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Did you know that the best way to advance your career in personal training is through a personal trainer website? We know that there are well-experienced individuals behind trainer websites, instructor websites, and online personal training websites. These talented trainers and instructors are dedicated in providing their service to the clients who want to stay and maintain a healthy lifestyle and get fit.

According to Udtech, only 20% of the residents in the United States are not using the service of personal trainers. Just imagine the remaining 80% US residents who rely on personal trainer websites and go to the gym to get the service. Truly, there is a huge opportunity for gym instructors, health and fitness coaches, and personal trainers out there. But, how can they reach more clients to showcase their expertise, share their experience with people,and help them achieve their goals in body fitness? A perfect answer is to create a personal trainer website. Strikingly can show you cool ideas, designs, and personal trainer websites example to inspire you in building your own. We’ve researched some of the best personal trainer ideas, trainer websites, and personal trainer company to help you in creating your own site. A good exposure and strong online presence can help you reach more clients.

For some, it is their advocacy to share tips on staying healthy and fit. If you are one of them, it’s time to share your knowledge in keeping a healthy lifestyle and learn what is the best personal trainer website design for you. Let us show you a few examples of a personal trainer website.

  1. Fit Well

Fit well made it possible to create a personal trainer website as if you have a trainer who is always with you. A personal trainer on the go is their solution to busy people who do not have the time to visit the gym or they simply want to do it at home. If you want to get fit at home, you can download their mobile application that provides daily meal plans, workouts, and blog content to motivate you in getting a healthy lifestyle.

Strikingly has this feature for our users to have a mobile friendly design. We believe that a mobile ready website is a powerful feature to manage your website anytime anywhere.

What’s cool about this personal trainer website is the following features:

  • Easy navigation for users
  • Clean design with a clear CTA to Start Now
  • They have a background video that shows the effectiveness of their website
  • Attractive layout design with light color palette

Fit well website

Image taken from Fit Well website

  1. Born Fitness

While other personal trainer website focus on online coaching, Born Fitness educates their clients through their blogs. They will help you understand the perfect exercise, diet, and workout techniques that will work for you. Professional trainers and nutritionists provide helpful tips and strategies to maintain body fitness.

Some of the website features are:

  • First fold shows a motivational video
  • They have Questions and Answers section (responsive design)
  • A purchasing section and booking functionality

Man on a workout

Image taken from Born Fitness website

  1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd fitness is an online personal training website for people who are busy with their work and personal errands. The website has a simple and professional design. It also has an easy-to-find Member Login located on the top right of the page so that existing clients can access their account. The site offers private coaching and home workout activities. When it’s time to get fit, you can do it with Nerd fitness. Their website features include:

  • a powerful brand logo
  • an online presence that is likely to attract people to get strong and get healthy permanently.
  • Easy site navigation

Nerd Fitness website

Image taken from Nerd Fitness website

  1. Body Building

Body building is a personal trainer website that offers diet and training to their clients. What’s great about Body Building is that they also offer fat burning, muscle building tools and techniques to keep and maintain body fitness. Yes, they have an online shop where clients can purchase these amazing body-building products. What is good about their website feature?

  • A clean and clear section on the header that serve as user’s guidance
  • Sleek banner that tells about the Hot deals on the website store section
  • Site navigation made easy for good shopping experience
  • Engaging content and community page that makes client feel connected
  • Blog content that helps motivate and encourage clients to keep going

Body building website

Image taken from Body Building

  1. Athlete12 Minute

An online fitness coaching center website that provides their client an application through which people can work out at the comfort of their home. With their client’s body building equipment they can maintain a healthy lifestyle without going to the gym. Website features include:

  • A video home page
  • A good and clean layout design
  • List of healthy recipes to share with their clients
  • Effective workout programs that works also work for beginners

A Woman running

Image taken from 12 Minute Athlete website

  1. On the Regimen

This is an example of an online fitness coaching website. On the Regimen provides fitness training and diet. They aim to help their clients improve on both mental and physical aspects. The good features of this personal trainer website are as follows :

  • A dark design header with a single yet powerful Call to Action “Start Today”
  • Clear and proper setting of expectation
  • Online coaching page
  • Positive reviews and testimonials that tells about how to make it possible to get fit with a personal trainer
  • A bunch of before and after pictures that serve as a proof to new clients

A man holding Fitness stuff

Image taken from On the Regimen website

  1. Sow Body Fitness

Sow Body Fitness is a personal trainer website created with Strikingly. The site has an interactive design that is also mobile friendly. What’s cool about Sow Body Fitness is that they have a clear representation of how the process works. They have a free consultation for new clients that takes 20 minutes. New client session duration is for 45 minutes, while all follow-up sessions are conducted 30 minutes. Overall, a 30-day plan includes a New Client session, 2 follow-up sessions, customized nutrition and workout plan based on individual needs.

Strikingly is one of the experts in personal trainer website builder. We make sure that the site created with us meets the standards and quality that our users require. A personalized website with their preferred design and functionality can help them reach as many clients as possible.

Fruit and berries in a bowl

Image taken from Sow Body Fitness website

Create a Personal Trainer Website With Strikingly

  • Sign up with Strikingly today and try our Gold’s Fitness Template .

Here you have the option to simply edit sections, change background image to a video, and add a Call to Action that tells your visitors to Start Now. Gold’s Fitness template is one of the multiple designs we have here at Strikingly. Our website editor can help you personalize your site with our Drag and Drop mode where you are free to move around objects, images, and texts on each section.

A man working out

Image taken from Strikingly Gold’s Fitness Template

  • Start adding images to your gallery section.

Gold’s Fitness template gives you ideas on what are the ideal sections you can create on your personal trainer website. In this case, we have a specific section that highlights the services. Images include actual training activities such as personal training, boxing classes, group fitness classes, and even Yoga classes. You can also personalize this section by adding photos or videos. With Strikingly website editor you can simply add images by uploading from the web or browsing from your computer.

Services being offered

Image taken from Strikingly Gold’s Fitness Template

  • Highlight your facilities by creating an exclusive gallery section.

A gallery section houses images or videos of your training equipment and gears. This is an effective way to entice new clients to try out your services. Invest on good facilities to give a professional impression to your personal trainer website.

Images of facilities

Image taken from Strikingly Gold’s Fitness Template

  • Add a Custom Form to encourage your clients and visitors to subscribe on Newsletters and updates about online fitness training.

It is another way of reaching out to your clients and giving them personalized tips and strategies on how to stay or return to a healthy lifestyle. A Custom Form is one of Strikingly features to give our users the change to keep in touch with their clients. You are free to customize this section to give your site a powerful tool to express and connect your goals.

The Workout activities

Image taken from Strikingly Gold’s Fitness Template

  • A Contact Form is where you can put your contact information.

Give your clients the option to contact you directly if they have questions about personal training sessions. Strikingly, like other website builders, knows how important it is to have a contact information section on our users website.A business starts to grow with a simple inquiry from a client. If your client can easily get in touch with you, you’re giving your career in personal training extra miles to succeed.

Two people  doing workout

Image taken from Strikingly Gold’s Fitness Template

  • Finally, you can publish your personal trainer website in just a few minutes. We have improved its website features to better meet the needs of personal trainers, coaches, and instructors in providing health and fitness services. There are other features you can add on your website such as a chatbox and mobile app to get direct messages from your clients

With us, you can create a website that will give you the kind of exposure that can attract more clients and help build a healthy community. You can do it with Strikingly. Start now and help people get fit and healthy.