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Understanding the concept of how to photograph clothing can be pivotal in the success or failure of your eCommerce website. As we slowly but surely move towards a digitized world, the competition has also increased. The internet has raised the standard of competition, not just in clothing photography but across every niche in the market. When there is huge competition, making your website stand out from the rest of your competitors is difficult. The task is even bigger if your photographs are not of the highest quality.

When we talk about an eCommerce website, the website images are its bread and butter. If you have no experience in photography, you can hire a professional photographer who generates high-quality photographs of your products. However, many individuals don’t have enough funds to hire a professional cameraman. However, if you follow the tips we have provided below, it is only a matter of time before you start conducting professional photography independently.

Best Strategies for Clothing Photography

1. Photography Equipment

For product photography, you must have the necessary clothing photography equipment. If you don’t have the best camera at your disposal, it will greatly impact your online sales and credibility. It is not just about having high-quality eCommerce products when you can’t represent them properly. You must choose the best DSLR camera to bring a fresh look to your clothing products. Using the wrong camera on your products won’t help showcase your photography skills and your eCommerce website.

dslr photography equipment

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For clothing-related photography, you can go for lenses with a focal length higher than 50mm. If you have a focal length between 18mm and 35mm, your product photos will have a fisheye product, meaning they will appear larger than they are in real life. Apart from that, don’t forget the importance of a tripod. For the ones who don’t know, tripods ensure clear images of your clothing products. Even if you have the best DSLR in your hand, it may create blur images if they are held in your hands.

2. Type of Clothes

Once you are done with the photography equipment, you must look at how you can sell or promote your clothing products. Depending on the type of clothes you prefer, you must prepare effectively and stock up on all the required clothing photography equipment. If you don’t have any models, make sure you use mannequins to showcase your clothes. They are inexpensive, and working with them won’t be a struggle. Most importantly, you can retake shots as often as possible to get the desired result for your clothing product.

type of clothes

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However, if you have a chance to hire a model, you must take advantage of it and promote your clothes across all fronts. They can pose at different angles to showcase your clothes from all ends. Apart from your photography website, you can also publish your clothing products on your social media platform. You can also learn about such photography skills through social media if you are a beginner.

3. Set Camera

set camera angle

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When you photograph clothing products, you must select a proper aperture. While doing clothing photography, it is recommended to have a high f/stop between f/8 and f/11, allowing you to focus specifically on your eCommerce product. It is also important to maintain a low ISO. Sharp photographs usually have an ISO between 100 and 200.

4. Edits

In clothing photography, capturing a high-quality photograph isn’t enough. There are ways to make your photograph look even better. For example, you can change your background image and add a professional touch to your photograph. You can change the background image by combining colors in your online store.

5. Take Quality Photos

Regardless of what adjustments you make to your camera position, your camera must be placed in front of your clothing product. This is considered one of the most important clothing photography tips because many photographers use different angles for photography, bringing an informal factor into the product photos. If you own a photography website, you must always think like a customer. By having this approach, you will understand that customers always look for attractive elements while going through the clothing products.

take quality photos

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In comparison to the typical product photos that you see on many eCommerce websites, customers will always prioritize those product photos that have an unusual nature about themselves. The captured photos should be able to explain those unusual elements to appear coherent. You can also provide multiple photos of the same product to satisfy the customers. When it comes to clothes, you must take at least five to ten photographs from every angle to satisfy your customers.

6. Relying on a Top Website Builder

Once you have learned all the clothing photography tips, the next step is about implementing, and what better thing than creating a photography website to showcase your work. For creating a photography website, it is important that you choose a quality website builder and for that, Strikingly is a free website builder that seems to be the best fit. We help you create a fantastic photography website where you can include all your desired photographs in the gallery section.

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When it comes to a product, meta-descriptions are not the only thing visitors go through. They also ensure that the photographs support the descriptions displayed on their computer screens. If required, you can also create categories for all your published photographs. Once you add all the relevant images and the content to your photography website, publish it. Once you have published your website, Strikingly won’t take more than a couple of days to get your website accessible to the target audience.

Benefits of Clothing Photography

1. Online Presence

Photography is no longer something that is just part of your hobby. It can also become an external source of income for you. By taking advantage of quality clothing photography equipment, you can make an ideal online presence for yourself. People would be interested in looking at the photographs that you publish. The more quality photographs you publish, the more chances you will bring more traffic to your platform. As a website owner, you must understand that bringing new customers to a website is easier but very difficult to keep them on your platform. For that, you must sustain your standards regarding photography.

The best tip for photography is to ensure you don’t take blur pictures or pictures with a poor background. If the customers see that the background of your photograph is either edited or informal, they won’t have any interest in buying your clothes. Similarly, their attention will diminish if you upload blur photographs. In today’s day and age, when inflation has negatively impacted so many countries around the world, it is crucial to have an external source of income like this. If you take your photography skills seriously, it will only be a matter of time before you start earning from one of your hobbies.

2. Online Sales

This point overlaps with the previous point because if you don’t have an effective online presence, people will not be interested in buying your eCommerce products. The photographs are equally important to your written content for a quality photography website. People will not be just interested in buying your product because of the content or the description you have written.

As your customers cannot touch or sense your clothing products, the only way you can entice them to buy your clothes is through quality images. Therefore, you must exceed their expectations regarding photography so that their buying decisions can be made easy. This is considered one of the most relevant clothing photography tips as it will increase your online sales, dramatically improving your Google ranking.


When customers appear in an online store for the first time, they come in with lots of expectations and optimism. However, all that optimism will vanish if you haven’t prioritized your clothing photography equipment. As clothing is a massive topic and a huge market on the internet because of the changing seasons and the competition is increasing every day, there is no margin for error if you are associated with this niche. You must always consider being ahead of your competitors and creating an effective online presence for yourself and your website.

You must build a quality photography website on Strikingly to showcase your clothing photographs. We will provide you with mobile-friendly website templates, which you can personalize as per your niche idea. As more people are shopping through their smartphones rather than laptops, it is essential that your website is optimized for mobiles, or you will lose a huge chunk of incoming traffic. If you are struggling in making your professional website, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers, who are available 24/7 to answer your questions. So, create the best eCommerce website and enlighten your customers with your effective photography skills.