If exercising and being fit is your hobby, then a fitness model career might be the perfect line of work for you. If being 100% committed to physical fitness and health is your niche, look no further as this guide will unravel the ins and outs of how to become a fitness model.

Being fit is no easy feat to begin with, and turning it into your career is even more challenging. It takes practice and some getting used to as you are destined to become a star that people will look up to. Becoming a fitness model (or sometimes called sports modeling) is a very competitive line of work and industry because as time goes on, more individuals are looking forward to sharing the world their talent and commitment to physical fitness. Even though you see fitness models everywhere - from the cover of magazines to your social media feeds, a lot is still unknown about what it takes to tackle a job in the fitness models career.

Are there any hard physical requirements to enter the industry?

As surprising as it may sound, fitness modeling requirements are not as strict as other modeling industries such as fashion. In the case of fitness models, body type matters the most, even more so than measurements or weight. The body types required are fit and lean, which applies to both men and women. For the height requirements, women typically range from 5’4’’ to 6’, while men start from 5’10’’ to 6’3’’ and taller.

In-shape bodies aren’t the only requirement, though. Fitness models are required to be attractive and healthy-looking which is reflected on their skin, hair, and smiles. Unlike other niches of modeling, fitness models need to have that “commercial” and “marketable look” which will attract a wide variety and range of clients and consumers.

Which kinds of companies do Fitness Models work for?


You will often see fitness models work for fitness magazines, fitness companies, athletic wear companies like Nike and Adidas, and supplement manufacturers. Their work can appear anywhere, from magazines, catalogs, television, promotional materials, huge billboards, social media advertisements, and social media platforms.

Most fitness models work as part-time employees though, and as a secondary source of income since money only comes in when a client or a company is looking for a potential fitness model who will fit their criteria. Fitness modeling salary is a “no client, no money” system. Though, once you garner enough following and reputability, then you will be the one who clients will look for, not the other way around! It is also important to remember that maintaining your perfect body and commitment to physical fitness requires time and dedication. Lots of trips to the gym and time for exercises is going to be spent.

How do I start my own Fitness Model career?


Getting noticed online is one way of getting into the industry. With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, and Facebook, you may just get noticed there. Another method of getting noticed by fitness companies and agencies is entering a fitness modeling competition. While this takes much more time and dedication to perfect, it will be your best bet if you want a career in fitness modeling.

The last method we can suggest is posting your photos in fitness modeling forums and websites like where your photos will be seen by top agents and companies in the world. If social media doesn’t work out for you and competitions aren’t your thing, this will be your best chance to get a fitness modeling career job!

7 Tips on How to Become a Top Fitness Model

If you have already started an amateur fitness modeling career online or just got hired by an agency, these tips will help you become the best of fitness models.

  1. Get to know the industry.

If you are an avid follower of the fitness and modeling industry, you probably know much about the industry. But, as seeing you are reading this guide, then it is never bad to dedicate time and energy to know the industry. Understanding the modeling industry will benefit you as you apply and benefit you the longer you stay. Understanding what body type they need, which market you are perfect for, and which changes and improvements you may need to make to fit in perfectly are going to be the most important part of your first steps.

Like with any business and career, fitness modeling isn’t as easy as it looks. You should be prepared for any challenges and tasks that may be thrown at you in random instances. You should also prepare your portfolio according to the industry’s trends and wants.

Having the perfect physique is a good thing, but experiencing and understanding the industry that you are about to be a part of is another. Take your time studying what current and past top fitness models do to retain their bodies and live a comfortable life.

  1. Make sure your body is in the right place.


Getting into fitness modeling requires your body to maintain a physique that is perfect for the job. Ensure that the foundation and support system surrounding you will help you maintain the body that you need for the industry. Before you even start applying, be sure that you are lean and fit. Like we have mentioned earlier, these are the body types that the industry looks for when you will apply.

It’s understandable why fitness models need to be perfect. They are constantly under cameras and they need their bodies to be presentable. While fitness modeling isn’t necessarily “getting ripped”, you should still be concerned with how you will stay in the path of being fit.

Even though fitness modeling is often seen as a secondary source of income, it becomes a full-time career when you consider the fact that you are constantly pushing boundaries to stay fit and lean for the camera. Take some time developing a diet plan that will accompany you in your coming days as a fitness model, and don’t forget to visit the gym and talk with your fitness trainer!

  1. Be mindful of other elements like your hair, skin, and teeth.

Fitness models aren’t only expected to look lean and fit. They are also expected to look beautiful, attractive, clean, and healthy. Check your hair, skin, and teeth once in a while and look for things that may become a problem later on.

Being fit and healthy with your ways should also echo with how you look. Being in the perfect BMI for your weight and height won’t do you any justice if you don’t look like your age!

  1. Explore activities that will enhance your modeling experience.

While the industry will already teach you the basics you need to grasp, it’s still never bad to join competitions, pageants, and practice in your free time. These will all be a valuable experience and a great addition to your portfolio. Scour the internet for online competitions and pageants, try your luck and you might get discovered.

If being in front of a large audience is not your thing, then take the time to practice modeling while you are in your off time. Face the camera and try different poses, along with different types of clothing like swimwear, sportswear, etc.

  1. Be the big guy and approach the agency you are eyeing on.


In your early days of planning a fitness model career, you will often find no luck in finding agencies that will want you. To get around this, your first step is going to be building a portfolio that is deserving to be spotted. Your portfolio, for the most part, will dictate if agencies should or shouldn’t hire you. Make it your priority, aside from getting fit, since it is the one thing that agencies can take a look at so they could gauge your body and looks.

Agencies have a very diverse set of models and people who are just as competitive as you are. Make sure that you will offer agencies something unique, something that these people don’t have, and make it your selling point. Different agencies also have a different approach to how interviews take place. Some agencies will allow for a walk-in type of interview, where it will be like a meet and greet. Most will require a meeting to be scheduled, though.

When you are going to meet up with your agency, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared. Interviews can be anxiety-inducing, and if it gets to you, you may experience what’s known as “choking.” Don’t sweat it! If you look good and your portfolio defines who you are, you shouldn’t worry about it. Just make sure to prepare answers for any questions that they may have.

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