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For many working professionals, seeking the next career opportunity can be a tenuous ordeal. Despite rigorous efforts such as building reputable credentials, expanding educational experience, and building a good employment history, many professionals are still stuck, unable to move forward towards progress.

One of the best ways to diversify your network is by joining a business networking website. These websites are tailored to connect professionals to each other and to bridge them with potential customers. In short, a business networking website is a platform to expand your professional horizon.

There are many business networking websites out there that pride themselves on going beyond the stretch of the digital world. They are affiliated with world-class networks and often belong to globally recognized organizations. These connections can be essential to you as a professional because being involved in these groups can lead to more opportunities and an easier job hunt.

Today, the online space is dominated by social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms are a great way to introduce your digital social profile and establish an identity online. But they're not quite what you're looking for.

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For career advancement, you need to dive deep into professional business networks like LinkedIn to get acquainted with professionals like you. A business networking site will help you reach leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who will then guide you in your professional journey.

If you want to get into a business networking website, here are some online networking business websites to consider:


Xing is like LinkedIn's cooler younger brother. Function-wise, they're both very similar, but Xing also has features that make it stand out more.

To access Xing, all you have to do is sign-up for an account to connect with other professionals with whom you share interests. You can also exchange ideas and talk about different concepts related to work (or not).

Aside from that, Xing also allows you to post jobs and search for jobs. This can be a tremendously helpful feature especially if you're looking to start a new career. And while you're in there hunting for jobs, you can also receive industry-related news, notifications on webinars, and other business-oriented conferences.


Lunchmeet is like a cute lunch date but in a professional setting. Unlike Xing and LinkedIn, Lunchmeet isn't all about big crowds, what it prioritizes is one-on-one meetings with other individuals.

One of Lunchmeet's unique selling points is that it allows users to arrange a meeting together so they can go out for coffee or lunch. It gives a sense of professional intimacy and personal growth, as opposed to being inside a wide network of people.

Lunchmeet has an application that can be downloaded on most smartphones. With that, you can easily set appointments while you're on the go.


Don't judge a business networking website by its name. Slack is one of the most energetic business networking sites out there and it's definitely not made for slackers.

Slack has both mobile and desktop applications. Using this messenger-based app, you can join business networking groups where people can throw in their ideas or source for opportunities.

Slack can be too spontaneous for many users who aren't into instant messaging. It could be a bit distracting at first, but after some time of use and exposure, Slack can be a great business buddy.


For professionals social networking, the act is all about self-presentation and introducing yourself in a remarkable manner. And Sumry can definitely help you make a strong first impression.

Sumry isn't your typical business networking website because the process begins with you. They offer tools to help you build your resume and online portfolio of past work. All these can be extremely beneficial when you want to become a more employable candidate.

Similar to LinkedIn, Sumry also allows you to aggregate your certifications and create a timeline of your professional work experience. You can also add skills and testimonials to your Sumry profile.


Meetup is the more laid back and more chill business networking website on this list. This site is a platform used by many local networking groups to attract other people within their circle.

Meetup is driven by the concept of like-minded people gathering together in an online space. Just look for a Meetup that suits your schedule and interests and then join.

Meetup isn't only for professional networking but is also a great way to learn new hobbies, expand your passions, and diversify your interests. This website is a fantastic way to gain new friends too!


The name alone gives the impression of professionalism and that's how Opportunity pitches its services. They promote themselves as 'professional matchmakers', which is very apt for the services that they offer.

Individuals in Opportunity are matched based on their needs. Users can easily get notified when there's a person in the market that needs what they're offering.

Opportunity also provides users with access to employment opportunities. Professionals who use this business networking website can also search for other users based on age, gender, and interests.

Honorable Mentions

Here are more business networking websites for you to consider:

  • Black Business Women Online - This online networking business is made for black women professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Gadball - Gadball can be used for job searching and resume creation.
  • PartnerUp - This business networking website is a Google+ community that seeks to connect small business owners.
  • Quibb - This network is great for professionals who want to stay updated with the latest business news and commentaries.
  • Startup Nation - This network is for young startups who want to engage in the field of business.
  • AngelList - This business networking website connects startups with potential investors to gain more funds.
  • Gust - Similar to AngelList, Gust also provides a network to connect startups with investors.
  • PerfectBusiness - This social network allows business owners and professionals to share business ideas for mutual success.
  • Shapr - This network is built on the 'swipe' action, making it feel like Tinder for professionals. Users can find a match for any professional they share the same interests with.

Why Do You Need to Join a Business Networking Website?

Joining professional business networks gives you the chance to build a good reputation in the long run. Networking is founded on trust and support and can help boost your career prospects in the future.

Getting involved with a business networking website can help you establish business connections. When you move towards mutual success, you can foster healthy competition in the market.

Another great benefit of joining a business networking website is that you can get fresh ideas. Admit it, sometimes we get too burned out that we cannot produce too many fun and original ideas anymore. Belonging in a social network can help you think more creatively by exchanging ideas with other professionals in that network.

Finally, you can build more confidence. Self-confidence is one of the most important traits you need to have as a professional. Aside from your work experience and educational history, having great confidence can help drive your professional profile to the top.

To summarize, joining a business networking website can help you connect with other businesses, produce more creative ideas, advance your career, and build confidence.

How are Business Networking Websites Made?

The process of creating a business networking website involves a long-term plan and potentially a lot of money to launch. Professional networking sites are often built with various functions that must make networking a lot more efficient. These functions often include a great job search function, profile creation, private messaging, sharing, and more.

To integrate all these functions, a team of expert individuals is required to make the development process successful. But there are cases where great business networking websites are made within only minutes, for less cost.

Strikingly website

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Strikingly is a website builder that gives the user the ability to create their own websites even without zero coding experience. Just by selecting a website template and applying changes to make it more appealing, users can expect a well-made website in just a couple of minutes.

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Strikingly has tools that can be used to add common functions to a business networking website. From the menus to call-to-action buttons, users can easily add features to enhance the user experience in a social networking site.

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Strikingly has a wide selection of templates that can be tweaked depending on what the user needs. They can add payment channels, create an online store, build a blog section, and manage their audiences. All these functions make Strikingly one of the most powerful website builders out there.

Now that you've learned the benefits of joining professional networking and learning different business networking websites, you can now jumpstart your career and build the skills that you need. And if you want to add web development as a skill on your resume, just head onto Strikingly, create your account, and start making your website to make your way to the top.