns by your brand and therefore keep an eye on your news, updates, and advertisements.

2. It Has a Chance of Getting You More Instant Sales

When you create a drama in the name of guerilla marketing at an event, you might be able to capture some instant sales as well. These sales are driven by the instinctive behavior of your customers. When customers are enjoying the experience of witnessing your marketing campaigns, they get attached to your activities and your retail outlets. If your customers start visiting your retail stores more often, there are more chances that they will buy more from you as well.

Defining Guerilla Marketing in Today’s Day and Age

3. It Will Inspire Other Businesses to Follow Your Creative Ways

If your guerilla marketing campaigns go viral, other businesses will get inspired as well. They might try to imitate your campaigns and strategies, which will give you more benefit because you will become the trend-setter. Consumers will always remember your brand as the initiator of such fun activities. They will always compare your competitors’ products with yours, and make your product quality or taste the benchmark for other substitutes.

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4. It Will Build a Fun Culture in Your Company

By running guerilla marketing campaigns, your company staff will also have a lot of fun. It will build an interactive and entertaining corporate culture in your firm. In turn, your staff will remain motivated to focus on their work. You might observe an increase in your staff’s productivity. Your staff might also start coming up with better ideas for future marketing campaigns and activities.

5. It Can Potentially Drive a Lot of Traffic to Your Website

If your guerilla marketing efforts go viral, consumers will begin to search more for your brand on the internet. This means more people will visit your website, which will enhance your search rankings. As your website’s value increases, Google and other search engines will boost it up even more. Next time, any marketing campaign you run will be shown to your consumers among the top search results for your relevant keywords.

6. It Can Help You Build a Long-Term Positive Brand Image

When a marketing campaign goes viral or becomes popular, its impact on consumers’ perception lasts over a long period. This means an effective guerilla marketing effort can help you build a long-lasting positive brand image for your business. Everyone who participates or witnesses the campaign will remember your brand as entertaining and good to engage with. This is a huge plus point for your business, as it will give you numerous opportunities to grow your sales.

4 Ways to Effectively Implement Guerilla Marketing

Now that you know about the positive effects that guerilla marketing tactics can have on your business, let’s talk about some effective ways to do guerilla advertising.

1. Learn From the Popular Guerilla Marketing Examples

The best way to implement guerilla marketing is to imitate the popular guerilla advertising and campaigns run by other businesses in the past. If you do not know or have not heard about famous campaigns, you can easily search for them on the internet, especially on social media. Such campaigns remain hot topics of discussion on social media sites for a long time.

2. Make Your Campaigns Fun and Entertaining

Needless to say, your campaigns should be creative and fun, or else you will not be able to reap the major benefits of guerilla marketing. If your consumers start thinking of your brand as boring, they might lose interest in your advertisements, in your products, and eventually in your brand overall. This will cause a fall in your sales. Hence, make sure any guerilla advertising ideas you have are bound to keep your consumers entertained.

3. Deal With Your Customers Passionately

In the hassle of running fast-paced campaigns, do not forget to deal with your customers passionately. Interact with your audience empathically and encourage them to interact with you. Encourage the general public to participate in your guerrilla marketing tactics, and give rewards to the winners in any games you include in your campaigns. If your customers have any queries, be sure to resolve them as soon as possible. Do not keep your customers waiting to get a response from your side. Good customer service is the key to the success of every business.

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4. Put Up With Your Commitments With Your Customers

This is very important for maintaining your repo with consumers once your guerilla marketing event is over. If you make commitments with the audience, be sure to put up with them. For instance, if you promised the audience that you will soon be coming up with a sales promotion, do not forget to implement that. If you promise any special kind of discount or bundle offer to a particular group or category of customers, do offer the discount at the specified time and even remind the relevant group of customers via email or some other way.

5. Don’t Forget to Record and Upload the Whole Event on Your Website

If your guerilla marketing campaign becomes a huge success, don’t forget to upload evidence of it on your website. This will not only keep your customers reminded of it but also your company staff to watch it as memorable moments. Your website is most likely going to be the focal point of all your marketing activities. Therefore, writing about your guerrilla marketing tactics and uploading the relevant pictures and videos onto it will emphasize your efforts and success further. Uploading complete videos of the event can even give you the added benefits of video marketing.

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