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Entertainment just gets better and better!

Being at home does not mean you wouldn’t get the same quality entertainment you experience outdoors. Modern-day technology has changed the way we entertain ourselves. With the internet at our disposal, we can easily stream our favorite and upcoming movies and even catch up with the latest news and events circulating in today’s paper. Not only that, we definitely have the perk of connecting with people around the globe_—_literally changing the whole landscape of daily communication.

So, it is true, with just a swipe or click of a button, your phone has it all for you. And with all the perks we get from our slick phones combined with some internet magic, many people turned these sources of power into an ultimate money-generating career.

And with a lot of people venturing out in ecommerce nowadays, YouTube has become the primary target. But how do you earn money on YouTube? What form of help can you get with YouTube Algorithm?

What is the YouTube Algorithm?

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To fully answer the mind-blogging question ‘what is the YouTube Algorithm’, it is the decision-maker of what people watch 70% of the time. Aside from the fact that users have the freedom to browse the platform to whatever that pleases their taste, YouTube recommendations are the underlying factor of what makes your browsing session at YouTube an entertaining one.

The primary goal of the said YouTube Algorithm is to give people the proper recommendations to keep on watching. YouTube Algorithms change over time. Starting from the first-ever uploaded video last 2005 to the rise of content creators this year, YouTube adjusted to necessary needs and precautions. The platform turned into a massive success.

But it was not until 2016 when YouTube Algorithm was up in action. Though a lot of changes were still made, one answer we know about on how does YouTube Algorithm work back then was that it tracked user’s activity and satisfaction to create a more personalized or addictive session of streaming videos by adding related recommendations.

How does YouTube suggest videos?

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To answer the question ‘how does YouTube suggest videos’, take a look at your search history first. See how related they are to the recommended videos? You can conclude that the algorithm jots down specific keywords so they can suggest you with a related video as a recommendation, and that is the work of the YouTube Search Algorithm.

Every keyword is an essential tool to make a user’s stay a personalized one. YouTube recommendations also save them from searching related content, thus, a more satisfactory visit on the said platform.

Aside from that, the number of clicks and likes also set the path to videos getting a place on a user’s recommended stream of videos. The more clicks and likes a video get, the better and larger audience the uploader would be.

How YouTube Algorithm can help you make money?

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An average person spends 11 minutes, and 24 seconds per day on YouTube; as a whole, people spend more than a billion hours watching videos on the said platform every day. Placing it as the world’s second-most visit website (right after Google) and the world’s second most used social platform (right after Facebook).

According to YouTube, almost one-third of internet users, ranging from 18-34 years old, watch on YouTube, generating billions of revenues to users and service providers alike. YouTubers can make hundreds to thousands of dollars when uploaded videos from their channel get monetized or sponsored by marketing companies. And with more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, it’s obvious to say that aspiring to be the most-viewed YouTuber is not a piece of cake.

But with the help of the YouTube Algorithm, paired with some tips and tricks to make the best out of your YouTube channel, you can get it precisely done and churn money out of your videos upon doing so.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Content

Content is what keeps people craving for more. The more quality content you upload on your channel, the better feedback, reviews, and yes, the more viewers and subscribers you’ll get, so content is crucial in building your foundation in the field of YouTube marketing. There are several reasons why people use YouTube from time to time. One thing that pops up on the list is for educational purposes. Parents let their kids watch YouTube for content and how-to videos as per Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults.

Though you can still upload videos about your trip to an island or your self-care routine, your content will still make up as long as you target the right audience. If you have the right content and the right audience at hand, YouTube Algorithm will do its job for you.

On the contrary, user behavior may change over time as different trends pop up and go, but you don’t have to worry at all as long as you stay right on track and keep producing quality content.

  • Keywords

As specified earlier, keywords are an essential tool to determine a user’s preference for entertainment. Hence, using the right keywords to make your videos pop up on search results is a great move to think about. A great YouTube Algorithm change is allotting extra time to change how you put titles and maximize the effort to make and edit your thumbnail into an interesting and click-worthy one.

Intriguing thumbnails and titles are the best features to consider, as long as it remains true since we don’t want to end up faking our content. Click-baiting may give you many clicks, but we all know how it ends to dislikes and hate comments after.

Also, writing keyword-rich descriptions is a new feature on YouTube. With people learning the content of your video using timestamps, it would be easy for them to navigate throughout your video. Adding to that, keywords would make you more visible to user’s search suggestions as this works under the YouTube Search Algorithm. Other than that, you would most likely land a spot on a user’s home page thanks to the Youtube recommendations. Since YouTube is a platform accessible to over a hundred countries writing captions and translations is also a good strategy to broaden your audience span.

  • Analyze and adapt

People come to YouTube for different reasons along with varying preferences. So, it is best when you analyze your strategy and adapt to your viewers’ ever-changing tastes. YouTube recommendations can help you a lot, but optimizing your channel by jumping on to new trends will bolster your views even more.

While trends can be exciting and fun, this can be a determining factor in keeping you on the same level with or, in some cases, above your competitors. Likewise, you would have more time to connect with your viewers about what they want and what they are.

On the other hand, you can also base your progress on analytics and data. That way, you can further optimize your channel while knowing most of your viewer’s behavior while using the platform.

  • Consistency

There is no better strategy out there than to be consistent. To say, consistency is what keeps viewers coming and staying. It builds momentum to your channel and viewers, which later results as a ‘routine’ when they expect your videos at a specific stretch in time. Being consistent also builds trust among your viewers since they are hoping for a more reliable source of entertainment.

With you being consistent, it’s hard not to lose focus on your strategy or track also gives you the benefit of enjoying and maintaining the fruits of your hard-earned labor. Another way to get more views aside from what you learned about YouTube Algorithms is to promote your channel on other social media platforms constantly. Safe to say that investing time in planning your YouTube journey is a great plan, but be sure always to finish what you start.

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The new age of business

Technology has truly provided us a one-of-a-kind experience in the 21st century. With instant access to an infinite source of knowledge and entertainment, we can say that it sure does save us from wallowing in pure boredom.

With the dawn of ecommerce, there are countless marketing opportunities out there, and YouTube is a great way to start that business venture if you are into vlogging or anything that can be turned into a video and uploaded in a platform where viewers can watch.

And to keep up with such a vast amount of amazing content on the platform, it surely can be tough to maintain every day or weekly viewers to get hooked on your channel every once in a while. That is why knowing YouTube Algorithm can save you big time as it helps you keep viewers right into your pocket when you upload a new video. If you are looking for ways to get more views, then YouTube Algorithm is your primary consultant.

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