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Email marketing has become a priority for many businesses in 2022. Many companies are looking for the best email newsletter service to use. Choosing the best newsletter service could be quite overwhelming because so many options are available these days.

If you can find the top newsletter service, you could really skyrocket your leads and sales. This is because the success of your marketing campaigns dramatically relies on the number and quality of leads that you make. You could build a fantastic sales funnel, but unless people don’t click on your emails to open them, you wouldn’t be able to make them pass through the initial phases of your funnel.

This article will discuss and review the best email newsletter services. These can be used by both small and large organizations. So if you are looking for a convenient newsletter service for business, stay tuned until the end of this post.

What is a Newsletter Service?

A newsletter service is a platform that provides you with ready-to-use templates and tools to create effective newsletters. Once you create a newsletter, you can send it to your subscribers or email list. The best email newsletter services also email automation, which means you can send one email to some selected people in your email list in one shot. Some newsletter service providers also allow you to schedule your emails to send to your audience at different stages of their buying journey.

Why is it Important to Choose the Best Email Newsletter Service?

Email marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics for small and medium-sized businesses. There are several reasons for this.

  • It is easy to manage.
  • It gives you complete control over your campaigns.
  • It allows you to build direct contact with your potential customers.

It is, however, vital for you to understand that the success of your email marketing depends to a great extent on the newsletter service you use. Choosing the best newsletter service entails taking responsibility for your emails that will actually get delivered.

If you are not careful in identifying the top newsletter service, you could end up paying a lot more money and wasting a significant portion of your marketing budget. This is because an incompetent newsletter service will give you terrible email deliverability rates.

Features of the Best Email Newsletter Services

A good newsletter service allows you to create appealing and highly engaging email newsletters by providing you an easy-to-use interface. The ideal and most user-friendly interface these days is a drag and drop editor.

If you choose an excellent newsletter service for business, you should be able to send bulk emails, which are both targeted and personalized, and that too without having to put in too much manual work. In marketing terms, this is called email automation.

Besides that, it should make it easy for you to manage your contact list. Below are a few more features that a top newsletter service should have.

  • Allow you to segment your potential customers into groups.
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Ensure that your emails don’t end up in the audience’s spam folder.

Having said that, let’s look at some of the best email newsletter services for you to use for your business in 2022.

6 Top Newsletter Services for Small Businesses in 2022

Below is a list of the 6 best email newsletter services.

1. Strikingly

Strikingly landing page

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is a growing website-building platform with updates and new features every few weeks. Our goal is to ease our valuable users’ website-building and maintenance process. We have a user-friendly editor for creating appealing web pages in minutes.

We provide newsletter service in our VIP and Audience plans, whereby users can send emails to their contacts collected through their website.

If you make a website on Strikingly, you can collect emails by building contact or sign up form, blog subscription, or simple store sales. All these ways will give you access to your site visitors’ email addresses. You can also add more contacts to your email list by importing them manually into your dashboard.

The newsletter feature is found in the ‘Newsletters’ section of the Dashboard.

  • Click on ‘Newsletters’, and then on ‘Send a Newsletter’.

Strikingly newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly

  • You will be taken to the Audience page, where you can see the entries made on all the forms on your website. These are the people you can send newsletters to.

Strikingly Newsletter Audience

Image taken from Strikingly

  • Key your newsletter content into the editor, including text, links, CTAs, images, and videos.
  • Select the recipients from the Audience list to whom you want to send this newsletter.
  • Send a test email to yourself to try out this newsletter service before sending out the newsletter to the audience.

Strikingly Sample Newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly

This is a superb newsletter service because of the following reasons.

  • It facilitates you to perform the three main tasks of online marketing within a single platform: building a website, creating an email list, and sending marketing emails.
  • It does not require you to write any code all the way from the beginning to the end.
  • It gives you a chance to test the deliverability and final appearance of your newsletter so that you can verify it before sending it out.
  • We provide 24/7 live chat customer support if our users face any issues while using our newsletter service or other tools.

Our users use this feature proudly and create beautiful newsletters for their customers.

a sample newsletter on the phone screen

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact landing page

Constant Contact is also among the fastest-growing newsletter services these days. It is pretty easy to use and suitable for beginners in email marketing. Its interface allows you to manage your contacts, email lists, newsletter templates, campaign calendars, and more.

Once you sign up for an account, you get access to unlimited emails and campaign reports. The campaigns have built-in social media sharing tools. You can also integrate them with Facebook ads and Shopify stores.

Constant Contact offers customer support via live chat, phone, and email. It also provides a library of helpful resources for customers.

3. Drip

Drip landing page

This is another fantastic newsletter service providing platform. It is suitable for bloggers, eCommerce website owners, and digital marketers. Its tools allow you to do email automation, build sales funnels, and personalize your newsletters.

Drip can be seamlessly integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce. This means you can add pop-ups and opt-in forms on your WordPress or WooCommerce website and capture leads that will collect in the form of your email list in your Drip account.

Drip offers live chat customer support, automation training, free guides, and other detailed courses to help you understand how it works.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot landing page

Hubspot is a one-stop marketing platform for small and medium enterprises. It is a customer relationship management tool with numerous features and tools to ease your journey of getting and maintaining customers.

Its newsletter service is free to start. It provides many automation features that are designed for business growth. The email builder has a drag-and-drop interface for creating custom newsletters. Its other excellent features include time optimization, drip campaigns, detailed performance analytics, A/B testing, and high email deliverability.

5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit landing page

ConvertKit is a robust newsletter service designed for professional marketers, bloggers, and authors. Its features are incredibly powerful, but they come with a price and need a little bit of practice before you can use them in the right way.

Its unique feature is that it allows you to offer content upgrades. Email signup forms integrated with ConvertKit usually offer exciting incentives. Their auto-responders allow you to drip your emails and stretch your campaigns over a length of time.

Customer segmentation is easy with this tool, which allows you to create more personalized emails. In other words, it will enable you to do target email marketing. This is the best email newsletter service for advanced and experienced digital marketers.

6. Mailchimp

![Mailchimp landing page]( "Mailchimp landing page" =602x275)

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email newsletter service providers. It offers an entirely free plan that you can use to run full-fledged email campaigns. It came into the market years before the other best email newsletter services mentioned above. But people and businesses that have been using it for a while seem to stay loyal to it.

Mailchimp provides an easy-to-use email builder with a drag-and-drop interface. It offers contact segmentation, tracking analytics, and delivery times based on the contact’s time zones.

Mailchimp can be easily integrated with several website-building platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and a few others. Perhaps this is the reason for its widespread popularity and customer base.

These were the 6 best email newsletter services for 2022. If you are a beginner in the digital world, we would recommend the first one on our list, which is Strikingly. This is because Strikingly gives you the tools to do everything that needs to be done to start your online business, generate leads, and start making sales.