Service Marketing

The service sector has progressed heavily in the last few years. In the digital world, we have seen the progression of multiple sectors around the globe, and the service sector is one of them. The individuals involved always aim to reach out to the highest number of audience sections and increase online sales. People are getting to understand the impact of service marketing tips and how it influences their business plans.

In the last few years, there is a reason why service startups have increased dramatically. We are not talking about the traditionally technological SaaS model. You can check out multiple transportation models on the Internet, such as Grab and Airlift. These companies provide individuals with a platform but are also increasingly dependent on the quality of service. For that, they must create engaging brand stories. When it comes to high-level marketing, everything must fall according to plan. In this article, we will discuss the service markets, their comparison with product marketing, and the best tips for conducting these marketing strategies.

What is Service Marketing?

To implement the most relevant marketing strategies in the digital world today, you must understand what is service marketing. It is the marketing or the selling of intangible products, which you can also classify as non-physical products. The services include all the personal requirements used by professionals regularly, such as healthcare, education, rent of living areas, vehicles, sports areas, dance classes, etc.

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The basic objective behind this strategy is the usage of effective methods of communication, such as social media advertisements, promotional deals. It offers to create an urgency of services for other customers. If we take Las Vegas as an example, it recently introduced a popular and highly successful marketing campaign to make it attractive to tourists from all over the United States. The slogan of this initiative was "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", which became increasingly popular within the American community going forward. The objective was to provide the tourists with as much freedom as possible.

Types of Service Marketing

1. Referrals

When we talk about the types of service marketing, the first thing that springs to our minds is the word of mouth marketing. It is an excellent strategy for this purpose and has become increasingly popular among international marketing experts worldwide. As a marketing person, you must know the benefits of a satisfied customer. These customers will not just return to your website. They will also let their relatives and friends know about it. Some businesses on the internet provide free service per every subscription or referral brought by the customers.

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World-of-mouth marketing overlaps with affiliate marketing, which is one of the strong points of Strikingly. We heavily believe in implementing affiliate programs as it becomes another reason for increasing popularity in the digital world. When you complete the registration process on our platform, you can talk about our platform with your friends and relatives and refer them through the Internet. Strikingly promises that you will get 70% of the commission on every referral you make through internet marketing. Apart from Strikingly, you will find many referral programs from other website builders.

2. Customer Education

Customer education is also one of the types of service marketing on the internet that usually goes down the radar. As a marketing person, you must increase awareness about the services you are willing to launch. The more awareness your customers have, the more likely they will request it. If you generate more awareness through your promotional strategies, there is every reason for you to attain high online sales. The best and the most common way of beginning is to write a pro-article in a newspaper about your services.

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As newspapers are still relevant in the world despite the evolution of social media, there is a chance that your message will get to some sections of the audience. Moreover, you can organize seminars, podcasts, or even spread your brand message through webinars. It is important to remember one thing when you visualize educational marketing strategies. You must prioritize the benefits and the service utility rather than looking at the price.

3. Social Media

There is no reason you won’t connect the features of service marketing with the age of social media today. Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform when it comes to the implementation of relevant promotional strategies. The free advertisements on Facebook enable you to communicate your point to the respective customers. It also enables you to personalize your marketing strategies as per your budget.

When you create a professional website on Strikingly, you can easily accommodate your social media accounts as part of your website. If you have promotional videos on your YouTube channel, you can choose to attach your videos to the Strikingly website. However, you must note that you cannot upload videos directly on your website. You have to upload it on your YouTube channel before thinking about attaching it to your Strikingly website.

4. Demonstration

This is one of those types of service marketing that are usually connected with the new products appearing in the online store. When customers recognize a new product in the store, they are usually shy about trying it, and they have to consider whether it is worth the investment or not. Providing a demonstration in the form of a YouTube video or a vlog will increase the chances of them purchasing it.

Service Marketing and Product Marketing

Apart from the types, it is also crucial to understand the difference between the features of service marketing and product marketing. If we talk about product marketing, it prioritizes tangible, can be sourced, and easily identifiable products. If we look to the other side, the distinction between these two forms of marketing includes the differences between the product and services and how the customer demands are met. A product or service can be prioritized in the isolation stage, but they create a healthy combination to satisfy the customers.

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Therefore, you can find many similarities between marketing products and marketing services. For example, when you go to a restaurant, you are mainly inclined to the menu (food products it serves). However, many visitors prioritize the products and the services (delivery, customer reception, taste). Therefore, the owners know that products shouldn’t be the only thing that signifies their restaurant.

Tips for Service Marketing

1. Trust

As we have explained before, the most important thing regarding marketing is trust badges. If you don’t have the trust badges, the customers won’t recognize you. Not only will you fail to acquire new customers, but you will also fail to keep the existing customers happy. When you market a product, you must understand that product is the basic selling point.

The individuals can inspect or sense the product, go through its legal guarantees, explore the features of service marketing, and request a demo. When we refer to marketing services, communication is your most important asset. Every word uttered from your mouth has a meaning and must be interpreted properly by the customers. Communicate with your customers correctly to attain trust badges for your marketing brand.

2. Testimonials

If the customers trust you, they will let you know in the review section. The testimonials are enough to signify the importance of service marketing. You must prioritize that audience with the same interests as you i.e. the buying persona. People always believe in those individuals that have personal similarities with them.

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When you create a professional website on Strikingly, you must have a testimonial section so that the customers recognize all the hard work you have put in regarding your brand and leave positive feedback on that. Positive testimonials pave the way for an attractive brand. Not only will you make your existing customers happy, but you will also attract new customers to your platform.


The digital world has truly exploded in 2022. Everyone in the online world has the utmost priority of making an online presence and increasing online sales. People understand that a physical store cannot convert their business into a trademark in the eCommerce world. They had to create a professional website to meet their business demands, which was like a mountain for the marketing people to climb.

With the help of quality website builders like Strikingly, life is easy for marketing people. With the help of service marketing tips, they try to expand their network. Firstly, you must ensure that your brand is captivating and eye-catching to attract the maximum number of visitors. Strikingly helps you with all the website designs related to your brand. If you are struggling in the web designing aspect, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, create an ideal website on Strikingly and enlighten your customers with healthy marketing strategies.