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In eCommerce, being influential is phenomenal. The more you can inspire and influence your online viewer’s buying decisions, the more in demand you’ll become in just a matter of a short time. But, how do we become influential in a world where many opinions are always present? How can someone who owns a business be successful in earning not just some money but also respect from others? Our answer? Create a brand manifesto.

What is Brand Manifesto?

A brand manifesto can be defined as a declaration of a business’s mission and vision. It is a statement which primarily explains what motivates businesses to do what they are doing. Knowing how to write a brand manifesto includes sharing a business’s thoughts on what specific goals and changes they want to make while running an online business. Learning what a brand manifesto basically revolves around describing your business’s reason for existence to your target audience and why they should pick you among the other online shops.


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Knowing what is brand manifesto is comprised learning how to write business’s statement. Brand manifesto must directly drive an emotional connection from your audience. Having the perfect idea on how to write a brand manifesto should make you come up with a captivating statement. In most cases, when businesses write a brand manifesto, they include a call-to-action specifically to drive motivation from online viewers. Lastly, one importance of brand manifesto you should know is that it also aims to unite people with a common goal or a shared cause no matter what connection they have with the business.

Importance of Brand Manifesto for Your Online Business

There are many reasons why learning the importance of brand manifesto is a must for businesses. To help you better understand it, we listed them down for you.


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1. State Intentions

It may not seem like it, but the way online shoppers view online businesses has changed as time goes by. Before, they only tended to look at how the website looked. But now, customers have changed and started looking for something more valuable and devoted to their goals. If there is one importance of brand manifesto you should know about, it helps you state your intentions towards your audience. When you write a brand manifesto, you also share with your audience why you decided to do what you do. Through your brand manifesto, you can capture people who fall on the same beliefs and values as you. In just a glance, online viewers could easily see who you are not just as a firm but, most importantly, as someone they can have a special connection with.

2. Establishes Your Brand

Establishing a brand is crucial for many business startups. It takes a lot of marketing strategies for a business to finally establish its own name, which can help them reach its goals. You can easily create and promote your brand by learning how to write a brand manifesto. One importance of brand manifesto is that it enables you to showcase what your brand is all about. When creating a brand manifesto, you summarize your business’s mission toward your market. You can be transparent with your brand manifesto and let them understand your point directly. In that way, you can easily create an image in their minds of who you are and why you are worth trying over others.

3. Showcases Your Uniqueness

Like what we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, uniqueness is one weapon you could use to top the world of business. When you are unique, people can easily remember you. By learning what is brand manifesto, you can easily create your own weapon in flaunting your business online. Create a brand manifesto that is powerful enough to hold the world right at the tip of your own fingers. Remember, a brand manifesto does not only exist to beautify your website—it is essential for your online business to succeed in your chosen field.

Elements of a Brand Manifesto

For you to write a brand manifesto that will rock the world of online business, you must have the perfect elements for it first. There are actually three major components of a brand manifesto. These are your business’s mission, vision and brand values.


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1. Mission

Mission statement is one of the major elements you need when learning how to write a brand manifesto. This statement is usually about what you and your business aim to do daily. When you write your mission statement, you are also describing how your daily operations work.

2. Vision

Vision statement is a brand manifesto that states your goal. It talks about what you and your business have in mind and which you aspire to become. A vision statement on a brand manifesto can also contain the aspirations that you want to achieve as an online business.

3. Brand Values

Last in our brand manifesto elements are brand values. Any business does not make a perfect brand manifesto without having a set of brand values they want to implicate. This statement basically includes all the principles you follow. Simply, things you wholly and genuinely believe in and people around you cannot easily change.

Write a Brand Manifesto with These Tips and Tricks

After learning the different importance of brand manifesto and its elements, it’s time for you to move on with another exciting idea you’ll learn a lot with. Written below are our own awesome tips and tricks on how you can easily learn how to write a brand manifesto for your online business. You don’t have to worry about having no experience with online store building because we in Strikingly definitely got your back.

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1. Set Clear Goals

Learning how to write a brand manifesto starts with a goal. Any business aspires to be a better version of itself. Goals do not only inspire the business and its subordinates but, most importantly, its target audience. When customers see and read your brand manifesto, they’ll instantly foresee what you want to achieve as a business. They can either get influenced by your brand manifesto or not. If you have a clear set of goals you want to achieve, it will be 10x easier to create a brand manifesto and share it with the world. Having goals lets things out smoothly because you already know how you want things. You only need to sort out your thoughts and pick the right words, and then you can now write a brand manifesto which will rock the world.

2. Keep it Authentic

No matter how striking your brand manifesto is, it’s still nonsense if it's plagiarized. One importance of brand manifesto is that it helps you stand out from all your other competitors. With this being said, it is only a must for you to keep it authentic and trustworthy. The ability to write a brand manifesto using your thoughts and words already makes you outstanding. It may not seem like it, but customers pay close attention to a business’s transparency towards their audience. If you are transparent, people will wholly give their trust in you and your business. By making your brand manifesto authentic, you are also giving your audience the chance to thoroughly understand your mission as a firm. And when customers understand you more, you are more capable of captivating their hearts and eventually earning their loyalty.

3. Be Consistent

If there is one thing any person loves, its consistency. As someone who wants to capture many hearts, you have to be consistent with the things you do. Learning how to write a brand manifesto does not end the moment you finish writing it. The moment your audience lays their eyes on your brand manifesto and chooses you over the others, that’s the moment you become responsible for everything. You must prove and fulfil everything you’ve written within your brand manifesto. Understanding what is brand manifesto isn’t only about learning hacks on how to draw attention or make promises. It involves a great responsibility to do your part as a business and, most importantly, as someone a wider audience has entrusted with their values and principles. When your audience sees that you are actually true to your words and aren't just for clout, that is the moment you earn their loyalty.

Create a Brand Manifesto with Us!

Being remarkable and influential is an advantage in the world of business. With the tough competition everywhere, having the ability to stand out makes you more powerful than the others. If your business is unique, you can easily influence other people without exerting too much effort. And when you’re influential, you gain more attention.


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Writing the perfect brand manifesto isn’t as tough as it may seem. But one thing about it is that it helps you become who you really are. A brand manifesto lets you express yourself however you want it to be in an audience which falls on the same principles. You don’t need much when learning how to write a brand manifesto. All you need is yourself, your principles, and a website-building platform which allows you to express who you are, however you want it to be—just like how we do it here in Strikingly.

If you want to know more about how to strengthen your online presence, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.