Being financially stable is a privilege. Not only can it save you from the troubles of facing your daily expenses, but it will also secure you during a world crisis. When tough times come unexpectedly, you have nothing to worry about because you have something which can back you up. Aside from that, you also get the chance to save more and retire early.

One of the most common sources of income is having their own business. Running your own business allows you to gain revenue even in the comfort of your own home. You can quickly start your own online business even if you only have a small capital. You get the chance to meet new people who fall in the same interests as you and expand your reach as a business owner. Aside from this, you also get the chance to earn extra money while doing the things you love. Exciting, right?

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There are tons of business ideas nowadays that you can enjoy. From selling different items like clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, cleaning supplies, selling your DIYs, etc., to running online food stores, everything can quickly get your attention and convince you to start your own. Among these business ideas, one stood out specifically for starters who want to explore the business world. Today, let us introduce you to the beauty of new service business ideas.

What is a Service Business?

A service business is a type of business that focuses on selling one’s skills. Most service business ideas revolve around providing professional services like legal services, accounting service business ideas, cleaning service business, tutoring services, or even starting a service business offering repairs.

This idea of learning what is service business to start this 2022 has become massive. Running the best service business is cheaper to start with than a usual online shopping-type of business because it isn’t product-based. Many companies have lost a lot of income and ended up closing their business resulting in many professionals and employees losing their current job.

With this happening, people are forced to find helpful ways how they can still eat and pay their daily expenses. Learning some new service business ideas has helped people to still have a job even without the presence of an actual company. By starting a service business, they can easily do freelancing and find clients online who could pay them a reasonable amount for their service.

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Why Start a New Service Business?

Are you still having doubts about why you should start the best service business? This list might change the way you see the best service business ideas in the world of ecommerce right now.

1. Kickstart in Minutes

Here is one fact about starting a service business: it is very easy to get started with. You can even grow and manage your service business using only your phones or mobile tablets. Unlike product-based businesses, you won’t need much when finding the best service business to start. All you need is your skills, your knowledge regarding your chosen niche, the perfect website building platform like Strikingly, and voila! You’re good to go. Starting a new service business also requires only a small number of licenses, saving you from all the stress of making your service business ideas legal.

2. The Hours is Yours

Are you someone who considers time as a precious part of your life? If you are, then starting a service business is perfect for you. Working in companies usually requires you to follow a specific time to finish your task. You need to travel and work for at least eight hours. In the field of service business, you don’t need any of that. By having a deep understanding of what a service business is all about, you get the chance to run a business of your own, giving you more freedom.

You can make schedules and appointments based on your preferences without getting pressured. You can also pick a flexible time working with your clients no matter where you are, whenever you want. Another good thing about finding the best service business ideas for you is that you can have the chance to do other tasks you need to do and also spend more quality time not just with your loved ones but also yourself. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Encourages Hard Work

If you want to continue improving, not just as a businessperson but as an individual in general, starting a service business is the one for you. When you work for a company, you tend to focus on doing your job because you are required to do so. You finish the tasks assigned to you because your company has a deadline to make.

When you start knowing a specific service business, you save yourself from all of that. Starting a service business means handling everything at your own pace. This means you are responsible for all your actions, which can significantly affect your service business. As a professional, the best service business ideas can help you become more motivated to do better in every transaction. You make every moment count and learn new things that can eventually lead you to a euphoric success.

Top 10 Service Business Ideas for You

If you’re not sure what service business to pursue, it's now the time for you to get on to the next level. Below are some of the best new service business ideas we collected to help you get a better view of the service business world.

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1. Personal Service Business

One well-known service business to start is a personal service business. This is perfect for those who want to do things in their own way. Working in a company might become too demanding for others. If you are someone who wants to start a new service business, all you need is yourself and a website.

You can start creating a personal website, set it up in your style, and look for potential clients. The best part of this service business is that you are not required to have formal training or any certification just to get yourself working. The personal service business has a broad coverage. Some of the best-known personal service businesses to start are becoming a personal fitness trainer, a private yoga instructor, a chiropractor, a nutrition consultant, a meditation instructor, or even a personal chef.

2. Consulting Service Business

Consulting service business is another type of service business to start this 2022. Suppose you are someone inclined to give professional consulting services, a homeschool teacher, an academic tutor, a college essay editor, resume writer, etc. In that case, you might want to start your own consulting services business and earn extra income quickly.

3. Marketing Service Business

Another best service business idea is starting your own marketing service business. Are you interested in making marketing and advertising projects? Then start creating your online portfolio now!

You can easily start a new service business and be a graphic designer, a marketing copywriter, a content writer, a ghostwriter, an online editor, a proofreader, do social media managing, be an SEO strategist, do Facebook ads, become a marketing video producer, engage in affiliates, do podcasts, be a brand ambassador, and more!

4. Maintenance and Repair Service Business

Maintenance and repair are two of the most needed services in this world. Given that not everyone has the skill or knowledge on how to do repairs, a service business like this is definitely a must. If you have exceptional skills in this field, starting a service business is a no-brainer for you. Be an online service business owner and offer your maintenance services like pool maintenance, lawn care, home inspection, home-items installation, painting services, wallpaper installation, plumbing services, appliance installation, and even equipment rentals.

5. B2B Administrative Service Business

B2B administrative service business is another service business to start which has been massive in the world of ecommerce lately. This type of new service business can either be conducted on a face-to-face basis or remotely depending on the preferences of the client and the owner. This includes jobs like being a virtual assistant, an online project manager, a bookkeeper, a financial auditor, a professional business plan consultant, a language translator, doing data analysis, a freelance researcher, and a live chat customer support.

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6. Events Service Business

Love organizing events and hosting? Start your own events service business! You can start making your website and easily offer services like planning corporate events, becoming a wedding planner, be a fundraising coordinator, offer photography services, be an audio-visual technician, offer your videographer skills, be an event’s DJ, do catering service business, offer bartending services, and even offer photo booth and other event equipment rentals.

7. Travel and Tourism Service Business

If you are into travel and tourism, starting a service business might be your life-changing glory. Now that most people are starting to fall in love with traveling, you can easily grab the opportunity to start a business you genuinely enjoy. You can offer local tour guide services, adventure tours, and property rentals, be a travel agent, offer cruise booking services, or offer your corporate retreat coordinator services.

8. Technology Service Business

Technology has become massive for people in recent years. With its continuous advancement, reliable knowledge and skills from someone who knows how to do it right are a must in e-commerce. If you are into some techy stuff and seeking an extra income, starting a service business is a must. You can be a mobile IT support, an app developer, a software enthusiast, offer your computer repair services online, be an online security consultant, and even do a data managing service business.

9. Legal Service Business

Offering your legal services can easily done online. From offering notarizing services to reviewing legal contracts, they are now possible with a service business. Some other examples of this service business to start include offering paralegal services, being a private investigator, and a contract review service business.

10. Automobile Service Business

It is an undeniable fact that for some, cars and other automobiles have become an important part of their daily lives. When there is a sudden need for cleaning, maintenance or repair, the perfect automobile service business is a must. Some examples are mobile car mechanics, vehicle inspection and repair services, and even a mobile car wash service business.

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Start the Best Service Business with Us

Understanding properly what a service business is and what specific service business to start fits you can make your life more comfortable. You can easily share your skills online, get paid, and give help to people who have issues with the things you are excellent with. Also, starting a service business is becoming more in demand. With the continuous advancement of modern technology, mastering the art of what is service business can definitely make a huge change not just in your career but also in your life in general.

If you are someone looking for other helpful tips in the world of e-commerce, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.