Business Ideas for Teens

Since the pandemic began, many teenagers have been forced to stay at home due to the strict protocols being implemented. Going out isn’t easy. Schools are locked down, and schooling has been made online. With this happening to every student, young adults started to get bored and became interested in finding something they could enjoy and even earn something too. They started thinking of other ways to make their life more interesting while still being in the pandemic. Are you one of them? If yes, then coming to this blog is the answer to your questions.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the top business ideas for teens, which might be the ones you’ve been waiting for. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey of getting to know awesome entrepreneur ideas together with us here in Strikingly.

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Why Learn Good Business Ideas for Teens?

In case you still have second thoughts about getting to know good business ideas for teens, we provided an excellent list below.

1. Extra Savings

Do you love online shopping? If your answer is yes, for sure, you did have an experience worrying about where to find money to pay for a product you ordered online, right? Learning some online business ideas for teens and eventually starting your own business can help you earn extra income for yourself and your family. Instead of asking your parents every time you need money to pay for something, you can just simply use your knowledge about how to start a business as a teen. You can even help pay your family’s expenses aside from yours by understanding some helpful teen business ideas. There are actually tons of young entrepreneurs who managed to get out of college without asking their parents. All they did was find the best business ideas for teens, try their luck, exert extra efforts, and voila! Extra savings for their school expenses.

2. Learn Realistic Lessons & Values

Learning business ideas for teens does not only allow you to earn money. Every time you make efforts and study entrepreneur ideas for teenagers, you are earning a chance to turn yourself into a responsible and independent young adult. When you own a business, you are not just handling a “mere” business but also teaching yourself many lessons you cannot learn from your classroom. Understanding good business ideas for teens helps you become a better version of yourself. You learn how to use your money well and enhance your critical thinking skills whenever needed. With the right set of online business ideas for teens, you are not just after earning money. You are also helping yourself get ready to face the reality of life.

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3. Network Building

Aside from learning values and having an extra income, knowing how to start a business as a teen can also help widen your network. A well-built network is crucial in entering your chosen career right after college. By having a strong background in different teen business ideas, you can easily start your own online business, get loyal customers, and start building your contacts. As soon as you graduate, you can use these contacts as a helpful reference in finding a job. Aside from this, many companies seek to employ employees who don't only have potential or can do whatever it is that is given to them. They also rely on information from their employees' experience working on a certain candidate. If you have vast knowledge and network in your chosen field, entering your desired company is easier.

Characteristics of The Best Teen Business Ideas

It may not seem like it, but some ideas aren’t realistic, especially for teenagers. To help you avoid making the worst decisions in life, we listed two best characteristics of good business ideas for teens you should know about.

1. Accessible

As a teenager, your access to things is still not as large as adults have. When finalizing your business ideas for teens, it is vital to analyze if the materials you’ll be needing to accomplish such entrepreneur ideas for teenagers can be easily accessed. This is important to help you avoid complications when you start your operation.

2. Flexible

Most teenagers still go to school. For you to get only the best online business ideas for teens, see to it that such ideas can fit your tight schedule. The right teen business ideas can have flexible hours without you compromising important matters like studying. You wouldn’t want to get pressed by all your school work and the bunch of orders on your online store at once, right?

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Best Entrepreneur Ideas for Teens

Now that we’re done removing your hesitations on why you should learn business ideas for teens, it’s now the time for you to move on to the highlight of this blog—getting to know some of the best teen business ideas which you can use to start building your brand.

1. Blogger

If you are someone who has a love for writing, then you got one awesome business ideas for teens. Many businesses are looking for the best freelance writers they can hire for their company. You can easily create your resume, compile all your work on a portfolio, and then use it freely when applying for a job online. If you want a wider reach, you can start your own blog website and make it your blogging platform. You can freely post your works and create a solid online presence. You can even start working on affiliates and advertisers to generate more revenue. Great online business idea for teens, right?

2. Sell Handcrafts

If you are someone who enjoys making handmade products, you immediately gain impressive business ideas for teens. Selling handmade crafts like jewelry, sweets, soaps, candles, etc., are among one the best online business ideas for teens. Not only are they easy to start with, but you also get the chance to earn money while doing something you love.

3. Tutor

Another easy online business ideas for teens is tutoring. Since online schooling has begun, many young individuals have sought additional tutoring services outside school hours. Some parents even hire teenagers to teach their toddlers how to write and read properly. If you enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge on subjects like Math, Science, English, Literature, and even Music to others, offering tutoring services is the best teen business ideas for you.

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4. Influencer

Social media has become massive nowadays. If you enjoy making content and posting it on your social media account, you can use it to achieve other helpful business ideas for teens. Many teenagers who engage in social media have managed to establish their own fanbase or online community and get money from it. They create interesting content and post it on their social media platforms for their followers to see. With every like and share they get from the content they are making, they are earning money. If you are highly interested in socializing with people in the online world, these incredible and fun teen business ideas suit you.

5. Podcaster & Streamer

Do you have a dream of becoming a disc jock on your own podcast website? How about playing your favorite video games? If you answer, you might enjoy our next good business ideas for teens. Another amazing entrepreneur ideas for teenagers we have for you is starting a podcast or live stream. Like an influencer, you earn something each time you get a lot of likes, views, and shares on every stream and podcast you make. You can play games online and share your thoughts through your podcasts in the comfort of your own homes.

6. Freelance Photographer or Videographer

Freelance photographers and videographers are also awesome entrepreneur ideas for teenagers. With just a small amount of money, you can immediately start a business that you can enjoy as a business and a personal hobby. You can choose your niche in this field like portrait photography, events videographer, pet photography, video editing services, and many others.

Find the Best Business Ideas for Teens with Us!

Running a business is for everyone. No matter what age you are currently in, you have the freedom to start and grow your own online business wherever and whenever you want. As teenagers or young adults, we sometimes tend to want something we consider ours like having a business. One way we can do this is to have our own website to make things easier for us.


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Website building plays an essential role in securing that business ideas for teens are turned into reality. By owning one, you immediately gain the chance to showcase to the world how great you are in your chosen field. You can strengthen your online presence and widen your reach in just a few clicks. Here at Strikingly, we ensure that starting this kind of awesome business ideas for teens doesn’t need a lot of investment. All you need is your skill, the persuasion to continue what you’ve started doing, and the right partner to make your dreams come true—something we here in Strikingly can help you with.

If you want to know more about how to start an online business, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.