A well-designed personal trainer website can help propel your fitness business to success. The right combination of design elements creates an image of reliability and trust. The way you frame your website copy can build rapport and engage potential clients. Here are a few tips on how you can create eye-catching fitness trainer websites that work.

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Modern and simple design

You don’t need a lot of flash to create an eye-catching website. You want to go for a modern and simple personal trainer website template instead. A simple template with lots of whitespace is easier on the eye and great for drawing the focus on your message instead of distracting your visitor with unnecessary and clashing colors. When it comes to fitness websites, less is definitely more. Check out personal trainer websites examples on Strikingly and learn what it is that makes them effective. Notice that most of them started off with a simple template and turned it into something unique and engaging.

Great visuals

Give your potential clients a vision to aspire to as far as health and fitness is concerned. Use strong visuals and high-quality images on your website to help users visualize what they could gain when they hire your services. Avoid resized or blurred images because these can affect the overall user experience and make your personal trainer website look unprofessional. You don’t want a one-and-done site to represent your personal brand.

Clear and readable content

You don’t have to write your entire personal fitness story if you’d rather not but snippets of how you came to be a fitness trainer would be good. Strikingly’s personal trainer website templates come with an About Us section where you can communicate to your visitors your passion and your beginnings.

Your entire content also has to be laid out in a logical manner. Visitors would typically come in for a number of reasons but the most common one would be to check out your services. Make sure that this information is prominently and clearly available on your site. Using lists instead of whole chunks of paragraph to explain your services is easier on the eyes. Finally, don’t forget to include your contact details so potential clients can reach out to you easily.

Comprehensive SEO

Your website is useless if no one knows about it. Make it easy to promote your website by making sure that search engines can find it and index it. Creating optimized content is a good way to do that. Find out the most searched keywords relevant to your profession - these are the keywords that people use to find you online. Edit your site’s metadata to include these keywords so search engines and users get a good overview of what your website is about. Strikingly has an integrated SEO tool that lets you optimize your site for on-page ranking factors to help you get started.

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Social media integration

Your website plays a significant role in your social media marketing campaign. Add links to your social media pages to encourage website visitors to go to these platforms and follow you there. People are understandably more likely to update their social pages more regularly than their website. Make it easy to update both by adding a social stream section to your personal trainer website. Your regular Facebook and Instagram posts can be displayed on your website so your web visitors are also updated at the same time. Jumpstart your content marketing campaign by encouraging users to share your content to their networks through the social share buttons.

Personal trainer websites serve as online business cards for professional fitness trainers like you. You should take the time to improve on your site and regularly tweak the design to suit your potential clients.