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Being one-of-a-kind in the business world is a must. There are tons of businesses that might have the same specialty as yours. The competition is tough, and being weak with your marketing tactics is definitely a drawback. If you want your target audience to remember you, you must have unique features which will make them remember you. Something which will remain on their minds when they look at you. You must be different from all your other competitors; you must stand out.

If you are looking for excellent ideas on how you can capture attention in the world of eCommerce, then you might want to consider learning what is visual branding.

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What is Visual Branding?

Visual branding is simply using visual elements to strengthen one’s brand. It is the set of images that online businesses use to help them stand out among their competitors. One commonly used visual branding strategy involves color schemes, shapes, typographies, and other visual materials. Visual branding also involves making strong, business-related efforts to market your business. Creating not just extraordinary but also purposeful visual identity should be on the top priority list to withstand tough competitions.

A visual brand identity basically serves as a promise of a business to its audience. Your visual identity helps you communicate well with potential clients, even through a quick glance. Your visual branding makes it easier for you to earn your client’s trust and even encourages them to make referrals for your business. All in all, mastering what is visual branding gives you one of the best and most powerful tools you can use to survive the world of eCommerce.

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Reasons Why You Need a Visual Branding Strategy

There are many reasons you need a strong visual brand identity. And if you’re still hesitant about it, we’ll share with you our top two best reasons why you should start learning what is visual branding.

1. Makes Strong Impressions

The first reason for making a visual branding strategy is that it helps make a strong impression. Just like what we’ve been saying in our introduction, being unique is a must if you are planning to enter the world of online business. As time goes by, the competition between businesses gets tougher and tougher. Aiming for the top spot, you must exert the utmost effort to get it. Learning what is visual branding can help you make an impression on your customers. You can easily make yourself known to your target clients by picking the right set of visual identity materials. They can easily remember you because your visual branding is outstanding compared to others. By understanding what is visual branding, your business can easily establish an emotional impression on your audience’s mind, making you the one they’ll immediately look for when they need something.

2. Makes Introductions

Another reason to create a visual brand identity is that the world needs to know who you are. It is undeniable that many audiences will not immediately know you the first time they see you. They would not know what you can do for them if you will not make any move to let them know you. A visual branding strategy cannot just create an identity for you, but it can also help you introduce yourselves to a market. Having a well-strategized visual identity helps you get noticed without exerting too much effort. By simply looking at your visual brand identity tools, online viewers can immediately grasp what they can expect from the products and services you offer.

Elements of Visual Branding

There are tons of visual branding tools you can use for your business. And to make it easier for you, we collected the top 3 most used visual brand identity elements, which could change the game for you.

Sourdough Against The System visual identity

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1. Logos & Typographies

Logos are one of the most famous visual branding elements you could ever have. A well-designed logo can be ideally used to represent or identify a single brand. It’s like the official “face” of your brand, which people will probably remember about your visual branding. On the other hand, is the visual branding element uses uniquely carved texts and fonts to showcase a brand’s visual identity.

Designing a logo requires you to be creative in your own unique way. You have the freedom to design it however you want, but remember that for your visual branding strategy to work, you must design it wisely. There are tons of visual identity designs you can use for your logo. These are wordmarks and logos that primarily use text and creative fonts for their visual branding strategy. The brand mark also uses images to depict its visual brand identity. Some businesses even use taglines to enhance their logos and showcase more about their visual identity. If you want to spice up your logo, you can mix these two up and develop the best visual branding strategy you could ever have.

2. Color Palette

Another critical element you should know about learning what is visual branding is color palettes. It may not seem like it, but choosing the right color palette can significantly impact your visual branding strategy. Having the correct set of colors for your brand affects how people will react to your visual identity. Not because you like the color black or white, for example, means you can use them in promoting your business. Though some are lucky with their visual branding strategy, color psychology must still be highly considered.

Your chosen color palette will not just be used for marketing your business. It will also symbolize who you are as a business. If you truly seek a successful visual brand identity, you must drive emotions from your audience by picking appropriate colors for your visual identity. Language of color isn’t something you take for granted because once you master how to use it properly, your visual branding strategy will never be the same again.

3. Graphics

Graphical elements are also one of the most considered elements in visual branding strategy. They are unique additional details that you can add to your logos and texts to make things more exciting for your visual identity. Some best examples are shapes, unique patterns, textures, icons, and even some line works of your choice. When making your visual branding strategy, don’t get pressured too much on choosing which graphic elements to add. Just play around with them, and eventually, you’ll find your best match.

Tips on How to Create a Visual Identity That Rocks

Now to make things more fun for you, we’ve listed two helpful tips to help you ace your next visual branding strategy.

1. Make it Meaningful

A visual brand identity is nonsense if it does not convey any message. Your visual identity is fundamental because it helps you communicate easily with your audience. Having a very messy and too bland visual brand identity can complicate things. When making yours, it is vital that you first know what exactly you want your audience to see the moment they lay their eyes upon your visual brand identity. You must tell them something they’ll remember and make their way to you. Don’t just carelessly pick visual branding strategy elements that do not relate to who you are as a business. Instead, choose the right elements, and you’ll never regret using such visual branding strategy for your business.

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2. Keep it Simple

Being unique is undoubtedly top-notch, but sometimes being “too much” can also be bad. You should know that visual branding is a more functional and effective marketing strategy if your audience can easily understand it. It is okay to make yours different from the rest to help you stand out, but you also have to consider if your design is clear and appropriately designed. As much as you can, try to be simple yet outstanding with all your visual branding strategy elements. Use minimalistic designs that best suit your business. Use something which can help you quickly convey your message to your target market. By doing such, you are not just helping your audience know you quickly. You are also getting more chances of being remembered by a larger crowd.

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Visual branding can shake you up the very first moment you encounter it. You can even find yourself stuck choosing the best visual strategy element that suits your business. In times like this, all you need to do is breathe, relax your mind, create your plan, find the best partner for you, specifically in website building, and start working! Just like how we do it here in Strikingly.

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